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AS ABAP 752 SP04, developer edition: NOW AVAILABLE


The ABAP application server on ASE 16.0 provides a great platform for trying out the ABAP language and toolset. It is extensively pre-configured with Fiori launchpad, SAP Cloud Connector, SAP Java Virtual Machine, pre-configured backend /frontend connections, roles, and sample applications.

This solution is intended for two groups of developers:

  • Non-ABAP developers, who are interested in learning more about the ABAP language and development tools
  • ABAP developers, who are interested in learning about version 7.52


It contains:

  • SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP04
  • SAP GUI for the Java 7.5 and SAP GUI for Windows 7.50
  • SAP Sybase ASE 16.0 SP02

Highlight for SP04 : ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC)

Many customers and consultants want to learn more ABAP Test Cockpit, particularly for SAP S/4HANA Readiness Checks and SAP Cloud Readiness Check.

So we’ve preconfigured the developer edition to run as a central check system for those checks. You can test this out of the box locally in SAP ADT, then configure the rest of your landscape to work with it.

For more general information on ATC, see Olga’s two excellent blogs:

Download information

The actual download (in the form of several .rar files), along with more information is available from the SAP Community Trials and Downloads page. Search for “7.52 SP04” for convenience.


During installation, you will need to read and accept the SAP Software End User License Agreement. A link is provided here for your convenience: SAP Software End User License Agreement.

Virtual machine for Linux

This ABAP developer edition must be installed on Linux, not Windows. We have successfully installed the ABAP developer edition on:

  • Oracle VirtualBox (documented)
  • VMWare (documented)

Since this is a free product, we cannot offer official primary support. However, we will attempt to answer queries pertaining to installation issues. Since we have documented Oracle VirtualBox only, we are more likely to be able to help you with this VM technology.

Operating Systems

This developer edition has been successfully tested with recent versions of the following Linux distributions:

  • openSUSE (documented)
  • Fedora
  • RHEL
  • Ubuntu and Debian: You need to install csh before you start the installation!
  • Other distributions may require manual setup.

NB 1: You must use a 64-Bit OS version.
NB 2: Linux newbies don’t run away! We have written thorough, step-by-step instructions on how to set up a Linux VM and how to run the AS ABAP installation. They are available at the end of this blog.

Again, we cannot offer official primary support. However, we will attempt to answer queries pertaining to installation issues. Since we have documented openSUSE only, we are more likely to be able to help you with this distro.

Hardware requirements

  • x86_64 processor based hardware
  • at least 4 GB RAM and about 8 GB swap space
  • about 100 GB free disk space for the server installation
  • about 2 GB free disk space for the client installation


Installation instructions

OK, I have written two step-by-step installation guides. These are not just for newbies, since I have noted some of the pitfalls specific to installing the AS ABAP server (e.g. DHCP must be switched off.):

For subsequent installations, the concise installation instructions are available here:

SAP AS ABAP 7.52 SP04 – Developer Edition: Concise Installation Guide

I have also started compiling FAQ and Troubleshooting – so if you have any questions, please check there first.

Note: From now on, please DO NOT post a blog comment if you require troubleshooting.

We now have 9 blogs referring to 3 different versions of the download developer edition:

  • Very few people follow these blogs, so you will not get help from the vast majority of the community
  • It makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues in future, which leads to many duplicated errors.
  • There is no capacity to monitor all blogs for all released versions


Please post on the ABAP Development forum : ABAP Development: Ask a Question , using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial. I will monitor this blog for October 2019, while the new developer edition is freshly released, but cannot answer any further blog comments after October.

If it’s a problem downloading the files, rather than installing the downloaded files, again please post a question, including #ABAP_Trial and your country / region.

Thank you for your understanding.


If you’re not sure where to start with your new system, we have written several tutorials.


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      • Hi Julie,

        what would be the size of the HANA database for an ABAP only developer edition?

        RAM is not an big issue anymore.

        Best regards


          • Hi Uwe, Dmitrii, everyone, It’s not a question of RAM. It’s a DL size issue.

            The ASE-based DL is already 10 .rars + license file; in some regions, this is not easy to DL; the HANA version would be even bigger.

