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Multi Level Approval for Sales Quote in C4C

Introduction to Sales Quote

Sales Quote is an integral part of any business. In a Sales quote, an important parameter is the total value of the sales quote.


Need of Approval Process

Sales quote allows a prospective buyer to see what costs would be involved for the products or work they would like to have done. And any business would not want to miss the opportunity of the converting a sales quote to an order for any reason. One such parameter where the business would want to have more control is the total value of the quote. Any business would not want miss the opportunity due to the improper pricing.

In order to avoid such scenario, typically business will have an approval process. There can be two scenario for approval process: single level approval process and multilevel approval. Multilevel approval is needed where the business would want to have stringent control on the quote .


In this scenario, I have explained creating a multilevel approval for sales quote based on the total value of the quote. The approvers are determined based on the value.


Example: If the total value is more than 20000 USD but below 25000 USD, then only one approver is assigned. If the total value is between 20000 USD to 25000 USD, then only one approver is assigned.

Setting up of Approval Process

In order to enable multilevel approval process, the same must be enabled in scoping



Once scoping is completed, navigate to the Administrator tab and select Approval approval process.


Under the approval processes, open the process which is active for sales quote. Copy it and create a new approval process. Create multiple steps based on the number of approvals needed for the quote. In the present case, I have created 2 steps: one for approval 1 when the sales quote value is above 20000 USD and the 2nd step when the sales quote is above 25000 USD.


In the last column of conditions, this decides the condition on which the approval should be triggered.


Maintain the conditions for the each step. In the work distribution, there are multiple parameters you can select based on the business need.

Currently the approval process would be in draft status. To make it active, end the validity of the active approval process(which was used to copy and create new approval process) and add the validity for the new approval process.



Click on check and the message would be displayed if there is any issue. If there is no issue, then a success message would be displayed. Click on save and close and the approval process will be active now.


Now create a sales quote with total value of more than 25000 USD


Open the Approval tab, and there should be 2 approvers assigned. In the current case, reporting manager level 1 and 2 are same for the employee. Hence, the approver is same at both the levels.


Now create a sales quote with total value less than 25000 USD but more than 20000 USD. only one approver should get assigned.




With the above configuration, we can enable the multi level approval process enabling the business to have finer control for the organization in the process of Sales quote. The same process can be applied for the other Sales processes such as sales order, opportunity etc.

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      Author's profile photo Abhi K
      Abhi K

      Can you provide similar configuration for multiple approvals with screen shot. Primary requirement is a sales quote must be approved by multiple approvers