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SAP Important Tcodes – FICO MM SD PM BODS

Hi Team,

Below are important tcodes for SAP Modules.

Function T-Code Description
MM MM60 Material Cockpit
MM MKVZ Vendor Cockpit
MM ME2N Purchase order List
MM ME3N Contract List
MM VL06 Inbound Delivery Report
MM ME1M Info record
MM ME5A Purchase Requisition List
MM ME80FN Scheduling Agreement  List
MM ME0M Source List
MM MB51 Goods Movement
MM MB25 Reservation
MM MIR4 Invoice List
MM MB52 Stock List
MM MB03 Displaying the material document
MM ME11 Create Standard Info Record
MM MM01/MM02/MM03 Material master
MM XK01/XK02/XK03 Vendor creation
MM ME01/ME02/ME03 Maintain Source list
BW RSA1 Data Warehousing Workbench : Modeling
BW RSA3 Extractor Checker
BW RSA5 Install Business Content
BW RSA6 Maintain DataSources
BW RSA7 BW Delta Queue Monitor
BW RSD1 Characteristic maintenance
BW RSD2 Maintenance of key figures
BW RSD3 Maintenance of units
BW RSD4 Maintenance of time characteristics
BW RSD5 Edit InfoObjects
BW RSPC Process Chain Maintenance
BW RSPC1 Process Chain Display
BW RSRQ Data Load Monitor for a Request
BW RSRT Start of the report monitor
BW SE11 ABAP Dictionary
BW SE80 Object Navigator
BW SM37 Overview of job selection
BW SM59 RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain)
BW ST22 ABAP Runtime Error
BW SE38 ABAP Editor
EP/SD XD01 Create Customer
EP/SD XD02 Change Customer
EP/SD XD03 Display Customer
QM QA32 Worklist for Inpsection Lots
QM QM11 Notification Worklist
QM QGA2 Display Inspection Results
QM QE01/QE02/QE03 Record/Change/Display Characteristic Results
QM QP01/QP02/QP03 Create/Change/Display Inspection Plan
QM QA01/QA02/QA03 Create/Change/Display Inspection lot
QM QE51N Results Recording Worklist
PP CO01/CO02/CO03 Create/Change/Display Production order
PP COR1/COR2/COR3 Create/Change/Display Process order
PP MD04 Display Stock
PP CO15 Enter Production Order Confirmation
PP CA01/CA02/CA03 Create/Change/Display Routing
PP COOISPI Process Order Information System
PP COGI Check COGI records
PP CR05 Resource
PP C223 Check Production Versions
PP COOIS Production Order Information System
EHS MM01 / MM02 Create SVT relevant Material
EHS CG02 Create PURE SUB Specification
EHS CG02 Create PURE SUB Specification
EHS CG02 Create REAL SUB Specification
EHS SE38 Update SVT Master data tables
EHS ME21N Create Purchase Order
EHS SE38 Update SVT report  for the planned Purchase order quantities..
EHS MIGO Post Goods Receipt for the Purchase Order
EHS SE38 Update SVT Report  for the confirmed Purchase order quantities.
EHS COR1 Create Process Order
EHS SE38 Update SVT report  for the Planned Process Order Quantities.
EHS MIGO Post Goods Receipt for the Process Order
EHS SE38 Update SVT Report  for the confirmed Process order quantities.
EHS SE38 Save actual quantities in property tree
EHS CG02 Create Specification
EHS CG02 Referencing of DG Classification to Real Substance
EHS CG02 Assignment of Material to Specification
EHS CBGL_LS02 Create Label stock
EHS CG2B Create Generation variant for Label
EHS CG2B Maintain detailed information for Generation variant
EHS MM02 Maintain label data into material master
EHS CBGL_CL02 Create Customer Specific Labels
EHS CBGL_MP01 Print – Generic Product Label
EHS CBGL_MP01 Print – Make to Stock Product Label
EHS CBGL_MP01 Print – Sample Product Label
EHS CG02 Create UN Listed substance
EHS CGCL2 Specification creation
EHS CGCL2 Create and maintain transport classification
EHS CG02 Create Real Substance
EHS CG02 Material Assignment
EHS CG02 DG Spec Assignment
EHS CG02 Hazard Inducer assignment
EHS DGE5 Dangerous Goods  Filling
EHS DGP3 Dangerous Goods Master
EHS VA01 Sales Order Creation
EHS HSMC01 Activate hazardous substance checks
EHS HSMD EHS hazardous substance
EHS HSMR01 Fill hazardous substance
EHS HSMR02 Distrubute hazardous substance master
EHS HSMR03 Change document hazardous substance master
EHS HSMR04 Activate phrases
EHS HSMR05 Generate phrases set
EHS HSMR06 Display fillling log
EHS HSMR07 Delete filling log
EHS VM01 Create hazardous material
EHS VM02 Change hazardous material
EHS CG12 Phrase creation
EHS CGAB Edit pharse set attriburte assisgment
EHS CG1B Edit phrase sets
EHS CG02 Create Safety Data Sheets Valid for US in English
EHS CG02 Release Safety Data Sheets
EHS CG02 Print the US MSDS in English for Material Manually
EHS VA01 Trigger the Shipping of an MSDS automatically to the Customer from a Material Shipping
EHS VL01N Create Delivery
EHS CVD1 Process report shipping(Automatically)
SD VT11 Shipment List
SD VF04 Billing List
SD VCUST Customer Master Report
SD VA01/VA02/VA03 Saless Order/Credit Memo/Debit Memo/Return Orders/Pricing Conditions/FOC Orders
SD VL01N/VL02N/VL03N Delivery/PGI
SD VF01/VF02/VF03 Invoice/Accounting
SD SM37 Batch Jobs Verification
SD VFX3 Accounting List
SD VKM4 Remove Credit Block
SD VT01N/VT02N/VT03N Shipment Creation
BODS SE16 To Display the Data Present in SAP Table With Field Name
BODS SE16N To Display the Data Present in SAP Table with Field Description
BODS SE11 To Show the Structure of SAP Tables, Views, Structures.
BODS WE02 To Display the IDOCs created and check the status of IDOCs
BODS SM37 To Monitor the Background Job.
BODS WE30 To Display the Structure of Basic Type
BODS WE20 To Display and Create the Inbound and Outbound Partner Profiles
BODS SE37 Execute Function Module
BODS SE38 To Execute Programs
BODS SM36 To schedule Background Jobs
BODS WE60 To check documentation on Idocs
BODS LSMW To Create LSMW Program
BODS WE09 Idoc Serach with filters
BODS MM01 Create Material
BODS SM37 Overview of job selection
BODS SWUI Start Workflow
BODS SCD3 Display Change Documents
BODS ST22 ABAP Dump Analysis
BOBJ SWO1 business object Builder
BOBJ PFCG Role Maintenance
BOBJ SE80 object Navigator
BOBJ SM30 Call View Maintenance
BOBJ BOBF BOPF: business object Configuration
BOBJ SWO3 business object Builder
BOBJ BOBX  business object Configuration
BOBJ BD105 Maintain Supported business objects
BOBJ SWO4 business object Repository
BOBJ SE16 Data Browser
BOBJ MIRO Enter Incoming Invoice
BOBJ RSA1 Modeling – DW Workbench
BOBJ VA01 Create Sales Order
BOBJ SE63 Translation: Initial Screen
BOBJ RSRT Start of the report monitor
BOBJ SE03 Transport Organizer Tools
BOBJ RSDS DataSource
BOBJ STAD Statistics display for all systems
GTS /SAPSLL/PRE_WLI_001 Display V-LTVD Worklist
GTS /SAPSLL/PRE_WLO_001 Display C-LTVD Worklist
PM IL01 Functional Location Creation
PM IE01 Equipment creation
PM IR01 Work center creation
PM IW51 Notification creation
PM IW31 work order creation
PM IA05 Task list creation
PM IP01 Maintenance  Plan creation
FICO FS00 GL Master
FICO FK01/FK02/FK03 Vendor Master
FICO FD01/FD02/FD03 Customer Master
FICO FI01/FI02/FI03 Bank Master
FICO AS01/AS02/AS03 Asset Master
FICO KS01/KS02/KS03 Cost Center Master
FICO KE51/KE52/KE53 Profit Center Master
FICO AFAB Depreciation Run
FICO FB70 Customer invoice posting
FICO FBA2 Post customer down payment
FICO F-28 Post Customer incoming payment
FICO FB01 Posting Document – General
FICO FB50 Creation of Journal vouchers
FICO FB60 Vendor invoice posting
FICO FB65 Post Vendor credit Memo
FICO FBZ1 Post incoming payments
FICO FB05 Post with Clearing
FICO F-02 General Posting
FICO FV50 Edit or Park G/L Document
FICO F-65 General Document Parking
FICO FB08 Individual Reversal
FICO FS10N Display Balances
FICO FBL3n Display/Change Line Items
FICO FB75 Credit Memo
FICO FBL5n Display/Change Line Items
FICO FV60 Park or Edit Invoice
FICO F-47 Request
FICO KAH1 KAH1 – Create
FICO KB11N KB11N – Enter
FICO KSH1 KSH1 – Create
FICO KOH1 KOH1 – Create
FICO KO01 KO01 – Create

