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IDOC Mass Change – Mass Processing – WLF_IDOC

This blog covers the steps to carry out the mass changes in IDOC. Transaction Code WLF_IDOC can be used to carry out mass changes.

Scenario – Assume you have to make changes in 300 fields in IDOC.

Here we will make change of Tax code in IDOC. Most of screenshots are highlighted with blue colour to maintain data integrity.

  1. Go to WE02 and give the IDOC number to be modified.

  1. Upon execution, below screen will appear. Now we will change the values for E1EDK04, field MWSKZ. This is tax code. Contents are covered but if you see its 1.

Click on below icon next to E1EDK04

  1. Below screen will appear. This is very important. We need to take values from this screen and paste in WLF_IDOC screen for processing. Only than changes will take effect.

     4. Go to WLF_IDOC tcode and give the IDOC number. Execute.

5. Take the values from 3rd screen and enter in below fields. Execute.

6. Once executed, if data entered above are correct below screen will appear. Means data are processed and changed.

7. Below screen will appear.

  1. Now go to WE02 and check the IDOC. If you see, MWSKZ is changed to 2. Tax code is changed.


If you observe anything in this document which is objectionable, please inform me.

I hope you like this document and its helpful to you.




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  • Is it possible to leave the [value to be searched for] blank (or an asterisk) so that all of the IDocs selected will be changed?  For instance, if I’m changing the cost center on an FI document upload of 5000 documents where there are hundreds of current cost centers but I’m hard coding all of them to a new value… can that be done without specifically entering in every single existing cost center?

    • Hi Nathan,

      You mean to say * in idoc field? Means check all idoc to replace the value?

      I haven’t tried this scenario. If i get such scenario then will update you.



    • Hi Nathan,


      I checked. Note below points.

      1. * Not allowed
      2. range of idoc allowed.
      3. Multiple idocs allowed.
      4. Idoc number field left blank, still it process.

      Any more questions are welcomed.