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SAP Business ByDesign Cloud ERP mobile app development and extension

Here you can get an overview on SAP Business ByDesign mobility

SAP Business ByDesign – SAP’s Cloud ERP for the midmarket – supports with release 1905 to build custom apps and to extend SAP standard apps using the SAP Cloud Applications Studio.

This enables customer and partners to

  • Build own apps and to deploy them as tile in the SAP Business ByDesign Mobile App.
  • Extend the ByD standard apps with a new app extension based on a custom business object

Prerequisite is to:

  • Have a license of the SAP Cloud Applications Studio development environment installed.
  • Mobile applications have to be developed in the customer system as desktop app first
  • Generate mobile screens using the “Mobile HTML” Device Type
  • Authorizations must be managed based on desktop work center view by assigning the device cluster

Based on this a mobile version of the extension can be further developed and deployed.

As alternative to the SAP Cloud Applications Studio it is of course also possible to use the SAP Cloud Platform Mobile SDK. Additionally you can build a freestyle app also using any development environment and  consume ByD capabilities using OData.

Here you find a video which explains how to build a custom app using the SAP Cloud Applications Studio using ByD 1905:

To simplify development of new apps we have put together a solution template which will help you to learn and make the first steps. The solution template contains sample and modelling examples for mobile extensions.

To use the published solution templates you require an installed and licensed version of the SAP Cloud Application Studio along with partner development access to a SAP Business ByDesign Tenant of Tenant Type 008 on Release 1905. Here is what you need to do:

Here you can read more from my colleagues Alex Patterer.


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  • Hello Jan

    Thanks for the great sharing,

    I  just reproduced the steps on our demo tenant 1905 but the screens are not showing when connecting with the mobile app.

    Is there any restriction due to language as I am using the application in french, or anything else that could explain why I do not see it?

    I have checked.changed all view for mobile HTML with the tag in the new view of the cluster of the dekstop view, activated WCF to be able to activate all + authorisations updated and I do not see anything in the app.

    Any idea ? Would love that solution for proof of concepts in demos,



    • Hello Óscar,

      please try discarding the personalization within the app:

      – me area
      – personalize
      – in personalization menue choose “discard”

      Additionally, please verify that the user has proper authorizations given for the desktop workcentre view entitled in the tag- collection of the mobile workcentre view.

      In case you still encounter issues, please open a ticket.

      best regards,

  • Hello Jan,


    I have a question :


    Is it possible, at the moment, to add en extension field in native mobile screens (exemple : "account") via SDK SAP Cloud Application Studio ?


    I opened the screens "accountorgqafeco", "accountpersqafeco", "accountoverviewqafeco" and "contactoverviewqafeco" via UI Designer but each time, the "tag" attribute has no element.



    Best regards,




  • Hi All,

    I am not familiar at all with BYD so I'm sorry if the answer for my question might be trivial:

    Assuming I need to develop a simple Technicians work order assignment mechanism that will assign a work order for a technicians, and the technician will be able to update it using the mobile app of BYD r via HTML page loaded in the the mobile device.

    Can a development on top of the BYD achieve this kind of functionality? (creating new objects in BYD, scheduling mechanism, mobile app support, etc)





    • Hi Assaf,

      yes, that it is possible to build own business objects with SAP Cloud Application Studio and to build a both a desktop and mobile UIs for this. The specific scenario for service order execution is already available: