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Table of Contents
01 Oracle Virtual Box
02 Other Virtual Machines
03 Other Linux Distributions
04 Working with ABAP
05 Error Downloading / Extracting
06 Error Installing
07 Troubleshooting Resources

This is an informal collection of information I have gathered from playing with the AS ABAP dev editions and from Community feedback. The information and links here are not endorsed by SAP – use this at your own risk.

01 Oracle Virtual Box

Move VMs from one drive to another– official guide – third-party guide – use at own risk, but I found the screenshots etc better

Copy VMs from one drive/location to another

Unfortunately, you are expected to do this using the Workstation (which is not free), not the Player. I followed this unofficial guide, but do this at your own risk:

  1. Copy and paste the folder according to the VMWare docu, steps 1-4: VMWare: Copying a Workstation virtual machine… . NOTE: Make sure the VM is powered off.
  2. Back in VM Player, choose Open a Virtual Machine , as described here: Workaround to Clone VMPlayer Virtual Machines
    NOTE: At the step Play virtual machine, I chose “I copied it”, so that a new UUID and MAC address are generated.
  3. I then had to change the IP address before starting up my AS ABAP  server:
    • Check the IP address by entering sudo ifconfig
    • Open the hosts file by entering sudo nano /etc/hosts
    • Using this IP address, add a new entry of the form:
      <IP address> <hostname> <hostname>.dummy.nodomain
      ie <IP address>   vhcalnplci            vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain
    • Save your changes by choosing Ctrl+o, then Enter.
    • Quit the editor by choosing Ctrl+x.
    • Check the changes by using the command sudo cat /etc/hosts
  4. Start your AS ABAP server as normal.

Convert VirtualBox files to work with VMWare Player

  1. Follow the instructions here:

When that is done, and you get a success message, you still have to make the following SAP-specific settings:

  1. Check proxy settings:
    1. If nec., disable and remove entry -> log out
    2. Re-enter -> log out
  2. Change IP address:
  • IP address, Vbox =
  • IP address, VMWare = eg 168.177.130 – in hosts (Lnx); hosts (Win); SAPGUI
  1. Optional, but necessary to work with Fiori apps: Test your HTTP connection.
  2. You can then delete the Virtual Box Guest additions and install VM tools (as described by howtogeek above)

Move VMs from one drive to another – forum thread – use at own risk

02 Other virtual machines

These are tips from Community members, who have tried out a non-default VM.  They are all own-risk. I have not tested them.


Installing AS ABAP dev edition with Hyper-V / openSUSE Leap

(with openSUSE Leap, as is our default)

Great detailed guide by Fabian Lupa

Parallels Desktop 14

AS ABAP 7.52 SP 01 Developer Edition on Debian 9 in Parallels Desktop 14

(with Debian 9)

By Dominik Di Lorenzo

Vagrant (Cloud Repository)

Installing AS ABAP with Vagrant and Ubuntu

03 Other Linux distros

Similarly, these are tips from Community members, who have tried out a non-default Linux distro.  They are all own-risk. I have not tested them.

CentOS 7

This has been tested by a Community member. According to him, you must, however, set SHMMAX and SHMALL correctly. For more information, consult the CentOS 7 docu.

Debian 9

AS ABAP 7.52 SP 01 Developer Edition on Debian 9 in Parallels Desktop 14

(on Parallels Desktop 14)

By Dominik Di Lorenzo

Ubuntu Desktop 16.04

Installing the AS ABAP server, developer edition on Ubuntu Desktop16.04

Great detailed guide by  dylan drummond – by Dennis

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

By Prakash S (@eprsonline)

04 Working with AS ABAP


Briefly, abapGIT is a GIT client written in ABAP for ABAP. It offers an easy way for developers to upload their ABAP development objects to / import others’ interesting development objects to an openly available Git site. And it really is easy.

Follow this blog for a great, end-to-end guide to installing the tool and cloning a sample package into your developer edition: (GrahamRobbo)

There is a useful collection of projects here:

Business Suite / ERP / S/4HANA content – How can I access this?

…including ERP dev objects like BAKR, or transactions like VA01?

You can’t. There is no Suite content in the developer edition.

The developer edition is intended for people to learn more about the ABAP language and tools. It is not aimed at those wanting to learn about business applications such as S/4HANA or the Business Suite.