            ASE CAL: We create the CAL version first, then pack it into .rars, so the ASE CAL is there anyway, so we thought, why not offer it? Those who want to can link from the ABAP server to HXE anyway (as discussed in the

            Best wishes Julie.

          • Hi Julie.
            First of all, thank you very much for your continuous effort in providing this content. The number of thing  that I learned using this trial/developer edition is quite and overall it helped me a lot in my SAP career. Therefore my I hope that you will consider the next part of my comment as a constructive proposal and not a critique – you are already doing great job.

            As a proposal – the HANA images are being downloaded using the download manager from SAP. If I understand it correctly, in such a scenario the size of the file should no longer be an issue – the same techique could be hopefully applied to the netweaver files as well.

            Thanks and regards,

            Dmitrii Iudin


          • Hi Dmitrii,

            Thanks for your very friendly and civil feedback.

            I appreciate the tone and content.

            However, IMS, SAP Download Manager is for customers (and possibly partners.) We want to make this available to *really* everyone – even people, eg students, who have only heard of ABAP, or big consultancy employees trying stuff at home on the weekend.

            So, I don’t think this is an option. Unfortunately, we don’t have resources to maintain a DL Manager version AND a free-to-all version.

            Thanks and best wishes,


          • I believe the URL that you given is by mistake. I remember its discussed in one of the 9 blogs or somewhere. But it’s also available in FAQ.

          • To make it clear, I understood that the steps to connect ABAP developer edition to HXE is discussed in the URL that you have mentioned.

            Those who want to can link from the ABAP server to HXE anyway (as discussed in the

            But it’s download URL for 7.52 SP01 archives (TAR files). I believe the steps to connect ABAP developer edition to HXE is mentioned under FAQ  FAQ and Troubleshooting . Also few blogs and answers are already available in this community.


            Just adding details so it might be helpful for someone looking for same in future.

  • Hi Julie,

    Are there any plans to make a CAL flavour available? The last CAL developer edition was 7.51 SP2 from Jan 2018.



    • Hi Adrian,

      When I remove “Coming Soon”.

      We hope provisionally, to release this by end of July. I apologize for the confusion : I chose “Publish” in error once while editing, and the CMS does not let me restore the “Draft” setting on a post.

      I hope you have more luck.

      Best wishes


  • Hello, I get to the download page of the 10 rar files

    but when I start a download I get an authentication request from

    I have no working credentials and I get the error

    User ID cannot be determined
    To use the software download application, you need to have a valid S-user ID associated with your account. This can be generated by a user administrator in your company. An administrator can also assign the required Download Software authorization to the ID. If you don’t know your user administrators, contact your local SAP Support Center

    How can I solve this?


  • Hi Julie,

    it looks like SP04 is already available to download.

    But I have a problem with downloading the part 10. Its URL is linked with the part 9.

    Best regards, Pavel

  • Hi, there are problems to dowload the 9° rar file :

    SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP Developer Edition 7.52 SP04 Part 9


    ( the connection’s speed  is very very slow , the file seems corrupt )

    • Hello Luigi,


      7.52 SP04 Part 9 file was really slow but I don’t think it’s corrupted. I’ve downloaded it on 08.10.2019 and successfully installed the ABAP system.




      • hi , the last installation stopped with this error :

        =>sapparam(1c): No Profile used.
        =>sapparam: SAPSYSTEMNAME neither in Profile nor in Commandline
        Abort execution because of
        Step returns modlib.jslib.caughtException

        • Hi Luigi,

          Does that mean the download of part 9 worked?

          If so, then this is no longer a download problem, but a technical problem with installing.

          As I said above:

          • Very few people follow these blogs, so you will not get help from the vast majority of the community
          • It makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues in future, which leads to many duplicated errors.
          • There is no capacity to monitor all blogs for all released versions

          Please post on the ABAP Development forum : ABAP Development: Ask a Question , using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial.

          Sorry, I am not trying to obstruct you, but there is a whole Community out there – you just need to post in the right place.



  • Can you post checksums (MD5, SHA1, SHA256) for the files to be downloaded? This way the users will be able to verify that the files were downloaded correctly without breakage or curruption.

