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AUC Automatic Creation from WBS – S/4 HANA

Automatic AUC creation is must for any new sap implementation. In order to achieve this, FI and PS team need to work together. Automatic creation of AUC involves many steps, some from FI and Some from PS side. Many FI consultants do not come across this kind of scenario and they face some difficulties to find complete steps for this sub process. I too have faced this problem, so thought of sharing the knowledge with our group members.

Following are the steps for Automatic creation of AUC.

  1. Asset Class (FI)
  2. Investment profile (FI)
  3. Assignment of Investment profile by PS team (PS)
  4. Creation of settlement Profile (FI)
  5. Assignment of Settlement Profile to company code (FI)
  6. Creation of Allocation structure
  7. Assignment of Allocation structure in Settlement Profile


  1. Creation of Number range in Controlling – Tcode SNUM
  2. Assignment of number range to controlling area.


  1. Asset Class: Asset class 4000 and 4001 are provided by SAP. 4000 is for manual AUC creation and 4001 will be used of Automatic creation. This asset class has to be assigned to investment profile as shown in Upcoming screenshots. You can also copy the 4001 AUC and create your own AUC.

Path – Financial Accounting (New) – Asset Accounting – Organizational Structures – Asset Classes – Define Asset Classes



  1. Create Investment Profile


If you see below screenshot, 4001 is assigned. Once this is done, Automatic AUC can be created. Tick on Manage AUC is must for Automatic creation. This investment profile will be used by PS team. They will create the wbs. Once wbs is released, AUC will be created automatically under asset class 4001. If any error is faced by PS team, request them to check their configuration in detail.

  1. Settlement Profile – At the time of settlement, system will give error if settlement profile is not created. See below screenshot for Settlement Profile options. A1 allocation structure is used in Settlement profile. This will be explained in later steps. For PA transfer structure in below screenshot, it was not needed.

Path – Financial Accounting (New) – Asset Accounting – Transactions – Capitalization of Assets under Construction – Define/Assign Settlement Profiles

Path – Investment Management – Internal Orders as Investment Measures – Settlement – Maintain Settlement Profiles


  1. Assignment: In this step, Settlement profile is assigned to company code. Unless this is done, settlement will not work.

Path – Financial Accounting (New) – Asset Accounting – Transactions – Capitalization of Assets under Construction – Define/Assign Settlement Profiles


  1. Maintain Number Ranges for Settlement Documents – SNUM. Please enter object as shown in below screen.

6.  Assign number range to Controlling area.

  1. Allocation structure.

Allocation structure is to be created and to be assigned to Settlement profile. If this is not done, AUC settlement will give error. Please see below screenshots.

We have used standard Allocation structure A1. You can copy from A1 and create your own Allocation Structure

Once you click on Assignment of left, below screen will appear. Select other cost and double click on Source on left hand side.

Here below you give Primary cost elements you want to consider for this Allocation structure. It means all posting from this Cost element will be settled to AUC.

Click on Settlement Cost and here provide Receiver. We have provided FXA as receiver. This is mandatory.


  1. WBS Creation/Release.

In below screenshot, we have created wbs and also released the same. Please check System Status.

Settlement rule is created automatically.

  1. Auc creation – Automatic

In below step, AUC is created.


With this, the process for Automatic creation of AUC is complete. Now you can post the settlement from WBS  and then settle this AUC to Asset.


If you have any doubt or any query, please let me know in comment box.


I hope you liked this document.









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  • Thanks for this , but the process creates multiple AUC per WBS for the same project . In most cases only a single AUC is prefered as settlement receiver per project .How does this solution fulfill the requirement

    • Hi Olawale,

      What i understand from your comment is you need multiple AUC create with one WBS creation. Correct?

      So far as i know standard is 1:1. Later AUCs can be created and assign to WBS and providing relevant percentages.




  • Hi Zunaid Hingora,

    Thanks for this excellent blog. This is really an Important topic which is not talked enough.

    I am a PS consultant this is really helpful for me.

    meanwhile I have a doubt in 4th step assignment of settlement profile to company code. How to assign it?

    can we assign different settlement rule for single company code?



  • Hi Zunaid,

    Even I did the Company/ settlement assignment configuration but in WBS installment is not getting generated.

    Also can we assign the multiple settlement to one company code.



    Prasath E

    • Hi Prasath,

      I think no because if you see assignment screen, its not giving any New Entries option. Its defaulting all company codes and field to assign the settlement profile. Either its blank or you assign value. There might be some other way but i have no idea.