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New Versions of SAP Cloud SDK: 2.18.1 for Java and 1.4.2 for JavaScript

We have released new versions of the SAP Cloud SDK. In detail, the following components are now available in new versions:

In this blog post, we will walk you through the highlights of these releases. For a complete overview, visit our release notes for the Java libraries, for the JavaScript libraries, and for the continuous delivery toolkit. The release notes also include the change log of all our releases so far.
At the end of the article, you will find a set of instructions on how to update to the new versions.

Java Libraries: Release Highlights 2.18.1

You can update your dependencies of the SAP Cloud SDK for Java to version 2.18.1 and consume the new version from Maven Central.

Version 2.18.1 is mostly a maintenance release with the following noteworthy improvements and fixes.

The OData VDM generator now supports generating a client library for OData services that contain entities without key. Such entities would typically be accessible through navigation properties. Also, we fixed an issue where the generator failed to generate Java classes due to a name clash across entity sets and function imports.

Version 2.18.1 also improves logging in case of update requests in the OData VDM. By default, update requests result in a PATCH request with a body consisting only of changed fields. Now, the SDK will log a warning during execute for an update request if the request will be sent with an empty body because no fields of the entity have been registered as changed. This makes it easier to identify issues during updates.

Several further improvements are listed in the full release notes.

JavaScript Libraries: Release Highlights 1.4.2

The JavaScript libraries of the SAP Cloud SDK are now available in version 1.4.2.

Version 1.4.2 is mostly a maintenance release with the following noteworthy improvements and fixes.

We have fixed an issue where write requests against on-premise systems failed with DNS lookup errors because the proxy configuration was not used when getting CSRF tokens.

Version 1.4.2 also fixes an issue with OData queries introduced in version 1.3.0 where nested selections on deeper levels where not correctly reflected as expand query options.

We have updated the dependency to the axios library for HTTP requests from 0.18.0 to 0.19.0.

As usual, the full release notes contain a list of all improvements in this release.

How to Update

Java libraries

To update the version of the SAP Cloud SDK Java libraries used in an existing project, proceed as follows:

  • Open the pom.xml file in the root folder of your project.
  • Locate the dependency management section and therein the sdk-bom dependency.
  • Update the version of that dependency to 2.18.1.

With this, you are already done thanks to the “bill of material” (BOM) approach. Your dependency should look like this:

    <!-- possibly further managed dependencies ... -->

If you are using the SAP Cloud SDK in a project of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, replace sdk-bom with sdk-modules-bom to only update the version of SDK modules, not further dependencies.
You can now recompile your project (be aware of the compatibility notes, though) and leverage the new features of the SAP Cloud SDK in version 2.18.1.

Of course, you can also generate a new project that uses version 2.18.1 from the start by running the Maven archetypes for Neo or Cloud Foundry with -DarchetypeVersion=2.18.1 (or RELEASE).

JavaScript libraries

To update the version of the SAP Cloud SDK JavaScript libraries used in an existing project, use the command npm update in the root folder of your module. Note that this will also update other modules, unless you explicitly specify which packages to update. If you want to check beforehand what will change, use npm outdated.

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