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Integrating SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Data Intelligence Cloud: process mining streamlined across complex data

Enterprises are constantly striving to improve all their critical business processes, to save costs, avoid inefficiencies and improve service levels and customer satisfaction. A fundamental prerequisite, in order to be able to improve any process, is first of all to actually know what is currently happening in that process. Too many times, in fact, organizations were refactoring their processes based on assumptions and on design-time models, i.e. based on how the as-is process was supposed to execute, rather than on the organization was actually operating it in real-life.

This is why process mining has quickly become a must-have capability in any enterprise: if you can discover your actual processes, including unexpected variants, deviations from the standard, hidden inefficiencies, performance nuances or even hidden and unexpected best practices, any process improvement effort will be way more effective.

But as it always happens in enterprise IT, there is no magic button, and process mining too has a fundamental prerequisite: it needs process data! This is where several process mining initiatives get stuck with complexity and cost, and fail to keep up with expectations.

At SAP, we have all it takes to deliver an end-to-end solution to this challenge: a best-in-class process mining solution (SAP Signavio Process Intelligence), an industry-leading data integration and data orchestration solution (SAP Data Intelligence Cloud, part of the SAP Business Technology Platform), and a company DNA that has business processes and their data at its core. Both solutions are available to SAP customers as well as customers using non-SAP systems.

So we started working to combine these two solutions, with the following objectives in mind:

  • Deliver enterprise-grade data integration and orchestration for process mining, leveraging the wide and deep capabilities built into Data Intelligence, which include native connectivity to SAP applications and to all major data lakes, databases, messaging systems, non-SAP systems and open-source technologies
  • Easily connect sources across both cloud and on-premise landscapes, leveraging the SAP Cloud Connector to speed up and simplify network setup
  • Support the data integration efforts with a built-in data catalog, to provide data discovery and profiling, and self-service data preparation
  • Enforce proper data quality monitor, to ensure reliability of the insights you get out of your process mining
  • Provide flexible and powerful data pipelines to transform, adjust or pre-process the data if and when needed, before ingesting it into the process mining engine.


SAP Signavio Process Intelligence and SAP Data Intelligence Cloud integration

In a separate and dedicated blog post I covered a concrete example in detail, showing how the products can already be configured to be used together, and streamline the implementation of a process mining project.

July 2022 Update: we now published also a third blog post for this series, where Fabio Ferrari covers another concrete example that leverages the recently released ingestion API. The products now communicate directly, using a dedicated operator in SAP Data Intelligence Cloud. The related sample artifacts are share in GitHub project within the SAP Samples repository.

If this sounds interesting, donโ€™t hesitate to reach out to us via the SAP BPI Community and the SAP Data Intelligence Community.

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      Author's profile photo Sandy Ward
      Sandy Ward

      Great stuff Silvio!ย  Thank you.

      In your next example it would be useful for me to expand the SAP logo (systems) into other SaaS solutions like Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur.ย  Most P2P process flows will touch these solutions as well...particularly Ariba.

      Author's profile photo Silvio Arcangeli
      Silvio Arcangeli
      Blog Post Author

      thanks Sandy! the next post will show a concrete example accessing a simple ABAP CDS view, so S/4 data. But indeed the aim is to address also the other SaaS solutions, stay tuned!

      Author's profile photo Silvio Arcangeli
      Silvio Arcangeli
      Blog Post Author

      Update: please have a look at the third blog post we just released for this series, where we cover the new ingestion API, and how we can use Data Intelligence to integrate Qualtrics data. ๐Ÿ˜‰