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Fiori Apps Learning

Fiori App – Learning Points

I got a chance to work on ECC to S/4HANA Conversion Project and in this blog, I am sharing some of my Experiences related to Fiori Apps. It was a very new thing/concept for us, as well as pressurized moment for me and for my whole team. We did our best and sailed through this and completed our Go-Live. Please see below points.

This will be a very short blog.

For videos of all my blogs, please click on below link.


  • A Rough approach – How to Start the Preparation for Fiori App
  • Fiori App Problems
  • Security Team Challenges
  • People Management
  • Training
  • Important points
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • Funny Moments

A Rough approach – How to Start the Preparation for Fiori App

  • In the initial stage of Project, the scope should be decided whether Fiori Apps is part of project or not. Last moment surprises should be avoided. This happened to us, and we all end up doing things at last moment. This was very painful.
  • Preparation should start from SIT stage itself and not after Go-Live. This is very important point.
  • Security Team should start this phase too early and start connecting with all Stream Module.
  • All Module team member should identify all Business scenarios applicable to them.
  • For all these scenarios, identify the transaction code and relevant Fiori Apps.
  • Request Security team to send the Master excel file to all module lead and update above information in the Master file.
  • Once updated, send this Master file to Security team.
  • Security team will start creating roles and authorization for all the Apps. (Very Challenging Task). Platform is set to implement Fiori.
  • Trial and Error phase will initiate, and all Fiori Apps will be checked.
  • Post this SIT, UAT will be done and GO-Live.
  • Scope – Percentage of Apps to be checked should be decided in advance for each Phase.

Fiori App Problems

  • Each system will have new Fiori link. Add in favorites to avoid mailbox search. This will save lot of time.
  • This link will keep on changing due to some background updates from security team. Refresh Favorites.
  • Most of time Fiori won’t launch. This is initial Problem and will be resolved with support of Security team.
  • User ids and password may not work or may keep on changing in the beginning. Be patience.
  • Navigate Apps as much as you can to face the users questions. There are too many options in Fiori apps.
  • Basic functionality like excel download, back and forth navigation, cumulative totals, sorting, adding columns, hide, unhide features and many more functionalities should be practiced multiple times to avoid awkwardness in front of client.
  • …………Could be many more.

Security Team Challenges

  • Roles and Authorization for ECC/S/4Hana and Fiori are different. This is added work for Security team.
  • Multiple Apps may be found for one Transaction Code. Security team should not spend much time on this. Instead, pass this information on to Module lead to provide exact information.
  • Even if results are good in SIT and UAT, be ready for surprises Post Go-Live. Our experience is that things working fine in SIT and UAT may not perform as expected Post Go-Live.
  • Results of Fiori App will not match with ECC reports for e.g. Reports. This will be detected during SIT Phase itself. Connect with Security team to check for roles and authorization again.
  • Hire subordinate resource to identify the Fiori apps for all processes in advance. This is very challenging task and Applicable to All Module
  • All module leads, Manger, Program Manager, Client will chase Security team for update. Keep Calm and move on.
  • Request module leads to identify Apps in A, B, C category and share the details. During last moments if any C apps are having authorization/launching problem, it can be taken care on GO-Live day.
  • Creating apps for Z transaction will be challenging. This will need more time. Do this in advance during SIT stage.
  • If scenarios are not ready, take any Z transaction and do one Preliminary test to reduce Learning Curve.

People Management

  • Some Users are Challenging. They will make sure that they dodge you here and there. Be ready for that.
  • If it is government or Semi Government project, there is power play among their team. You must be ready to accommodate everyone’s request or apply excellent People Management Skill. If you are unable to manage, loop in your Seniors.
  • Some users may challenge you about the benefits of Fiori app. Explain them the benefits related to existing business process and not the benefits of S/4HANA and Fiori APP.
  • Too much work for security team. Be ready for huge amount of workload. They are tired, exhausted, and frustrated. They are overworked.
  • Security team behavior may change for time being due to pressure. Don’t take it personally. This is just related to that moment. Be professional.


  • Identify experts who can train users in depth. Especially when they are training Management people.
  • Identify appropriate apps for each cadre. For e.g. Cumulative apps for management, Reporting apps for Mid management and posting apps like document postings for end users.
  • Create good material for trainings. Use PPTs for recording your video. I will make one blog on this.
  • Use Microsoft editor to edit and merge videos.
  • Create user manual for all business scenarios and circulate to client for use.
  • Upload in drive and not in email.

Important points

  • Be ready for last moment surprises. For. E.g. wrong transport movement or Missed transport. Entire Backup need to be done again and this may take 2 more days.

Rewards and Recognition

  • Remind your manager about Lunch, Dinner or Gift vouchers Post Go – Live.
  • Appreciation email will be circulated by client to team. Enjoy those moment.
  • Mementos may be gifted to entire team for outstanding contribution and ………

………..this will take away all your pain and motivate you for next project.

Funny Moments

  • Be ready for Late Night Working. Tell your manager to get approvals for meals. I still remember I completed my canteen food and post that they ordered food from outside (LOL). Still, I have pain of not eating that food. 😊

I hope you like this content and All the best for your Fiori App Task.

CA Zunaid Hingora

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