    • Hi Eugen,

      Rather than Checksums, we recommend a Download Manager. Checksums are useful for authentication. Also, they will tell you if the file has not completely downloaded, but they provide no solution. (The Windows standard OS may not tell you that the file has not completely downloaded.)

      We cannot endorse a particular DL Manager. One colleague used Free Download Manager (privately).

      Best wishes,


  • Hi

    thanks for help


    I got this error

    Abort execution because of
    Step returns modlib.jslib.caughtException

    INFO 2019-11-03 00:35:29.043 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [syuxcdir.cpp:147] id=syslib.filesystem.removedDirectory CSyDirectoryImpl::sap_remove(ISyFSErrorHandler * pErrorHandler)
    Removed directory /root/.sapinst/vhcalnplci/4394.

    Error: sapinst has finished with an error code, please find logs in /tmp/sapinst_instdir
    All logs have been written to the file /media/sf_sapinst/TD752SP04part01/install_2019-11-02_23-54-29.log
    Please see readme.html to find out how to get help


    • Hi Hawari,

      Please DO NOT post a blog comment if you require troubleshooting.

      We now have 9 blogs referring to 3 different versions of the download developer edition:

      • Very few people follow these blogs, so you will not get help from the vast majority of the community
      • It makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues in future, which leads to many duplicated errors.
      • There is no capacity to monitor all blogs for all released versions

      Please post on the ABAP Development forum : ABAP Development: Ask a Question , using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial.

      In your case, please edit the .log files so that they include only errors, then attach them to the question you post. Please do not send the whole file – it is too large; we only need the errors. We cannot promise to help, but will try.

      Best wishes,


    • Success at last !!!

      Good news for me. After trying to install the developer version of sap ABAP 7.52  SP04  on openSuse VM and Oracle virtualBox for quite some time now, I finally got the system working. Having followed all the Installation Guides, I always had the installation aborted with messages like “modlib.jslib.caughtException” etc..But this time, the thing that made the install successful in my opinion is that instead of using ./, I changed the working directory to sf_abapinstall (or sf_s4Installer per the Installation Guide) I used the command sudo ./ and it worked.


      Here is the sequence of commands using the Terminal:

      sudo -i

      [supply your password]

      cd ..

      cd media/sf_abapInstaller   (or sf_s4installer)

      chmod+ s

      sudo ./    (Do not forget to precede with sudo)

      Good luck.



  • Hi Julie,

    Thanks for your efforts in releasing ABAP Trial 7.52 SP04. I have successfully installed the trial version on OpenSUSE Linux. After activating Workflow and testing I found that the number of dialog processes configured as standard is insufficient for RFC processing (SMQS shows status RES_LACK). So I have increased the dialog processes to 6 and it is now working correctly. Perhaps something to bear in mind for future releases.

    Regards, Jon

  • Hi Julie,

    When click the download the ABAP Trial 7.52 SP04 . 

    I got an pop window ” Your request for information is being reviewed. Once approved, you’ll receive an e-mail with additional instructions. ”

    please guide me how to got the ABAP Trial 7.52 SP04 download authorization , thanks a lot.


    Best Regards,


      • Hi Younghwan Kim,

        I am sorry you are experiencing difficulties. However, if you want a response, it is always good to follow the instructions ;-).

        Please open a ticket including hashtag #ABAP_Trial – you can also tag me if you want.

        PLEASE include your country / region.

        Thanks and best wishes,


  • Hello Julie,

    I downloaded the the files TD752SP04part01 to TD752SP04part11. When I’d deflated it, I noticed, that the files TD752SP04part01 to TD752SP04part10 are, except the name, 100% identical.

    BR Martin

    • Hi Martin,

      The files may have the same names, but they do not have the same content.

      This is normal and is expected by the script. Can you please try installing anyway? It should work.

      Best wishes,


      • Hello Julie,

        in fact it seems to be an issue of the browser cache. I empty cache, downloaded e.g. part 04 and it worked. Thanks for your time.

        BR martin

          • Hello Julie,

            thanks for your great support. Your “Installing AS ABAP 7.52 dev edition on Virtual Box and Linux.pdf” was very helpful, connecting Client with Server.

            One hint: The Suse firewallports TCP 3200, 3300, 44300 and 8000 had to be switched to Public access. I will look later, if work or DMZ looks good, too.

