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Configure Ariba Punchout Catalog in SAP S/4HANA

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my another blog, this blog i will try to make short and crisp. This post is about “How we can configure Ariba Punch out Catalog in S/4HANA”. Well the reason behind this blog is i get many issue as well as request in my work related to this and i am going to share couple of tricks which will answer many question. This blog also will help you to know the tricks to get punchout catalog in other languages which is very important and mostly i received this kind of request. 

Thought discussing on what is Ariba Punchout Catalog and How it work is not intent in this blog still i would try to discuss in very short and put my views on it.


What is Ariba Punchout Catalog?

Punchout Catalog (or punch out catalog) is an e-procurement solution that provides access to the supplier’s catalog from the vendor’s website interface. In other words, a customer “punches out” a procurement application to the original site, gets access to the supplier’s catalog, and has the ability to add items to the shopping cart.

In this setup the supplier does not receive the order when a customer makes a purchase. Instead, all items from the shopping cart are processed within the buyer’s procurement system. The customer might not even notice that he had entered another site’s catalogue.

Below is high level overview how a user create purchase requisition using punchout catalog embeded in create purchase requisition fiori app.

Scope Item – 18J


Required Business Role in order to configure the catalog – SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT (Configuration Expert – Business Process Configuration)


Business Catalogs

SAP_PRC_BC_CONFIG (Purchasing Configuration)

Business Groups

SAP_PRC_BCG_ADMINISTRATOR (Purchasing Configuration)

Above information’s are available in Fiori Apps library

Required Fiori Apps to Configure

1. Settings for Web Services

2. Default settings for user

once you assign SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT Role to a particular user, above two apps will be available in particular user’s Fiori launchpad

Settings for Web services app will be used for Punch out service configuration then creating catalog and Default settings for user will be used for assigning the catalog to a particular user who will create purchase requisition using this catalog.

Step 1: Configure Punchout Web service and create catalog 

Login to Fiori Launchpad and navigate purchasing configuration group

These two apps are required to configure Punch Catalog for a user. Click on Settings for Web Services tile.

Click on add button to configure punchout catalog, i assume you have punchout catalog service details.

Path for symbol is logo link (you can put any image link which will make meaning for your business)

Configure the web service call structure like above. once you receive your catalog you will be having all the details like Punch in ID, Punch in Password, realm etc. After configuring the call structure click on save button.After successful save you will be able to see this in your settings for web service application.


Step 2. Assign this Catalog to Business User using Default settings for user (Procurement) app

Pr-requisite : In order to assign catalog to a particular business user, Business user should have business partner linked in the system with employee role. This is very important normally people create su01 and try to assign but if user doesn’t have business partner linked with employee role the users will not be shown up in Default settings for user app.

Now Navigate to Default Settings for users


Put your user ID  for which you want to configure

Maintain all the details like Plant, Purchasing group etc.


Now Click on Add button to assign Catalog

Now Select the Catalog which we have created in Step 1.

Save it, on successful save this Punchout Catalog will be assigned to this user.

Step 3: Test this functionality

Login as Business user (for which we configured the catalog)

Prerequisite : Employee Self Service group and Create Purchase requisition app should be assigned to the user, then click on create purchase Requisition App.


Click on that it will navigate you to Ariba Punch Out Catalog

Add item and check out, automatically it will take you back to Create Purchase Requisition Fiori App


On successful order, Purchase requisition will be created.

That’s all. Two step simple configuration make things more simpler isn’t it.

PS: In this blog i am not going to discuss about Master Data side.

Now this Punch out catalog is language specific, and mostly i receive request like user is not able to see the catalog when they login to fiori launchpad in different language but they are able to see when they login in English.

lets change the language to spanish using sap-language parameter from EN to ES


Yes we can’t see any catalog from same user.

Now in order to get the catalog in different language , we have to  assign this again in different language if it is not assigned.

Then Assign this Catalog to the user.again.

Thats it, your catalog is enabled now for Spanish.

I hope you liked this blog post. If you like this blog post please do like, comment and share  and want more in Ariba Related topics (Guided Buying, Ariba Network etc). Let me know by your comments.









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      Author's profile photo Ashok Dey
      Ashok Dey

      nice blog, thx for sharing

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh

      Ashok Dey Thank you

      Author's profile photo Dipti Jena
      Dipti Jena

      Thank you for sharing

      Author's profile photo Sudip Ghosh
      Sudip Ghosh
      Blog Post Author


      Author's profile photo Eric Tong
      Eric Tong

      Good blog, Thanks for sharing!

      Author's profile photo Manthana Cholbushpakul
      Manthana Cholbushpakul

      Hi  Sudip:


      Do you have config for SAP ECC as well?


      THanks in advance

      Author's profile photo Winston Sia
      Winston Sia

      Hi Sudip,


      I am helping a friend (supplier).


      We are trying to create a PunchOut Catalog, via Ariba Network, with a buyer.

      I have developed an eCommerce site usimg WooCommerce and now the missing part is integration of PunchOutSetupRequest and PunchOutOrderMessage into the eCommerce site.

      I need guidance on how to go about this.


      Thanks and God bless. Keep safe.


      Winston Sia



      Author's profile photo Ravi Thellore
      Ravi Thellore

      Nice Blog.


      In this case, the requisition would be available only in the backend S4H system or would the same be available in Ariba simultaneously?

      I suppose until Ariba commerce automation is not enabled, the requisition & hence the PO cannot be made available in Ariba to send to the supplier via Ariba Network.



      Author's profile photo Yogesh G
      Yogesh G

      Nice blog Sudip.

      Can anyone help with how to extract the following details from existing catlog?


      1. Punchin URL
      2. Punchin ID
      3. Punchin Password
      4. Realm
      5. Unique Name

      Thank you in advance!





      Author's profile photo BRUCE PARISOT


      I am used to working with OCI protocole and not with Cxml. Ariba use Cxml protcol and my vendor ask me to set up that protocol. What are the prerequisites to set up a punchout with Ariba from self service procurement apps. Do I just need to pass data in the service like for OCI, or do I need to perform additional settings ?

      Thanks for your help