Can I connect to my server from different computer?

Yes. However, If you want to see the VM, you need to use a Bridged network. It’s probably worth looking at the VBox manual but here is what worked for me:

  1. Back up your hosts files on Windows and Linux.
  2. In Vbox Manager, select the VM go to Network > NAT -> Bridged
  3. In the openSUSE instance, open Terminal and find your IP address using sudo ifconfig
  4. Then enter this IP address mapping in the hosts file using sudo nano /etc/hosts (and comment out the NAT entry):

<IP Address> vhcalnplci vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain 

  1. Restart your openSUSE instance.
  2. Update your Windows hosts file with the new IP address mapping (and comment out the NAT entry).
  3. Change your SAPLogon entry from to <IP Address>

To change back to NAT:

  1. In Vbox Manager, select the VM go to Network > NAT
  2. In Terminal, check that the IP address = using ifconfig
  3. Edit the hosts file using sudo nano /etc/hosts :  localhost  vhcalnplci.dummy.nodomain vhcalnplci

  1. Restart you Linux instance.
  2. Edit the Win hosts file: 0.0.1 localhost
  3. Change SAPLogon to
  4. If this fails : test in Win cmd : ping vhcalnplci (It may be necessary to comment out other entries)
  5. If this fails : Check Port Forwarding:

More info : VBox Guide 6.5.

Can I connect to SAP HANA Express?

In 7.52, this seems to work well. By Uwe Fetzer

SAP HANA Express and ABAP Developer Edition: new BFFs 🙂

For 7.51, Alban Leong has described the process in detail

Connecting AS ABAP 751 Developer Edition with HANA Express 2.0 as Secondary DB

05 Error downloading and extracting

If you get an error when downloading: try deleting your cookies. Try Firefox, not Chrome or IE. (Firefox handles certificates differently.)

If that fails, try contacting the support team from the link below:

06 Error/ issue installing

Error: “Assertion failed: Unable to generate a new password”…

(Installation fails.)

Possible solutions:

1.     User name / password contains special characters

2.     Password is too short / long

3.     Obsolete ASE license

  1. Check the expiry date of your ASE license in sybase/NPL/SYSAM-2_0/licenses/SYBASE_ASE_TestDrive.lic
  2. If necessary, update it from here: New Sybase License
  3. NOTE: We do not have the resources to update the .rar files continually. Therefore, if the version has been available for some time, it is possible that the license file has already expired. If so, put the new .lic file in the same folder as the script file, using the name SYBASE_ASE_TD.lic .You do not need to edit the .tar files.

4.     Try changing the password for sapsa

…as described in 1706410 – SYB: Security – Changing passwords for database users

Error: “Hostname is not local” OR „hostname … either on a loopback adapter or not active on the server”

  1. Do not change the hostname: Check the hostname in Terminal: cat nano /etc/hostname
  2. Make sure you are not using DHCP: In YaST > System  > Network SettingsSet Hostname via DHCP No:

(Background: Depending on your DHCP setup, the operating system may change the host name – which means that vhcalnplci is no longer configured locally.)

Error: “An error occurred renaming system”.

Do not change the hostname: Check the hostname in Terminal: cat nano /etc/hostname

07 Troubleshooting resources

Troubleshooting ABAP developer edition issues

Search first! Then creae a new question in the ABAP Development Community forum:

If it is an issue involving ABAP developer edition, remember to add the hashtag #ABAP_Trial as a User Tag. (Please do not simply include #ABAP_Trial in the text or title, if you want one of us to find it.)

Please do not use comments in the blogs to ask tech support questions :

  • It makes it difficult for other users to find similar issues in future, which leads to many duplicated errors.
  • Very few people follow these blogs, so you will not get help from the vast majority of the community
  • There is no capacity to monitor all blogs for all released versions.
  • There should be some log files in /tmp/sapinst_instdir . Please send us the errors in these files. Please do not send the whole files!

