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Profit Center – Assignment/Removal of Company code and Activation

Purpose of this document is to have handy information for activation and assignment/removal of profit centers. Sometimes we come across the situation where we have to remove/assign multiple company codes for huge amount of profit center. Carrying out this activity manually is difficult. Also identifying the transaction codes for such kind of activity is bit difficult.

Below are the steps for removing assignment and activation of Profit center in SAP.

Step 1.

Go to Se38. Below screen will appear. Give program RCOPCA60_2. Click on execute.

Below screen will appear. Give the parameters as per your requirement. Click on execute. I have taken removal scenario.

Below Result will be displayed. You have to execute this in actual run.

Check the result.  You can also check the results in table CMDT_PC.

Before Screenshot

After Screenshot.

Table CMDT_PC. If entry appears here means profit center is inactive


Step 2.

Activation of Profit center.

Go to Transaction code KEOA2.  Below screen will appear. Click on execute button. You can test the results. If you are ok, you can execute without test run box checked. Background Box below is ticked. You can remove the tick and proceed further. You can select all profit center only if you are sure that above profit centers are in table CMDT_PC. Else profit center range have to be provided.

Profit canters are activated. You can go to the table mentioned above to cross check if PCs are activated or not.


With this transaction, you can assign/remove huge number of company codes from profit center. Executing this transaction in background is recommended.









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