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AS91 – Asset Master Upload.

ASSET Master Upload

The purpose of this document is to provide brief overview on Asset Master Data upload process in the SAP system. This document is for the consultants who are doing first time Asset Master Data Upload. At the time of upload they face a lot of doubts, question as how to carry out the upload in the system. This is a very basic document for Asset Master Data upload.

There are 2 kinds of Asset Master Upload during cut over.

  1. Year End Upload
  2. Midyear Upload

In this document we will focus on Midyear upload as this process cover year end upload too.

  • Setting of Date in the system.

This is the most important step for Asset Master Data upload. If you have midyear upload, for e.g. 28.02.2019, you have to mention this date in the system. Please see below screenshot.


Once the date is mentioned in above screen, set the year and Period. Please see below screenshot. Once you put the year and period, Depreciation field for current year in AS91 is activated. This will be explained in coming screens. We have provided year as 2019 and period as 2.

  • Uploading of Asset Master Data through AS91. Assets Acquired before 01.01.2019

When you are uploading Asset Master Data in midyear, first upload all assets acquired before 01.01.2019. This will have 3 fields. Cumulative Acquisition value, Accumulated Ordinary Depreciation and Ordinary Depreciation Posted. It means Cumulative Acquisition value and Accumulated Ordinary Depreciation will have values till 31.12.2018. For depreciation from 01.01.2019 to 28.02.2019 will be posted in Ordinary Depreciation Posted.

Enter Asset Class and Company code.

Enter all details as per your requirement.

Date ‘Capitalized On’ is most important date. This will come from legacy file. This date is mandatory and you cannot upload without this. After you enter all Master Data details, click on takeover box in below field.

Enter Value in Cumulative Acquisition value and Accumulated Depreciation as shown below.

Enter Ordinary Depreciation for 01.01.2019 to 28.02.2019 in below field. This Ord. Dep. Posted field is activated when Mid Year date is provided in above steps.


  • Uploading of Asset Master Data through AS91. Assets Acquired On or After 01.01.2019

In this scenario, all the steps will be same as below. Only Capitalization date will differ.

Capitalization date in below screen will be 01.01.2019 or any date later than this.

When you put the date of 2019, below screen will appear. All fields are blurred. You cannot enter any amount here. Click on Transactions field shown in below screen.

In below screen, enter Asset Value date, Transaction type and Amount in book depreciation. If you have more depreciation area, enter in all areas. Here we are just entering in 01. Click on save button. Transactions means all assets purchased on or after 01.01.2019 and this have to be entered as shown below.

In this way Asset master is uploaded in SAP during cut over. If you find any mismatch in the values, you can erase and re-upload the data in the system. I hope this document is helpful to you.









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