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Step by step to create HTML Mashup and make it visible in UI

My series of Cloud Application Studio Blogs

1. Switch on Admin mode of your solution, and create a port type package as below:
2. Create a mashup port binding using the port type package created in previous step:
3. Create a HTML mashup and bind it to the mashup port created in previous step:
4. Create an embedded component and drag the created mashup, drop it into the pane container of embedded component:
Switch to controller tab of the embedded component, create a new outport and configure it with the port type package created in first step.
Create a simple navigation and finish the necessary parameter binding:
In the end the controller of the embedded component has the following settings:
5. Add the embedded component as a new tab of Opportunity TI via extensibility explorer.
In the runtime, the url I specified in my html mashup is parsed by UI framework and rendered within an IFrame:
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