            I now have issues concerning the rights for post installation steps (1. granular permission and 1. auditing). 1. No dbo and 2. no security rights. I bought a SAP-Admin training from Udemy. I will get it anyway now, I think. Nevertheless, I’m able to work with the actual system. That’s nice. Thank you very much. 🙂

            BR Martin

          • Hi Martin, Thanks for the info.
            I will try to include it in my next iteration of the guides. Out of interest, are you using VBox or VMWare?

            Thanks. Happy holidays!


            Edit: Sorry – you’re on VBox. I see now. 


          • Hello Julie,

            Special thanks for the wonderfully detailed guide. 🙂

            I too faced the issue which Martin has mentioned around the post installation DB optimization steps. I walked the VBox path.

            Assuming its a role permission issue in DB, I ran isql as ‘sapsso’ ( instead of ‘sapsa’  ) and got past the problem.

            I hope its the right thing to do and helps someone in need too.


            Hi Martin,

            In short, the second command for both cases was modified to –

            isql -Usapsso -X -SNPL

            Hope it works for you too.

          • Hi,

            I am faced with the same issue when attempting to deactivating SAP ASE Granular Permissions. Have tried both isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL and isql -Usapsso -X -SNPL, and both return error:

            ‘isql: Command not found’.

            For both commands, i was logged onto user SYBNPL.

            I have followed Julie’s guide: Installing SAP AS ABAP 752 SP04 on Linux – Virtual Box

            Would appreciate it if someone could post the instructions that’s worked for them?




          • Hello Con Pirzas,

            I think I faced the same hurdle too initially.

            Reading the guide, I began by running the command ‘su sybnpl’ in the terminal after I was logged on to my default login user and ended up getting the same error message as you did.

            That might be the same mistake you’re making. If it is, here’s a possible workaround –

            Switch the user from the OS’s main menu and login as ‘SAP Database Administrator’.

            Open a terminal once you’re logged in and try the isql command.

            Now, check by following the remaining instructions in the original guide. It worked for me. 🙂

            Happy optimizing!

          • Thanks for replying Sudhish.

            It appears i can execute the command when i log on as ‘SAP System Administrator’ and not ‘SAP Database Administrator’. But, am now faced with the following error when attempting to use command ‘sp_configure:

            Msg 10331, level 14, stat 2: Server ‘NPL’, Line 1: Permission denied, database master, owner dbo. You need the following permissions to run this command: MANAGE SECURITY PERMISSIONS.

            Any advice on how to solve this?



          • Hi Con,

            First of all, please don’t use the comments for Tech Supp – see above for why not.

            Second, this goes well beyond the scope of downloading the dev edition.


            SAP Community Sybase ASE forum .

            SAP Community: SAP ASE Expert Page , including docu links.

            Note: Both these links are mentioned in the FAQs, (section 8: Resources) which is often worth checking.

            Also try:

            SAP AS ABAP Dev. Edition: Fix DBACOCKPIT and extend your DB space

            – great guide by Alban Leong – and also mentioned in the FAQs

            Best wishes Julie.

  • Hi!
    I posted in the post what is happening with my registration.

    I followed the steps” Post-Installation Steps ABAP License key. “But trying to login as a developer shows me the message” login not possible (error in license check) ”.

    I joined SAP * and the license shows “Valid (inactive hardware key)”

    Can you help me please Julie.


    • Hi Anderson,

      Please please do not post twice. As I said, for support, please please Please post on the ABAP Development forum : ABAP Development: Ask a Question , using the hashtag #ABAP_Trial. It is much more efficient for us both.

      Please see my answer in the other blog post.

      Best wishes,


  • Hello Julie,

    thank you very much for this very good an detailed guide.

    Finally, I managed to install the AS 752 SP04 on my virtual Open Suse machine. After login I created a new user using the DEVELOPER user as template. The problem I have right now is the developer registration key. When I try to create a program with the SE38 I’m asked for a developer key (Zugangsschlüssel). How do I generate/request that?

    Could you please advice?

    Thank you in advance.



    • Hey Fernando,

      in the meantime I simply use the DEVELOPER user which is available by default. In my case this user has already a developer key. Have fun!



