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IDOC Management – Mass Change – WLF_IDOC, Foreground Processing and other IDOC Activities.

This blogpost covers the steps to carry out the mass changes in IDOC, Foreground Processing and many other processing steps based on my experience.


Following is the reason for writing this blogpost for Idoc.

  1. To help community.
  2. To share with community.
  3. Documenting the steps at one place for future perusal.
  4. To get rid of going through various blogpost/documents and Cover main steps of Idocs at one place


  1. Ease of use
  2. Ease of access
  3. Ease of learning for New SAP member.
  4. Easy steps and easy explanation.
  5. Realtime scenario covered.
  6. No need to make documents and save. Can refer this blog for future reference.
  7. Available to entire community and can be used in trainings.
  8. ……….could be many more.


  1. Mass Processing.
  2. Foreground Processing.
  3. Changing field in IDOC
  4. Idoc Status Change
  5. BD87 – Idoc Reprocessing
  6. IDOC Export/Import
  7. Contributors


  1. Mass Processing

Transaction Code WLF_IDOC can be used to carry out mass changes.

Scenario – Assume you have to make changes in 300 fields in IDOC. Here we will make change of Tax code in IDOC. Most of screenshots are highlighted with blue colour to maintain data integrity.

  1. Go to WE02 and give the IDOC number to be modified.

  1. Upon execution, below screen will appear. Now we will change the values for E1EDK04, field MWSKZ. This is tax code. Contents are covered but if you see its 1.

Click on below icon next to E1EDK04

  1. Below screen will appear. This is very important. We need to take values from this screen and paste in WLF_IDOC screen for processing. Only than changes will take effect.

     4. Go to WLF_IDOC tcode and give the IDOC number. Execute.

5. Take the values from 3rd screen and enter in below fields. Execute.

Note – If you have multiple values to change in one idoc, keep number of SAP segment field blank.

For eg. In one idoc, if you have 100 cost center to change,  Number of SAP segment field should be  kept blank. This will change all cost centers in IDOC. When you put number it will change only that number cost center and not others

6. Once executed, if data entered above are correct below screen will appear. Means data are processed and changed.

7. Below screen will appear.

  1. Now go to WE02 and check the IDOC. If you see, MWSKZ is changed to 2. Tax code is changed.


2. Foreground Processing

Go to BD87. Give the IDOC number. Click Execute

Below error will appear.

Click on edit and select Restrict and Process.

In below screen remove background processing. Execute.

Below screen will appear.

Again click on edit and click on process. Select Foreground processing.

Below screen will appear. Now you can change the fields you want to change. This is similar to LSMW foreground processing.

Idoc will be posted.

   3. Changing field in idoc.

Go to WE05. Identify the field you want to Change. Take the arrow on the field highlighted below and double click. This is very tricky.

It will take you to next screen.  Select Change.

Change the field and save.

    4. Idoc Status Change

Go to programme RC1_IDOC_SET_STATUS. Give the idoc number and give the values to be changed.

Execute in test run. Below message will appear. If you are ok with the result, remove test run and execute.

Status is changed.

     5. BD87 – Idoc Reprocessing.

Go to BD87. Give the idoc number in error. Execute. Below screen will appear. Select the option highlighted and execute.

Document will be posted.

  6. Idoc Export/Import

Go to WE19. Give idoc number and execute

Below screen will appear. Click on Inbound file. Uncheck ‘Start Idoc inbound processing of file immediately’.

Message will be received as Idoc Save to file.

GO to CG3Y. Give the name to export this to file. Name should start with .\ and should end with .txt. In Target file on front end, select the folder.

Below I have created the folder with my name. I have created file name idoc123.txt

Once you select the folder and file to import, below message will appear. Click on Yes.

Idoc transfer message will appear.


Go to CG3Z. You see below 2 option. Source file and Target File.

In source file, select the file you have created on desktop in above step.

Give the name in Target file. This name is same used in WE19. Once you enter, this will be imported.

GO to WE19. Type the name as shown below. Execute.

Below screen will appear. Click on Standard Inbound.

Press enter.

Idoc number is generated.

  7. Contributors

Acknowledging someone’s contribution is very important. In professional world one cannot move alone. I learned above idocs steps due to seamless, unconditional support from below members. And i converted my learning in blog.

  1. Ramarao Tottempudi
  2. Milan Iyer
  3. Rishabh Maitra
  4. Varsha Yemul

If you observe anything in this document which is objectionable, please inform me.

I hope you like this document and its helpful to you.




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  • Is it possible to leave the [value to be searched for] blank (or an asterisk) so that all of the IDocs selected will be changed?  For instance, if I’m changing the cost center on an FI document upload of 5000 documents where there are hundreds of current cost centers but I’m hard coding all of them to a new value… can that be done without specifically entering in every single existing cost center?

    • Hi Nathan,

      You mean to say * in idoc field? Means check all idoc to replace the value?

      I haven't tried this scenario. If i get such scenario then will update you.



    • Hi Nathan,


      I checked. Note below points.

      1. * Not allowed
      2. range of idoc allowed.
      3. Multiple idocs allowed.
      4. Idoc number field left blank, still it process.

      Any more questions are welcomed.



  • Is it possible to only change part of the value within field?


    Say I have two IDocs where field contains

    • ABC123
    • ABC456

    and I want it to be changed to

    • XYZ123
    • XYZ456

    Is that possible?

    • Yes you can change particular field. i did just few minutes back. go to we05. select the field. on right hand corner double click. this is tricky. it will change.

      • Sorry, I didn't get it. Where in WE05 would I do this?

        Also I would like to do this in MASS operation, so in my screenshot for the selected 12 IDocs


        Many thanks. Cheers