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Upgrade to S/4HANA 1809FPS0 – t5 – Software Update Manager

References – Updating SAP ABAP Systems on UNIX and Linux: SAP HANA DB – SUM 2.0 SP03

The procedure below is for upgrade of source system S/4HANA 1610FPS1 system to target system S/4HANA 1809FPS0 showing the Realize Phase – t5 – SUM as below:

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NEW INSTALLATION     PART1 – MP PART2 –  Installation
PART3 –  BP Activation
PART4 – Fiori Activation PART5 – DATA MIGRATION
S/4HANA 1909 fps2 fps1  fps0  fps2 fps1  fps0 fps2 fps1  fps0 fps2 fps1  fps0 fps0
S/4HANA 1809 fps2  fps1  fps0 fps2  fps1  fps0 fps2  fps1  fps0 fps2  fps1  fps0
S/4HANA 1709
fps2  fps1  fps0 fps2  fps1  fps0 fps2  fps1  fps0
UPGRADE   t2 – MP t3 – SIC
t4 – CCM t5 – SUM
S/4HANA 1809 link link link link
t5 – CCM t6 – SUM 
S/4HANA 1909 rc2 link link link prepare
S/4HANA 1809



link link link EHP7/hdb
S/4HANA 1909 link custom link standard link
S/4HANA Certification Exams through SAP Certification Hub link

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this blog is to provide guidance to fast track your SANDBOX conversion. 

Tool parameters are for shortest overall run time with maximum downtime. Every upgrade/conversion is different. The author will not take over any responsibility of the consequences this may cause.


Recommended OS is SuSE Linux version 12 Patch 1
TIP: Please refer Notes below:
Note 2399995 – Hardware requirement for SAP HANA 2.0
Note 2235581 – SAP HANA: Supported Operating Systems.
Note 2205917 – SAP HANA DB: Recommended OS settings for SLES 12

You can check your operating system version as below:

sid-hdb-s4h:~ # cat /etc/SuSE-release
  SuSE-release SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)
  VERSION = 12
  PATCHLEVEL = 2       


Minimum is HANA 2 Rev 33(S/4HANA 1809FPS0) Rev 36(S/4HANA 1809FPS1) or later as per release note for 1809. The files should be downloaded as per the blog t3 – maintenance planner.

First unpack the archive to folder HANA2_33, CLIENT_33 and LCAPPS_33 together if you need integrated LiveCache so it can be installed as a combined install. In case you already have other plugins you will have to apply them like AFL, etc.

sid-hdb:/sapmedia/ #SAPCAR -xvf IMDB_SERVER20_033_0-80002031.SAR
sid-hdb:/sapmedia/ #mv SAP_HANA_DATABASE HANA2_33
sid-hdb:/sapmedia/ #SAPCAR –xvf IMDB_CLIENT20_003_123-80002082.SAR
sid-hdb:/sapmedia/ #mv SAP_HANA_CLIENT HANA2_33_CLIENT
sid-hdb:/sapmedia/ #SAPCAR –xvf IMDB_LCAPPS_2033_0-20010426.SAR
sid-hdb:/sapmedia/ #mv SAP_HANA_LCAPPS HANA2_33_LCAPPS

TIP: Please refer Note 2372809 – Guideline for Upgrading a SAP HANA 1.0 to SAP HANA 2.0 System.
To upgrade HANA database, you cannot use hdblcm from rel 2. you will get message that
“HDBLCM version ‘’ cannot be used to install or update additional components of SAP HANA Database version ‘’”. Solution:Use the action ‘update_components’ of the resident HDBLCM under ‘/hana/shared/HDB'”
Also in case yu have HANA database addons, refer Note 2438001 – Unable to perform a HANA database upgrade to revision 122.07 or higher to due installed SAP TRD AFL FOR HANA component

uninstall as root
sid-hdb:/hana/shared/HDB/hdblcm # ./hdblcm --uninstall

sid-hdb:/sapmedia/HANA2_33 # ./hdblcm

Installing package 'CommonCryptoLib'... 
Updating package 'Client Installer'... 
Updating SAP HANA Database Instance Integration on Local Host... 
Updating Component List... 
SAP HANA Database components updated You can send feedback to SAP with this form: 
Log file written to '/var/tmp/hdb_HDB_hdblcm_update_2018-10-15_17.39.04/hdblcm.log' on host 'sid-hdb-s4h'.

Please refer Note 2600030 – Parameter Recommendations in SAP HANA Environments for parameter recommendations. This note contains check scripts which detect SAP HANA version, SAP product installed, etc. and give specific parameter recommendations.

