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On this page we want to provide you with an overview of available documentation / how-to guides / tutorials / … that help you get started with SAP API Management on HCP.

Announcement: Runtime Endpoints for SAP Cloud Platform, API Management trial have changed!
Please find more details about how the change impacts existing users in the following blogs:
Blog 1: What the change is

Blog 2: Where to find the change impact


Official Documentation



Introduction / Getting Started




Connecting Systems



Creating APIs

Working with Policies




Consuming APIs



IoT and other related Scenarios



If you have are missing anything or have other feedback, please let us know! You can contact us via E-Mail or leave a comment.

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  1. Matthias Heiler

    Hi Holger, Elijah,

    this is a good structured page. In one central page all relevent topic in a consolidated way brought together. So as a wonderful starting point into the new topic API Management.

    Well done!


  2. Matthias Heiler

    one general remarks on API’s:
    Why are API’s and therefore its management so important for the business?

    – API are the new revenue generators and apps are the new marketmakers. So API’s and apps are part of your digital transformation and API Management is an important enabler.

    For hundred of years traditional markets were influenced by intermediaries – you could also call them middle-man. They brought together request and demand sides. They knew the inner mechanics of their market, knew what the demand and request side wanted, what language they spoke and where those who simplified the complexity of both sides and made business with both possible. Think about a stock broker. He knows how to make it for me as individual simple to buy or sell stocks. I don’t need to know where to find a place where I can get the stocks or which other places might exist where I could get a stock with better conditions, or where they are kept and all the details in between. This is handled by a broker. He is the intermediary between buyer and seller of stocks.

    So are the apps the intermediaries of today markets. And how to apps work? They work on API’s. Those companies who do not provide for their products and services API’s can’t be found and can’t be used. Here I like the “I”-part in API. The “I” stands for interFACE. So the API is the face you give your products and services to the outsidde world. Without API’s no one can build an app which consumes your product/service through API’s. All for what the intermediaries in the classical market stood for is now packed into an App.

    Apps are the marketmakers. And the more intermediaries you have for your products and services, the more representatives I have for my offerings to the market. Therefore you should not only provide your own Apps, rather than allow others – your intermediaries- to build their own apps based on your API’s. API Management provides an open platform where you can deliver a feeding ground for as much app developers as you like. They themself then can build and market apps in their preferred language and environment and you manage the design and consumption to your API’s thru an API Management solution.

    With API management you allow others outside to build apps to your products and services in a way they understand. Be it as a REST or OData call or thru SOAP, RFC in JSON or XML format or …

    The how all that works is described in this starting point page for SAP API Management

    1. Elijah Martinez Post author

      Thank you Matthias, this is a wonderful write-up, and perspective on APIs and reason for management. I might suggest making this a blog post, so that it can be seen more broadly!

    1. Elijah Martinez Post author

      Hi Luciano,

      For productive HCP account usage, you will need to purchase SAP API Management. It is provided as an a-la-carte service.

      If you wish to trial SAP API Management, in order to understand the capabilities, then it will only be available on the HCP Trial account.

  3. Pandey Anuj

    Hi ,

    I have a quick question with regards to developer portal . Hope I can find answer on this forum .

    Is it possible to  do the authentication of developer on developer portal from customer’s corporate AD?

    And If not then is it part of product road map and would it be available at some point ?



    1. Elijah Martinez Post author

      Hi Anuj,

      Yes, SAP CP API Management follows the Cloud Platform principles, of allowing the capability of calling a 3rd party IdP, assuming it supports the right interface (e.g. SAML 2.0). ADFS for example is a known supported IdP.

      Requires a mapping on SAP CP users / groups to the users desired to have access on the IdP.




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