      • Hi Fernando, hi Christian,

        Yes, you need to use the original DEVELOPER user, not a 2nd user based on it.

        Thanks for responding, Christian,

        Best wishes,

  • /
  • Thanks Julie! Very useful guide!!!, I managed to get SP04 up and running on a (rather old) Macbook with OS X Sierra, 8GB RAM and (Thanks god!) a Solid State Disk. (Open SUSE 15.1 Leap, on Virtual Box)

    The only difference with your guide, since I couldn´t get a WinRar equivalent on Mac, is that I used Virtual Box shared folder feature to mount a virtual drive and run the installation from there, after decompressing files outside the VM.

    I also had some hard time installing SAP GUI for JAVA in Mac OS, until I managed to hit the appropiate file in the Client/JAVAGui section of the installation folder.

    I wonder where could I get some info to make this SAP instance visible to another laptop on the same network?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Maria,

      Glad this is working for you. You are right about VBox Shared Folders – I will update the Guide accordingly.

      Re: “make this SAP instance visible to another laptop on the same network?” Yes, this is in the FAQs: 01 Oracle Virtual Box: “Can I connect to my server from different computer?”

      HTH Julie.

  • #ABAP_Trial

    Hi all, Julie

    I’m so envy that some of you could install this!!! Today was my 5th attempt, which has just failed… 🙁 4 times I followed Julie’s guideline, but I realized I used the password which wasn’t compliant, so in the 4th attempt I cleanup up the installation files, deleted SAP users from OpenSUSe linux,changed password and restarted the installation…Din’t help. Tried some other troubleshooting like domain setup suggested by some people – didn’t help. I also asked on with tag ABAP_Trial, but got just 1 reply and it dien’t help.

    Today I even followed the video guideline by Pawel Wiejkut with a clean installation from scratch – no difference. I’m always ending up with a failed installation and an error: modlib.jslib.caughtException

    Tried your troubleshooting page – but found no answer to my problem.

    I attach today’s logs – can you please have a look and suggest what can be wrong?

    I’ve got no clue what’s going on and why this is failing every time I try….In the past I installed 7.50 3 times and never experienced a single problem. But 7.52 – it’s just impossible 🙁

    • Hi Grzegorz,

      I experienced a similar issue and would like to share my findings. The issue was caused by the fact that the master password being used was not compliant with the password requirements. It must have a length between 8 and 14 and must contain small and capital letters and numbers only (!). Special characters must not be contained. It seems that the setup script does not check the password requirements for special characters. In case these requirements are not fulfilled the setup does not stop early. Setup does not contain a (valid) master password which leads to a failure when signing in to the database. Please refer to the log entries below.

      TRACE      2020-02-03 09:04:30.299 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation)
      NWUsers.getMasterPassword() done: undefined (no master password set)
      WARNING    2020-02-03 09:14:02.679 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [iaxxbjsmod.cpp:83] id=modlib.jslib.childAppReturn
      Execution of the command "/sybase/NPL/OCS-16_0/bin/isql64 -w999 -USAPSR3 -Svhcalnplci:4901 -X" finished with return code 255. Output: 
      Msg 10513, Level 16, State 1:
      Server 'NPL':
      Temporary database based on specified binding could not be assigned. Since binding is hard, this results in a login failure.
      Msg 4002, Level 14, State 1:
      Server 'NPL':
      Login failed.
      CT-LIBRARY error:
      	ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The attempt to connect to the server failed.
      ERROR      2020-02-03 09:14:02.683 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [iaxxbjsmod.cpp:83] id=modlib.jslib.caughtException errno=MUT-03025
      Caught ESAPinstException in module call: Assertion failed: Unable to verify database access for login SAPSR3. Refer to trace file sapinst_dev.log for further information..
      ERROR      2020-02-03 09:14:02.945 (root/sapinst) (startInstallation) [CSiStepExecute.cpp:1104] id=controller.stepExecuted errno=FCO-00011 CSiStepExecute::execute()
      The step syb_step_login_check with step key |offlineadjustment_dialogs|ind|ind|ind|ind|0|0|offlineadjustment_db_post|ind|ind|ind|ind|db_post|0|syb_rename_db_post_dia|ind|ind|ind|ind|syb|0|NW_SYB_DB_REN|ind|ind|ind|ind|syb2|0|syb_step_login_check was executed with status ERROR (Last error reported by the step: Assertion failed: Unable to verify database access for login SAPSR3. Refer to trace file sapinst_dev.log for further information).

