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End2End monitoring of HCI message flow in Standard Content – Made easy

So far with HCI end to end monitoring of messages has always been little difficult. For example in the past it was always difficult to find an IDOC and its corresponding SAP Cloud for Customer message ID. With 1505 release, now the monitoring of asynchronous messages have been made easy.

This feature has been introduced via the help of Content Modifier (Using SAP_ApplicationID header element)

For ERP->HCI->C4C we can search message based on IDOC numbers and for C4C->HCI->ERP we can search messages based on message ID available via web service message monitor in SAP cloud for Customer.

For this simply specify the IDOC no or SAP Cloud for Customer message ID in the search field Application ID as shown below

application id search.PNG

Now to see end to end monitoring in action, let’s take an example scenario in which data flows from ERP to SAP Cloud for Customer via HCI. Using t-code WE05 in the back end system we can get the IDOC number and provide it as a filter in the Application ID field. This should return us the corresponding HCI message in the message monitor


Now we can open the message processing log and search for the string, which will give us corresponding message ID for the SAP Cloud for Customer system


For the other direction in which data flows from SAP Cloud for Customer to SAP ERP via HCI, we can get the message ID using the web service message monitor in SAP cloud for Customer and provide it as a filter in the Application ID field.

C4C-MessgeID Search.PNG

Now we can open the message processing log and search for the string, which will give us corresponding IDOC no in the SAP back-end system.



1.     Currently only asynchronous messages can be monitored and

2.     Bulk IDOC monitoring is not supported

A Conclusion note: You can use the content modifier to search the message based on any other header fields or payload element.

For getting all the header fields you can write a simple groovy script, which should return all the header fields available in runtime

For searching based on payload element you can use XPath expressions.

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  • Hi Abinash,

    Can you please help in defining the fields of the content modifier, when I want to retrieve
    the runtime message ID for asynchronous scenario- whether to use Xpath or header as type etc?

    What should be the field name for message ID mentioned in allowed headers in runtime configuration which can be used in content modifier?



  • Hello Abhinash,

    Does the option to search with the IDoc number only work for the Standard C4C Scenario?

    We have tried to use this for a Custom Scenario using a Standard SAP IDoc but the search with the IDoc number does not yield the desired results. Is there a way we can do this for a Custom Scenario?



  • Hi Abinash,

    Thanks for the information.

    I am not able to get the message status using Idoc in HCI tenant,please let me know if i am missing something.

    Will it work for failed message as well?



    • I need to see the integration flow project to comment. If the application header id appears on MPL depends where the content modifier step is used to persist the same. For example if the Content modifier step is used after the mapping step and the message fails in mapping step, then the application header id will not be available in the MPL. But if the message fails in the receiver channel then you can see the IDOC number in the MPL.

      Best regards, Abinash

  • Hello Abhinash,

    i have one question regarding monitoring in general.

    Is there a possibility to use some kind of automatical alerting via mail?

    For PI Systems we had mail based alerting, for HCI integration scenarios we need to log on manually to the system and take a look at the monitor.

    do you now any chance?

    best regards


    • Hello Robert,

      Currently HCI does not have alerting mechansim via email like that of SAP NetWeaver PI. The only way to trigger an alert is to use the mail adapter in an exception branch.

      Best regards, Abinash