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SAP Hana New vs Old transaction code.

After introduction of S/4 Hana by sap, many old transaction codes in new system do not exist. Either old transaction code are removed or new transaction code have been introduced. I have always searched for new transaction codes in S/4 Hana and was questioning how many new transaction codes would have been introduced. And luckily I found one sap note mentioned below. This sap note list out all transaction codes in S/4 Hana vs Old transaction Code. I thought of sharing this note to our group members.

SAP Note Number 2270335

Number 2270335
Version 0010


Old Functionality New Functionality  Text
FS01 FS00 Create G/L Accounts
FS02 FS00 Change G/L Accounts
FS03 FS00 Display G/L Accounts
KA01 FS00 Create Primary Cost Element
KA02 FS00 Change Cost Element
KA03 FS00 Display Cost Element
KA06 FS00 Create Secondary Cost Element
KP06 FCOM_IP_CC_COSTELEM01 Change Cost and Activity Inputs (only SFIN)
KP07 FCOM_IP_CC_COSTELEM01 Display Cost and Activity Inputs (only SFIN)
KP65 FCOM_IP_CC_COSTELEM01 Create Cost Planning Layout (only SFIN)
KP66 FCOM_IP_CC_COSTELEM01 Change Cost Planning Layout (only SFIN)
KP67 FCOM_IP_CC_COSTELEM01 Display Cost Planning Layout (only SFIN)
CJ40 FCOM_IP_PROJ_OVERALL01 Change Project Plan (only SFIN)
CJ41 FCOM_IP_PROJ_OVERALL01 Display Project Plan (only SFIN)
CJ42 FCOM_IP_PROJ_OVERALL01 Change Project Revenues (only SFIN)
CJ43 FCOM_IP_PROJ_OVERALL01 Display Project Revenues (only SFIN
CJR2 FCOM_IP_PROJ_COSTELEM01 PS: Change plan CElem/Activ. input (only SFIN)
CJR3 FCOM_IP_PROJ_COSTELEM01 PS: Display plan CElem/Activ. input (only SFIN)
CJR4 FCOM_IP_PROJ_COSTELEM01 PS: Change plan primary cost element (only SFIN)
CJR5 FCOM_IP_PROJ_COSTELEM01 PS: Display plan primary cost elem. (only SFIN)
CJR6 FCOM_IP_PROJ_COSTELEM01 PS: Change activity input planning (only SFIN)
KPF6 FCOM_IP_ORD_COSTELEM01 Change CElem/Activity Input Planning (only SFIN)
KPF7 FCOM_IP_ORD_COSTELEM01 Display CElem./Acty Input Planning (only SFIN)
KO14 FCOM_IP_ORD_COSTELEM01 Copy Planing for Internal Orders (only SFIN)
KPG7 FCOM_IP_ORD_COSTELEM01 Display Cost Planning Layout (only SFIN)
CK11 CK11N Create Product Cost Estimate
CK13 CK13N Display Product Cost Estimate
CK41 CK40N Create Costing Run
CK42 CK40N Change Costing Run
CK43 CK40N Display Costing Run
CK60 CK40N Preselection for Material/Plant
CK62 CK40N Find Structure: BOM Explosion
CK64 CK40N Run: Cost Estimate of Objects
CK66 CK40N Mark Run for Release
CK68 CK40N Release Costing Run
CK74 CK74N Create Additive Costs
KB11 KB11N Enter Reposting of Primary Costs
KB21 KB21N Enter Activity Allocation
KB31 KB31N Enter Statistical Key Figures
KB33 KB33N Display Statistical Key Figures
KB34 KB34N Reverse Statistical Key Figures
KB51 KB51N Enter Activity Posting
KE21 KE21N Create CO-PA line item
KE23 KE24 Display CO-PA line item
KKE1 CKUC Add Base Planning Object
KKE2 CKUC Change Base Planning Object
KKE3 CKUC Display Base Planning Object
KKEC CKUC Compare Base Object – Unit Cost Est
KKED CKUC BOM for Base Planning Objects
KKB4 CKUC Itemization for Base Planning Obj.
KKBF KKR0 Order Selection (Classification)
KKPHIE CKMDUVMAT/CKMDUVACT (Distribution) Cost Object Hierarchy
KKP2 CKMDUVMAT/CKMDUVACT (Distribution) Change Hierarchy Master Record
KKP4 CKMDUVMAT/CKMDUVACT (Distribution) Display Cost Object Hierarchy
KKP6 CKMDUVMAT/CKMDUVACT (Distribution) Cost Object: Analysis
KKPX CKMDUVMAT/CKMDUVACT (Distribution) Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.
KKPY CKMDUVMAT/CKMDUVACT (Distribution) Actual Cost Distribution: Cost Obj.
CPV1 KSV1 Create Distribution Cycle
CPV2 KSV2 Change Distribution Cycle
CPV3 KSV3 Display Distribution Cycle
CPV5 KSV5 Run Distribution Cycle
CPP1 KSU1 Create Assessment Cycle
CPP2 KSU2 Change Assessment Cycle
CPP3 KSU3 Display Assessment Cycle
CPP5 KSU5 Run Assessment Cycle
CPC1 KSC1 Create Indirect Activity Allocation Cycle
CPC2 KSC2 Change Indirect Activity Allocation Cycle
CPC3 KSC3 Display Indirect Activity Allocation Cycle
CPC5 KSC5 Run Indirect Activity Allocation Cycle
CPII KSII Calculate Activity Prices
F.24 FINT A/R: Interest for Days Overdue
F.2A FINT A/R Overdue Int.: Post (Without OI)
F.2B FINT A/R Overdue Int.: Post (with OI)
F.2C FINT arr.: w/o postings
F.4A FINTAP arr.: Post (w/o OI)
F.4B FINTIAP arr.: Post(with OI)
F.4C FINTAP arr.: w/o postings
FA39 obsolete
F.47 FINTAP Vendors: calc.of interest on arrears
RFFOD__L PMW Payment Medium Germany – Pmts in Ger.For.Tr.Regs (Z1 Form)/Foreign DME
RFFOD__S PMW International Payment Medium – Check (without check management)
RFFOUS_T PMW Payment Medium USA – Transfers/Bank Direct Debits in ACH Format
RFFOM200 PMW International Payment Medium – SWIFT Format MT200
RFFOM202 PMW International Payment Medium – SWIFT Format MT202
RFFOM210 PMW International Payment Medium – SWIFT Format MT210
RAGITT01 S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet
FAGL_FC_VAL FAGL_FCV Foreign Currency Valuation
S_PL0_86000030 FIS_FPM_GRID_GLACC_BAL G/L Account Balances
S_PCO_36000218 FCOM_FIS_AR_OVP Receivables Segment
S_PCO_36000219 FCOM_FIS_AP_OVP Payables Segment
S_ALR_87012326 FCOM_FIS_GLACCOUNT_OVP Chart of Accounts
S_E38_98000088 Profit Center Group: Plan/Actual/Dif Profit Center – Plan/Actual (Fiori-ID:  F0926; Query: /ERP/SFIN_M01_Q2701)
S_E38_98000089 Profit Center Group: Plan/Plan/Actual Profit-Center – Plan/Actual current year (Fiori-ID: F0932; Query:      /ERP/SFIN_M01_Q2702)
S_AC0_52000887 Receivables: Profit Center Receivables Profit Center
S_AC0_52000888 Payables: Profit Center Payables Profit center
S_ALR_87100992 Account Assignment Manual no replacement


Hope this blog would have been helpful to you as all tcodes are available at one place.



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