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How to do a quick “POC” with SAP hybris Marketing with your own data

This blog was originally posted in June 2015. The information published then might not be valid today as content, links and other information have been updated in the meantime.
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SAP hybris Marketing suite enables real-time contextual marketing. Engage customers, delight them, and cultivate brand relationships by marketing to an audience of one. 


One of the frequently asked question is how can I do a quick POC with your own data provided you have a system up & running (check out demo trial on CAL if you need a system).  It can be done using following steps.


1. Watch the video




2. Download the step by step instructions and sample load files (screenshot shows what the below link contains)


how to do POC.GIF


3. Modify the load files for your own needs and load again

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  • Indeed it was a nice demo.

    Bharath, I also installed yMKT RDS, but the menu option is different from what I see in your Demo. Meaning, I was mainly looking for import option which was missing. Can you please guide me?

    • most likely you are missing a role.  Are you using CEI_STD user or assign appropriate role by looking CEI_STD user roles.  Also, import functionality is available from yMKT 1502 or higher. 

      • Hi Bharath,

        We have migrated the data from the s/4 and the file origin is set to SAP_ERP_CUSTOMER. i am trying to create lead out of it and its showing me error as Outbound Failed - Interaction Contact has no business partner id. Ideally i should be able to create the activity out of the campaign from ymkt to c4c.


        Rashmi Ranjan

  • Thanks for the very useful video Bharath.

    I am new to Hybris and  have Two questions. 1) For customers who are currently using Hybris commerce and a third party marketing application, would it be scenario 3 for data load? 2) Would the RDS scenario be the same as that for the third party applications?


    • Hi Vasudevan,

      SAP hybris Marketing(yMKT) provides API (webservice, Odata, RFC) to load data.  For more info: see our inboud interface guide

      You can use any tool of your choice to call that API and load data.  If you have hybris commerce, you can call the API via data hub or real time integrations you can SAP ESP(Event Stream Processor).  rapid data load package provides some out of the box content based on SAP Data Services for loading data which is more suitable for batch load.  You can use that as well.  Sometimes the tool of choice boils down to customer requirements (realtime vs batch) and resource skill availability (data hub vs SAP data services).   Hope this helps!!



      • Hello Bharath, Currently we are evaluating Hybris Marketing features and integration scenarios using the SAP Hybris Marketing and SAP CRM RDS V4 - fully-activated Landscape using AWS. Do we have the facility to integrate the YMKT trail systems with our existing YCommerce and C4C systems? Can you let me know?


        Thanks, Naga

  • Hi Bharath,

    we have imported the CSV File in HM but we have some issues.

    The so calles Umlaut (äöü) are replaced by # and the mobile telphone is also wrong.

    How can we solve this issue?

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Yoro,

      maybe you already have a solution, but to have this question answered here:

      You need to save the CSV file in UTF-8 format. Excel unfortunetely can't do that. I am happy with notepad++ to work around that (excel) issue.

      Cheers, Peter

  • Hi Bharath,

    Your blog is very helpful.

    I have linked hmkt with SAP CRM. In the segmentation w/c I can see the SAP CRM customers, however in the Data W/C those are not available and the  CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT table is blank. Could you please let me know if I am missing any steps.



        • As a newcomer to this product I may be incorrect but is it possible you're seeing accounts rather than contacts?

          For ERP (and I think this applies to CRM too) you can set up replication to bring accounts and their contacts into the replicated ERP schema. At that point you can see the contacts in some of the screens. However before you can see them in the segmentation screens you need to run a job CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_FULL or CUAN_IC_MASTERDATA_EXTR_DELT to copy them to CUAND_CE_IC_ROOT

    • Hi Bharath,

      Iam seeing lot of content from you on SAP hybris. I want to start building a PoC on SAP Hybris. Iam basically a Portal Developer who has interest in learning SAP Hybris. I am not knowing where to start and how to build  a PoC. Could you please share the links to start and for PoC building.

      Also is SAP Hybris mean SAP Hybris Marketing ?

      (For Ex: Iam confused with SAP Hybris Marketing, CRM, B2B. There were many things and iam confused which one a developer can fit in)



      • HI Sankar,

        You can also use free trial of 1 month to get better understanding.

        Moreover this is usually done by functional consultant and technical knowledge is only good to have.

        In hybris we have Marketing - 1605 latest and Hybris core - version6 latest as of now.

        Here we are discussing on Hybris marketing for which SAP CRM & SAP ECC are optional. You can also check the best practice and prerequisite.

        business to business and business to customer are terms used in this i.e. business done to company or individual customers.

        Hope it helps !!

  • Hi Bharath,

    Thanks for the blog. I am new to Hybris and trying to upload some contact into Hybris. For golden record creation I saw and as you mentioned , in the cuan ic helper class that it is matching facets on Phone, Email, Mobile & Fax. I want to change this behavior and want the golden record to merge only when it matches mobile and leave the remaining 3 out( Email,Phone & Fax) and maybe introduce Last Name.

    I saw BAdI - CUAN_CE_IC_UPDATE_SP7 and implemented it but could not find a place to restrict it from merging and rather create a new contact if I am uploading 2 contacts with same email but different mobile numbers coming from different origins.

    Could you please guide me here, what could I be doing wrong?



    • HI Mayank,

      the Email logic is always turned on with release 1605 and below. You can just switch it off with a small modification right before the BADI is called.

      With 1608 you should also be able to switch off the Email logic in the BADI, but I had no chance to validate it yet by myself.

      In addition, you should never simply remove the Email facett, since this would mess up your follow up processes, e.g. EMAIL_HARD_BOUNCE.

      I hope this helps.

      Cheers, Anton

  • Hi Bharath,

    Need a clarification. After I sign up with CAL and also Amazon WS for 1-month trial in SAP HYBRIS MARKETING, once trial is over or once our POC is done, is there option of bringing in all data we have in the cloud WS to our on-premise servers later if we want to?

    Request reply asap.



  • Hi Bharath,


    Thanks for the excellent blog, we are trying to integrate Hybris Marketing system with Hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C), could you please share How to Guide Integration between c4c and sap hybris marketing latest document or link where I can access the document.

    Thanks in Advance



  • We just started the Hybris instance on CAL but there is no data in the system.  Your link has expired.  Is there another location?