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Latest update: February 2019


The SAP HANA Academy offers free video tutorials about SAP HANA on YouTube. In this blog, you will find the most recent blog posts listed.

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      Author's profile photo satish kumar
      satish kumar

      Hi Denys,

      My question :

      1.Is SAP HANA life cycle manager and SAP hana DB life cycle management are same in SPS 12?

      2. The option "Un-register the SAP Hana system" in HDBLCM (SPS12) is same as that of the option "Uninstall the SAP HANA System " in the HANA life cycle Manager?

      So, in regards to SPS12 ,


      Which of the following can be done by the SAP HANA lifecycle manager?

      1. Copy an SAP HANA system
      2. Add an additional SAP HANA system
      3. Change the SAP HANA license type
      4. Rename an SAP HANA system
      5. Uninstall an SAP HANA system

      I believe the answers would be 2,4& 5.

      Can you please clarify above question when using SAP HANA System on SPS12.





      Author's profile photo Denys van Kempen
      Denys van Kempen
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Satish,

      You are a bit off-topic for this overview blog post, but to respond to your questions;

      1. Yes. HDB originally stood for Hybrid Data Base (row, column, and object store), so that would made HDBLCM the Hybrid DataBase LifeCycle Management (tool). Today, typically we make the distinction between platform lifecycle management (SAP HANA platform) and application lifecycle management (ALM), the latter to manage anything that is “powered by HANA”. If you are interested in the genesis of the LCM tool (ancient history by know), see my blog post: 
      2. Sounds like an exam question. When you uninstall HANA you remove the whole installation. When you unregister, you update a few config files. Unregister the database allows you to move a database from one server to another (cloning database, hardware upgrade, etc.). See for example, Relocate the SAP HANA System. You can rename and uninstall HANA with LCM, you can add a host (but not a system), there is no copy option (if not mistaken – check the UI) and you also cannot change the license type (if not mistaken)

      There is a full playlist about installation and update:

      You might want to double check the SPS 12 videos about LCM; I’m sure it is covered.



      Author's profile photo satish kumar
      satish kumar

      Thank you so much for the clarification. This is very helpful. And also thank you for providing the full playlist about installation and update.

      Author's profile photo Eclature Technologies
      Eclature Technologies

      this is one of the best blogs regarding sap updates and installations that i have ever read. thanks for sharing knowledge.