Please let me know if anything is missed out.

I hope you like this document.



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      Author's profile photo Manfred Reinart
      Manfred Reinart

      Sorry - what makes these TCodes specifically relevant for conversion or migration?

      IMHO this is just an arbitrary list of TCodes with quite some gaps when it come to relevance of S/4 processes - and strange big numbers in quite specific area (like e.g. EHS).

      Why didn't you just list table TSTCT?

      Author's profile photo CA Zunaid Hingora
      CA Zunaid Hingora
      Blog Post Author

      Is it fine now?

      Author's profile photo Manaf Abu Rous
      Manaf Abu Rous

      I agree with Manfred. These are end user transaction codes with some even being obsolete in S/4HANA. Not to mention that most of these transaction codes have new corresponding Fiori Apps.

      Author's profile photo Manfred Reinart
      Manfred Reinart

      Thanks! - this is what I meant - this long list is just 'normal' transactions - unrelated to conversion or migration itself as the first title of the blog stipulated.

      Now just listing  GUI-TCs like this would assume you are just continuing to work on S/4 like on ECC - No Fioris - no replacements.

      In BW area many areas migrated to CDS-Views.

      Listing SE80 in BW ????

      If such kind of list makes sense at all - then by TCode, short text and application component - and to be looked up online by corresponding query in SE16(N)