Also refer Note 2469025 – How-To: Upgrading to SAP HANA 2.0


Please extract it as below 2 commands:

as s4hadm
cd /usr/sap/S4H
SAPCAR -xvf /sapmedia/download/SUM20SP03_1-80002456.SAR
as root
ps –ef | grep –i sapup
/usr/sap/S4H/SUM/abap/SUMSTART confighostagent

TIP: Please check that your /windows/drivers/etc/host file contains entry with IP address mapped to hostname vhcals4hci. c:\users\mahesh>type c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts  vhcals4hci vhcals4hci.dummy.nodomain vhcals4hcs vhcals4hcs.dummy.nodomain vhcalhdbdb vhcalhdbdb.dummy.nodomain

Open Google Chrome browser (latest version recommended) Enter URL:

In case you get screen below please click on Advanced and then “Proceed to vhcals4hci(unsafe)

TIP: If you get message that Page is Unresponsive just click on Wait.

Enter s4hadm/(password you used before) in the screen below

TIP: SUM MailNotifier can be used to get notified by eMail/SMS when SUM displays a dialog so you don’t have to frequently check it for long running phases. It can be configured at PREPROCESSING PHASE later when you have a break. You need a sender email account like with password, recipient email like  or SMS text like After this you execute command as root: vhcals4hci:~ # java -jar MailNotifierApp.jar properties=MailNotifierApp.props  I had to add parameter mail.smtp.starttls.enable=true to the above command for gmail account.  Also I had to login to gmail account and then execute link to allow less secure apps. Refer Boris Rubarth’s blog at end for more info.


TIP: If you get error manifest signature revoked download new crlbag.p7s as per SAP Note 2491577 – SUM fails at phase PREP_EXTRACT/SCAN_DOWNLOADDIR with error message “SIGNATURE: manifest signature is revoked”

enter password of DDIC in client 000,
enter password of DB user SYSTEM and   Click on Next

At (2%) Current Phase PREP_INIT/DBCHK_INI  select values and click on Next

Click on Next


At (5%) Current Phase PREP_CONFIGURATIN/INITSUBST click on Next

At (5%) Current Phase PREP_CONFIGURATIN/INITSUBST select/enter values and click on Next

At (6%) Current Phase PREP_CONFIGURATIN/DBQUERY_ASK enter password of DB user SAPS4H and click on Next

At (8%) Current Phase PREP_CONFIGURATION/LANG_SELECT the screen will look for archives and show if any of them is missing. click on Next

Apply Missing Notes and Click on Next

At (9%) Current Phase PREP_EXTENSION/IS_INST click on Next

At (10%) Current Phase PREP_EXTENSION/BIND_PATCH click on Next

At (10%) Current Phase PREP_EXTENSION/BIND_PATCH click on Next

Among other items SUM tool will run SI Check at PREP_EXTENSION/RUN_S4H_SIF_CHECK_INIT and will take same amount of time as job RC_NEW_CHECK_IN_JOB run manually at t3 – SI Check.

If SI Check is not completed you get above error which can be checked in file /usr/sap/S4H/SUM/abap/log/S4_SIF_TRANSITION_CHECKS.S4H. As per Simplification Catalog Check the note applicable is 1484142 – MRN1: Incorrect Customizing entries deleted As per the note, run report S4SIC_TNIW5CORR in client 000 once.

Once you have fixed issues in SI-Check, continue…
At (11%) Current Phase PREP_INTEGRATION/ADJUSTPRP click on Next

ERROR: Got error – A2EESUPG_STRESS 111 Report “RSUPG_STRESS4UPGRADE” with action “START” finished with error RESOLUTION: vi /usr/sap/S4H/SUM/abap/bin/SAPup.par /fa/stress_maker =  OFF then continued SUM. For sandbox this is ok but for production landscape please fix/open OSS message.

At (12%) Current Phase PREP_INSTALL/INITSHD enter SHADOW DB USER PASSWORD and click on Next

At (12%) Current Phase PREP_INSTALL/INITSHD select No for profiles from previous procedure and click on Next

At (12%) Current Phase PREP_INSTALL/SHDINST_CPY select No to use profiles click on Next


At (15%) Current Phase PREP_PREPROC/SAVE_VAR_CHK select No to Do you want to run the JOB_RASUVAR(2) phases click on Next

At (15%) Current Phase PREP_PREPROC/HDB_HDI_CHECK enter SYSTEM superuser password and click on Next

Click on Next


At (17%) Current Phase MAIN_INIT/LOCKEU_PRE – Lock the development environment now click on Next

At this point it is good to monitor database resident memory in HANA studio

IMPORTANT: Please note that wait times are only indicative of the long breaks assuming no errors and will vary depending on hardware, amount of data, number of clients, number of languages, process parameters, etc

At (23%) Current Phase MAIN_DTTRANSSHD/DOWNCONF_DTTRANS accept selected radio button Actions completed click on Next

At (23%) Current Phase MAIN_DTTRANSSHD/DOWNCONF_DTTRANS_BCK accept selected radio button Backup completed click on Next


At (30%) Current Phase MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG shows 4 modified objects that you need to adjust, follow the steps to adjust repository:and click on Next

Among other items SUM tool will rerun SI Check at MAIN_SHDIMP/RUN_S4H_SIF_CHECK_EXEC and will take same amount of time as job RC_NEW_CHECK_IN_JOB run at t3 – SI Check.

