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Dynamic Pricing is not working


I experience a couple of different issues in regards to Dynamic Pricing in WCEM 3.0.


I am using a pricing procedure which basically has 3 different condition types:

PR00 “Main Price”

ZPG0 “Area Discount” (applicable to give a discount to customers in a specific region)

ZCD0 “Partner Discount” (applicable for a specific sold-to)


  • All these condition types are maintained in ECC and replicated to CRM
  • The pricing procedure works perfectly fine in our old ISA-shop (with strikethrough)

Problem in WCEM:

  • Dynamic pricing is not working (in some cases I have seen the discount in catalog but not in basket/order)
  • Strikethrough prices are not shown at all
  • If I run request for quotation scenario and add a discount manually the process works perfectly fine, but strike through prices are not shown in the quotation back in WCEM which makes it hard to understand which discounts actually have been given

Analysis so far

1. In it says that

“If you want to enforce dynamic pricing, you have added the Dynamic Pricing module to the configuration in Web Channel Builder. Although this module does not contain any specific settings for dynamic pricing, it must be in the configuration in Web Channel Builder to make dynamic pricing available in your web shop.”

Comment: This is however impossible for me since this module is not there… I am not able to add this module and even if I use the template “SAP_Full” it is not there… how do I do to add this module?.. or is the helptext not updated (maybe this was only applicable in WCEM 2.0?`)

2. In it says that

“You have entered the condition function 5002 Discounts for the condition types that you want to use for the discount”

Comment: I am not able to update this field in CRM since the Condition Type is maintained in ECC. In ECC this field is not even visual in the IMG/SPRO, I can however see the field available in table T685A (field =PURP) on the ECC side.

Questions: Is the helptext comment about 5002 only applicable locally on Condition Types maintained in CRM? Is the setting not valid for ECC-condition types replicated to CRM, or do we have to maintain the discount conditions locally in CRM (of course not wanted…)

3. In the catalog module there is only one field for maintaining conditiion type + condition table for “special list price”, is this field not applicable when using dynamic pricing even though it is not hidden? Since my pricing procedure contain 2 different kind of condition types and several condition tables/access sequences I wonder if WCEM is not supporting this scenario… or if it is only a “bug” that these fields actually are shown in Webchannel Builder even though dynamic pricing is set?!

BR / Alex

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  • Hi Alexander,

    Seems that you entered this in the wrong category ‘documents’ in SCN..

    The statement you are referring to in (1) talks about the ‘ipc’ module. It’s description is ‘Dynamic Pricing’, from 3.0 onwards ‘Dynamic Pricing and Product Configuration’.

    Best regards,


    • Hi,

      Thanks for your reply. I don’t however fully understand what you refer to in your comment?

      With “wrong category documents” – do you refer to the “tagging” of my topic or the included URL?

      My URL is pointing towards a link called “Pricing in the Shopping Cart” (on my end) included in the WCEM 3.0 helptext… is that not where you are sent when opening it? In this helptext it refers to this “dynamic pricing” module which must be included in configuration – even though there is nothing to config in it…

      BR / Alex

      • Like Mark said: This is more a question, right? I was purely referring to this SCN category..You don’t want to publish any document.

        And I meant to say that you need to select the ‘ipc’ module. Probably the help text is a bit misleading, I will let the responsible colleagues know.

        Best regards,


        • Hi,

          Now I understand what you mean regarding category. My intention was to create a discussion, not a document – is it possible to change? Please go ahead if you can do it via admin?

          And regarding IPC = Dynamic Pricing module I believe I must be blind… However, since 99% of the module ID’s are = the description my eyes have apparently stopped looking at the description text 🙂

          Thanks for your quick answers – I hope the activation of the ERP business functions will solve this then!

          BR / Alex

  • Hi Alex,

    regarding 2: Please activate Business Function ERP_WEB_CHANNEL_1. With this, the condition function field should become visible in ERP.

    regarding 3: The information of the fields are used for sorting and filtering purposes.


    Regards, Karsten

    • Hi,

      Thanks Karsten for the input regarding 2 and 3!

      Activating ERP_WEB_CHANNEL_1 activity has been missed since we use WCEM vs CRM and did not understand that we had to update things in ECC. However – it makes sense now when you say it for this specific thing! 🙂

      I interpret #3 as if these fields do not affect the pricing logic as such.

      Regarding 1 – “Dynamic Pricing module” in WCB missing – do you know anything regarding that? Is it only that WCEM 3.0 helptexts have not been updated accordingly or is the module relevant?

      BR / Alex