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Manage your APIs developed in Cloud Foundry using API Management


So, you are a Cloud Foundry developer developing microservices/APIs/applications on SAP Cloud Platform. If you are familiar with SAP API Management, you will already know that on the Neo stack of the SAP Cloud Platform it provides you the capability to manage your APIs for security, traffic and protocol transformations. If you are unfamiliar with the service, get to know more about it here

With our latest release, we extend this capability to the Cloud Foundry stack of the platform and enable you to manage your digital assets on Cloud Foundry using SAP API Management. We provide you a service broker in the Cloud Foundry marketplace that you can use to create an instance and connect to your existing Neo subscription. You can then bind your Cloud Foundry application to the created service instance which automatically creates an API Proxy in your API Portal. From now on, when your Cloud Foundry application is called, it is routed via the API Proxy. You are now free to add management Policies to the auto created API Proxy and enjoy the full benefits of API Management 🙂

Creating a API Management Service Instance

In your Cloud Foundry space look for API Management Service in the Service Market place.


Create an instance by providing the co-ordinates of your Neo subscription (the pre-requisite is to have the API Management set up ready on Neo)

Note: Leave the Application field empty



Binding your Cloud Foundry application

Login to your Cloud Foundry space via the Command Line Interface (CLI). Invoke the following route service binding command to create the API Proxy in your Neo subscription.

cf bind-route-service apim-service-instance-name --hostname my-cf-app -c '{"api_name" : ”custom_api_proxy_name”}'

The api_name is an optional parameter incase you want a custom name for your API Proxy. Else it is created with an auto-generated name.


cf bind-route-service APIMServiceInstance --hostname eProductStore

With this, all calls to your application will be routed through API Management.

Managing in API Portal

You will find the API Proxy in your API Portal. You could go ahead and add Policies to bring in additional security or control traffic, quota etc.




In this blog we saw how you could reuse your API Management subscription in Neo and manage your Cloud Foundry assets. You can find detailed documentation of the feature in our help documentation here. The service is now available on Cloud Foundry Trial for new registrations. Very soon we will also make this available to our customers to use on their productive accounts.

Do give this a try and let us know what you think.


Update :

The service is also available now for existing Cloud Foundry Trial accounts. Details on how you could get started is described at the end of this blog.

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  • Hi Shruti,

    thanks for sharing this!

    I’d like to give it a try, but actually in my existing trial account I can’t see the API Management service broker . In Barcelona you said this will also come “soon” for the existing accounts. Do you have more detailled informations to this? Or is it for longer time only available, as you have written, for “new registrations” ?

    Best regards,



    • Hello Johannes

      Thanks for showing interest ! CF trial has a short expiry cycle, hence we did not opt for a migration of existing accounts to enable the service. Is it possible for you to create a new trial account to try out the service?

      Hope this helps



      • Hi Shruthi,

        tried it with a new account, but when I create the service instance I got an error :


        description:The service broker returned an invalid response for the request to…….. Status Code: 500 Internal Server Error, Body: {“message”:”Internal Server Error”}


        The API Management service in the NEO is working as expected, any hint what could be wrong?




          Hi Johannes

          Could you just cross check the input json parameters (credentials are case sensitive with SAP ID service) ?

          We are planning a latest update next weekend where you will be able to identify the exact error from the message but until then may be checking the input parameters should help.



  • Hi Shruthi,


    Thanks for sharing.

    As of February 2019, is API Management on Neo also available productively, i.e. for non-trial accounts e.g. in Europe (Rot / eu1)? If so, what should I do to enable it? I can’t find it in my cockpit.


    Best regards


    • Hello Pierre

      Yes, API Mgmt is available productively for the last few years in Europe. If you have the entitlements, you should see the tile for the service. Can you give more details about your global account/customer so that we can get the entitlements checked if you are unclear about it? You could email me the details.