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Enhancing the Customer Experience with Machine Learning and SAP Hybris

At the CX Techfest in Melbourne recently I presented the latest examples of how SAP Hybris is simplifying the way you can improve your customers’ experience with machine learning.

There is massive potential to positively impact customer experience. Every customer journey is unique and machine learning helps you to dynamically evolve to meet changing customer expectations. With cloud solutions, you have easy access to cutting edge hardware and deep learning algorithms to turn unstructured data into awesome customer experiences.

Here are a few examples…

Brand Sponsorship of Broadcast Events

Marketers love digital because it provides extensive scope for measurement and evaluation of marketing execution. Brand sponsorship of events not so much. But with over $60bn spent in sponsorship activities this is a real issue for rights holders, agencies, broadcasters and sponsors. Enter machine learning and SAP Brand Impact.

SAP Brand Impact uses machine learning to analyse millions of hours of video to accurately measure brand exposure time and the screen real estate size and location of brands.

Not just your brand, but as many brands as you want to track and compare. You can even filter out brand exposures that are too quick for human cognition or brands partially obscured in some way. Everything is time stamped so you can cross reference actual business impact (search, site browsing, online orders) for all the viewers who “dual screen” during live sports broadcasts.

You can analysis a recorded broadcast in less than the broadcast running time so results can be produced quickly. There is a great demo of the solution from SAPPHIRE NOW (try opening this link in Explorer if you have any issues with Chrome).



Intelligent Automation of Customer Requests

Many contact centre managers acknowledge that their agents have a lot to think about with policies, procedures, systems and demanding customers. So, adding some smarts to lighten the load and reduce the effort to train new starters is a no brainer. The SAP Service Ticketing machine learning application works on social media posts, e-mails, and other customer inquiries to automate the classification of service tickets, ticket routing, suggested solutions and recommendations for service parts.

In the past these kinds of solutions were based on fuzzy key word searching linked to static recommendations or predictive modules administered by data scientists.

With SAP Service Ticketing the machine learning engine trains against historical customer problem descriptions, service categorisation and related resolutions to learn how to best deal with new tickets. 

This is an open service that can smarten up any CRM system and there is an out of the box integration with SAP Hybris Service Cloud.



Shopping by Emoji


Recently CHARLY has been out meeting people. CHARLY is the prototype commerce chat bot from SAP Hybris Labs.


CHARLY helps you find products, search merchandise categories, manage you shopping cart and check out. You can even search for product by entering emojis.


You can use an emoji to for common items like bread or wine. If you type in your search and it comes up short, CHARLY make intelligent recommendations and helps you find what you are looking for.




Machine Learning Innovation

Machine learning is not just a focus for SAP Hybris solutions. Across the entire enterprise SAP Leonardo is infusing all business applications with machine learning. New packaged applications like SAP Brand Impact, SAP Service Ticketing and CHARLY are being released all the time.

However there is a rich opportunity for you to innovate using the tools in the SAP Leonardo cloud platform.

For example, imagine if your customers could search for a product by taking a photo of it. You could use the photo to find a replacement product, a similar product or accessories. Imagine having a tool on your website offering “Take a photo of what you like and we’ll find something you’ll love” searching for gifts like jewellery, fashion, home-wares or collectables based on a photo (like the magnificent owl below). This is all possible when machine learning and commerce come together.



Couldn’t your business be a little smarter? 

If you are interested in the future of machine learning for customer engagement check out Brian Walker’s presentation at SAPPHIRE NOW. He lays out the roadmap for current, planned and future machine learning solutions across the entire SAP Hybris suite.




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      Author's profile photo Alex Sysov
      Alex Sysov

      Solutions based on machine learning will soon bring a massive layoff wave across marketing departments of companies all around the world. Will there be any work left for a human eventually? )