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Step by step to enable Text Collection for your custom BO

My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

1. Declare TextCollection as a dependent object of your custom BO:
2. Add the following UI component to TI view:
And Choose 10006 as text type:
Click Bind button and maintain the following binding:
In the runtime now, you could maintain the text for custom BO:
Create a web service and select TextCollection as enabled for Read Operation:
In the generated WSDL file, check the response structure to ensure that the corresponding element for TextCollection also exists there.
Now consume the read operation of created web service via SoapUI, and the text content maintained in BO header level could also be returned:
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    Hi Jerry,


    Thanks for sharing information in this wonderful blog! I tried to expose the TextCollection field in custom BO's Webservice - but it is neither appearing QueryByElements or Read Operations and could not find the same in WSDL.


    I have posted my query here -

    Would be of help if you can point in the right direction or answer this query please.

    Appreciate your help and early response.

    Thanks and Kind Regards

    Sampath Kumar N

  • Hi Jerry,

    I want to use standard Notes in my custom EC which is bound to standard Opportunity - items.

    I did the binding same as standrd see below..

    Is this a wrong approach?


    Regards, Dhruvin