(time is only an indicative figure assuming no error)

At (89%) Current Phase MAIN_UPTRANS/STARTSAP_PUPG select Actions completed and click on Next

At (89%) Current Phase MAIN_UPTRANS/UPCONF click on Next

At (89%) Current Phase MAIN_UPTRANS/SETUPGPAR_UPG_POST click on Next



Login client 000 and Adjust

Go back to SUM and click on Next

At (91%) Current Phase MAIN_POSTPROC/REQUPFINAL click on Next


Login to Client 000 and resolve issues.

click on Next

SUM is completed. Please login to the system and check the Installed product version as:Please find Installed Software Component version:

You can schedule complete SGEN if it is not completed so far.


Please apply the 4 notes below to the installed instance as per SAP Note 2659828 – SAP S/4HANA 1809 Feature Package Stack 00: Additional Release Information these notes are only for 1809 FPS0

2658745 Register internal scenarios (FINCF_AV_SO,FINCF_AV_CI)1880321990 No
2660883 BP_EOP: Success Message is not displayed properly No
2661055 NS Registration /CMMFD (1880344774) No
2666655 Undo changes of central BUPA search help exit No
2441447 Authorization check enablement in Business Partner F4 search help
(Seems like the note is already applied)
2653874 Client copy fails in exit 0SFW_CC_SYNCH_SWITCH_STATES_ADD No
2653909 BRF+: Performance improvement while opening Ruleset No
2656251 Performance and memory improvements for cl_ci_test_no_order_by No
2658952 ESH – initial authorization index filling – error: “Feature not supported”/OLAP VIEW on HANA 3.1 No
2662538 Dump occurs on changing the query No
2665431 Cursor Position is not correctly being displayed after selecting the record in SM30 No
2656623 Delivered version of AO Workbook (AAOE) is not created in the content system No
2694011 WTY: Dump “CALL_FUNCTION_CONFLICT_LENG” occurs on account document posting No
2697405 TrexViaDbsl: wrong schema name is set to temporary objects in TREX_EXT_AGGREGATE Yes
2722552 Runtime error SYSTEM_DATA_ALREADY_FREE during update of classifications No
2724147 Termination in the update of the classification No
2726975 Support of CLSD in SNOTE: Ignore all Changed by and Changed on data in the CI No


Updating SAP ABAP Systems on UNIX and Linux: SAP HANA DB – SUM 2.0 SP04 <==pdf

2378962 – SAP HANA 2.0 Revision and Maintenance Strategy
2372809 – Guideline for Upgrading a SAP HANA 1.0 to SAP HANA 2.0 System
2293092 – SAP HANA Database upgrade fails due to missing plugin
2438001 – An already installed component SAP TRD AFL FOR HANA is not compatible with SAP HANA Database version 1.00.122
2223318 – An already installed component SAP HANA LCAPPS is not compatible with SAP HANA Database version


Converting SAP Systems to S/4HANA Using Software Update Manager 2.0  <==pdf
SUM 2.0 Guide <==pdf

Introducing the SUM MailNotifier – you have been waiting for this !

S/4HANA 1809 Upgrade guide   <===pdf

Upgrade Guide – S/4HANA 1909   <===pdf

Upgrading SAP S/4HANA AnyPremise – How, Why, and Best Practices guide now available !   <===pdf

Your system installation is complete. Congratulations !!!

Mahesh Sardesai
Product Expert – S/4HANA

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      Author's profile photo Daniel Benavides
      Daniel Benavides

      What do you suggest to Monitor memory on HANA?, for step Current Phase: MAIN_SHDCRE/SHADOW_IMPORT_UPG1 is taking a lot of time and resources, any suggest to clear memory when physical memory is full or is needed a minimum qty of memory on HANA to complete this step.

      Author's profile photo Mahesh Sardesai
      Mahesh Sardesai
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Daniel,

      As I mentioned  - "At (17%) Current Phase MAIN_INIT/LOCKEU_PRE – Lock the development environment now click on Next"

      From that point on if your hardware allows to increase memory/cpu you can take advantage of it. There is a minimum amount of memory needed and you may use sizing report to get an idea.