Troubleshooting non-AS ABAP server issues:

For VirtualBox questions (ie if you don’t get as far as openSUSE):

Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Getting Started
(For example, see chapter 6.3 : Creating a New Virtual Machine)

Also, check out the : Oracle VirtualBox Forum

For openSUSE :
If you are newish to Linux, and want to do one thing to get up to speed, I would suggest familiarity with XTerm. Fortunately, you can do this directly inside Xterm, by running the command vimtutor
I also found William Schotts’ guide helpful – and surprisingly readable:
The Linux Command Line

Also, check out the SAP on Linux forum: SAP Community SAP on Linux Forum

There is also a general (non-SAP) forum for openSUSE : openSUSE Forum


SAP Community forum (new)

SCN forum – old archive

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  1. Michelle Crapo

    Nice list, and so very helpful!  A great place to stop for any questions.I like the disclaimer at the top:

    not endorsed by SAP – use this at your own risk.”

    It makes me smile.  I know you have to put that there, because you work for SAP.  Sometimes I feel like putting not endorsed by anyone.  I do sometimes write “my own opinion”.

    1. Julie Plummer
      Post author

      Thank you Michelle! Most of these are links to Community / external content, for which I am stealing the content. But yes, I really have to say “not endorsed by SAP – use this at your own risk.”

      I *have* some opinions, but if they’re too ranty, or disloyal, I tend to keep them to myself ;-).

      All the best,


      1. Michelle Crapo

        Ranty is good…  Disloyal – now that might cause an issue.  But I know what you mean.  Sometimes I reread my blog just to make sure it wouldn’t cause issues at my work.  So far, I know they won’t at this job.  But I wrote one around 10 years ago that really had to be edited.  And yes, it was a rant.

        The links all together at one place is excellent.  I tend to bookmark things.  But it gets a bit messy.

        1. Julie Plummer
          Post author

          ;-). I think we can express ourselves fairly freely at SAP, much more than at my last work. But just sometimes, a colleague  says something really bland and marketing-y , and I’m tempted to go off in a big rant. But I know it  would be disloyal, so – so far – I’ve restrained myself.

          Thanks for the feedback. Will keep working on this.


      2. Martin English

        Entirely off the topic of the blog itself, but my twitter bio includes

        Employed by … who do not necessarily agree with, let alone endorse, anything I say here.

        1. Julie Plummer
          Post author

          I quite like the way these comments are going (even if slightly off-topic) 😎.

          That’s a good disclaimer. I actually have a separate Twitter account, where I can follow politics and sports and rant to my heart’s content.


    1. Julie Plummer
      Post author

      Hi Robert, It’s not possible to answer this without more info. Could you please create a question – as documented above – and tell us: Exactly what you are trying to do, so I can reproduce it? eg “In SAPGUI, I choose “Open Fiori launchpad” but get the following error.”

      ALso, how does this relate to your question about developer key? Is this now solved?

      If not, can you also please tell us in the question?

      THis is better for you – more eyeballs – and better for other users – easier to search in future.

      Thanks Julie.

  2. Fabio Pagoti

    Hi Julie Plummer,

    I was about to ask if there was any chance of having NetWeaver Trial on AWS, GCP, Azure etc.

    I double check SAP CAL and there are 2 Solutions which make me wonder if are similar with the images provided here.


    SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.52 SP01 on SAP ASE 16.0

    SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.52 SP01 on SAP HANA 2.0 SP02


    Is there any difference between these images and the ones available in CAL?


    1. Julie Plummer
      Post author

      Hi Fabio,

      Well spotted. We basically took the download image and are in the middle of porting that to CAL – for ASE. It will then be (lightly) adapted to HANA, then it will be available for both ASE and HANA. The links are there in CAL as you saw, but the final versions are in process. Be patient 😉 – we are soooo close to releasing these. And yes, apart from very minimal adaptation, they are the same image.

      Best wishes Julie.

    1. Julie Plummer
      Post author

      Hi Alexander – so sorry, your blog was in the draft, I have no idea, why it’s not here. Copy/paste error.

      Thanks – I’ll paste it in now.

      Best wishes Julie.

  3. Linkin Pereira

    Stuck at installing ABAP 752 – Followed instructions and

    I followed all steps (except the proxy configuration), however the installation has failed returning the exception modlib.jslib.caughtException, and the message “syntax error near unexpected token `(‘ ” in the file sapinst.log

    What could I do to solve it?

    followed instructions from here

    and also updated the ASE License 2019. in the folder.





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