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Product Information

Mass Upload Functionality – SAP

Manual to use MASS transaction code with Import functionality

Benefits of MASS transaction code.

  1. Faster data change.
  2. Huge volume of data can be changed in less time.
  3. Ease of processing/uploading.
  4. Ease of Use and less expertise required.
  5. Fixed templates can be created for each Object.
  6. Multiple objects covered in MASS processing.
  7. End user can also use this transaction.
  8. Templates can be shared with end users.
  9. Best tool during master data upload.

Process Steps

User wants to modify the existing User responsible for 1000 cost centre. This can be achieved in minutes by Import functionality of Mass Tcode.

1. Go to Excel. For e.g. you have excel in below format. This file is received from user. This is just example. You can have less or more column. In below column you can delete valid to column and proceed further.

2. Go to Transaction code Mass. Select as shown in below screenshot. Click on execute button.

3. Click on Import Data from file.

4. Select file name. Click on open.

5. Below screen will appear. Click on execute button.

6. Now if you observe below screenshot, icons are in grey. Means items are unassigned. See below Alphabet A B C D.

7. Click on grey icon.

8. Below screen will appear. Assign the appropriate field. Do this for all column. After assigning. Field should be green.

9. All columns are green. Means ready to execute.

10. After execution, below screen will appear. Click on SAVE button. The one with error are shown in below screen.

11. Below message will be displayed. Means changes are done.


Data are uploaded in the system.

Benefits of using Mass Upload functionality through excel is that it saves lot of time for copy the data on the screen. If data are uploaded regularly, Model template for each object should be created and saved for uploads. For eg. cost centre, Profit centre etc.




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