      Best regards,

  • Hi,

    i have a generic question here. Can the OData service be developed under this version? Can the odata server be consumed by webide once HANA cloud connector ,  cloud account have been setup and configured?

    i intend to do some study on UI5 development. not sure whether the combination of AS ABAP 752 + hana trial account is suitable or not?



  • Hi all, Julie

    The installation guideline contains an error resulting in a failed installation. It’s a simple thing , but without it the install will never complete successfully. I tried 6 times, changed many things according to solutions in the web and nothing helped. Only this one below helped.

    For NAT network configuration the /etc/hosts file should contain this entry: vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain vhcalnplci

    The guideline doesn’t mention the domain, but in fact the lack of the domain results in a failure (and many errors NOT really pointing to the missing domain as the root cause).

    Hope this helps someone in the future.

      • Hello Julie,

        Thanks for coming back on this one.

        Yeah, the guideline indeed contains some information that /etc/hosts should be edited, but it contains invalid information, which in my case led to installation errors.

        Please note that the syntax of the information is incorrect:

        Instead of: IP hostname domain
        There should be: IP domain hostname

        And the funny thing is that I found the correct (2nd entry) sequence/format later on (I’ve first found it in another community thread), but not in the guideline, but in the installation troubleshooting FAQ section (, which means the 2nd syntax should be used when returning to NAT config from a Bridged setup for Virtualbox. This makes me think that the guideline document is meant for the Bridged setup whereas it contains screenshots for the NAT setup.

        It’s a tiny thing, but it really matters as otherwise there are tons of incomprehensible errors in installation logs.

        I saw you changed the guideline document and now copying files to the VM from the host system is not necessary and instead a network share is used as in the old guidelines for previous NW ABAP versions. But please note that in OpenSUSE Leap 15.1 it won’t work like that. First the Virtualbox guest tools must be installed as in Pawel’s video guideline. In OpenSUSE 42.1 and old VirtualBox versions for the old SAP installations this worked fine without any action from the user, but now if one won’t install the tools – the folder will NOT be visible by OpenSUSE Leap and so installation won’t be possible. One must know about this as otherwise the network share is just not visible in the guest system an no errors occur for this, so it’s hard to tell why the network share folder is mising. I think this will matter for total newbies, for who I presume this guideline is mostly intended.

        Please consider updating the guideline document. I learned a lot thanks to this installation, but I must say I also wasted a lot ot time to investigate why the installation fails. This could be easily avoided if the installation document contained the right information. I’m not criticizing – rather stating this should be treated as a lessons-learned thing.

        Anyway I’m super glad I could finally install this.

        • Hi Grzegorz,

          OK, thanks a lot for this info – I will update and republish the 7.52 SP04 Guide for Virtual Box.

          Best wishes, Julie.

  • Julie.. When I am trying to disable Granular permission I am getting below error SAP ASE Granular Permissions


    go: Command not found.
    % isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL
    1> isql -Usapsa -X -SNPL
    2> sp_configure ‘granular permission’, 0
    3> go
    Msg 102, Level 15, State 181:
    Server ‘NPL’, Line 1:
    Incorrect syntax near ‘Usapsa’.
    1> sp_configure ‘granular permission’, 0
    2> go
    Msg 10331, Level 14, State 2:
    Server ‘NPL’, Procedure ‘sp_configure’, Line 1310:
    Permission denied, database master, owner dbo. You need the following
    permission(s) to run this command: MANAGE SECURITY CONFIGURATION.
    (return status = 1)

      • Hi,

        can someone please explain how I can use user sybsso, sapsso or sapsa instead of sybnpl to access DB when I meet some protected commands (like “sp_configure “allow updates to system tables”, 1″). For the last one I can call “su sybnpl” in terminal, but other don’t exist in OS. I’ve tried to create one of them using “adduser” command, but got an error, that isql command not found, when I tried to connect to DB using “isql -SNPL -Usapsa -X” command. I think I need to provide some more roles to them in addition to “usermod -aG sudo sapsso” so they can connect to DB.



        • I’ve figured it out, that I’ve already been using sapsa when I connected to DB using “isql -SNPL -Usapsa -X” 🙂

          I needed to use user sa, who has enough authorization to allow updated to system tables  (that was needed to be unlocked with “sp_locklogin sa, ‘unlock'” command)

  • Hi Julie,

    I tried to upload the 600K rows to learn ODP extraction using EPM model. However, The data creation stopped with this dump Runtime error “DBIF_REPO_SQL_ERROR”  Can’t allocate space for object ‘D010TAB’ in NPL database. You have instructions that I can use to clear the error.

    I have 32 VCPU, 244 RAM, 1024 GB storage but appears I need to allocate space for my table.

    Appreciate your help!!





  • Hello there,

    what is the easiest way to add common accounting transactions like FB01 to this AS ABAP 7.52 SP04 edition?

    The only way I see is to import all related packages from working system, but it is also quite a quest to find out all of them. I might start with every devclass related to FI component (TDEVC-component = HLA0009200), but I’m pretty sure it’s only a tip of the iceberg.

    So, may be there is someone who knows a better solution, or has already assembled a transport request with all necessary ingredients 🙂



  • I’m checking now tcode DBACOCKPIT, and when I tried to extend DB space of NPL (Space>Databases) using wizard, I got an error for scheduled job:

    Msg 4002, Level 14, State 1:
    Server ‘NPL’:
    Login failed.
    Client message:
    Message number: LAYER = (4) ORIGIN = (1) SEVERITY = (4) NUMBER = (44)
    Message String: ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The attempt to connect to the server failed.

    although I’ve set new credentials in Database Connections for +++SYBADM

    Does someone know how to fix it? At least which user is used to login in scheduler? Is it jstask? And what password scheduler is using?



  • This latest instance works the best.  Thanks for providing such a great tool. 


    BTW. Has anyone tried Fiori In-App Extensibility?  The new button is grayed out.


    So far, I’ve added following to developer account role.

    • Hi Kyo,

      We work closely with the Fiori team to deliver pre-configured content. So I will check with them.

      Thanks for your patience.


      • Hi Kyo,

        I have requested that this be included in the next version, 7.54, if possible. However, it may not be possible.

        Best wishes,


        • Thanks Julie,

          It’s really great that we have the learning system which we can use to learn all the latest and greatest application from SAP.

          Keep up the good work!  Thanks.

  • Hi everyone,

    I can’t find a download link for “SAP AS ABAP 7.5x Developer Editions” above.

    Can anybody tell me where I can find it??


    Thanks a lot,


  • To those who are having trouble finding the 7.52 download links on the “Trials and downloads” page: this direct link works at the moment and it filters out the links that you’ll need.

    My regards to whoever worked on UI for that web page. Nice work hiding Search feature behind very light gray text “Type here to filter for trials and downloads…” that doesn’t even look like an input field. /s

    • Sorry using the search term in the search field was useless to me.  Still floundered about and stumbled onto it at numbers 37 and 38.  Why was it so hard to just have a direct link to that version?  I think I know and it has everything to do with bean counting.


      Your direct link above works (17Jul2020).  Thanks, but why is it such a “secret”?  Also, for each of the 11 (!) rar files one must accept the EULA each time!  Are not college kids paid money during the vacations to test things for usability anymore?

  • /
  • Hi @Julie,

    Thanks a lot for your detailed illustration! I can start downloading all those rar files, but the download speed is quite slow, even less than 1KB/s. I’m located in Shanghai, China. Do you know how could I work it out?

    Best Regards,
    Shelwin Wei


  • Hello Julie, it has now been 1 year since the release of AS ABAP 752 SP04 Developer Edition.

    Can you please tell us what comes next, and (some idea of) when ?

    Can we imagine a Developer Edition version shipped with HANA Express, so that we can move beyond 752, or are we now blocked at 752 ?


    • Hi Cameron,

      We would like to introduce a 7.54 version. However, this is quite a big leap versus earlier versions (for reasons which I will explain when it is released), so I cannot give any more details at this stage as to when this will be.

      Thanks for your question – I will try to keep everyone updated as soon as new information becomes available.

      Best wishes,