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How to : SAP MDG Consolidation – Standardization of data with BRF plus derivation rules.

Hello Colleagues,

in this blog , We will see, How to call and use BRF plus derivation in the standardization process of MDG consolidation process.


Set up BRF plus Standardization:

Standardization normalizes and enriches the source data before the matching process. We will see how to use BRF plus rules and derivation in the standardization process.

In the Material Master Consolidation process , we derive order unit (BSTME) from the base unit of measure (MEINS) using the BRF plus derivation.-> If order unit is empty, populate the base unit of measure value into order unit field.

MDC Configuration under MDCIMG:

  1. In the Configure Process Model, chose material business object type (194) and drill down table list.


  1. Check the BRF+ is marked for the table level. Order unit is present in MARA, so MARA table should marked as BRF+ flag (If the table is not marked, we need to mark it)


  1. Click the “Resultant Artifacts” button and choose a Z package, and apply the BRF+ Artifacts

It generates all the BRF plus structures and functions.


  1. In specify process template configuration, Choose BRF adapter class “CL_MDC_ADAPTER_BRF_STD” in the standardization step.

  1. Click the “Define Rules using BRF plus”  (as below) in the configuration node and go the BRF plus workbench

  1. Search MDC Application for Material, to locate the MDC Application for Material, Search using the following parameters:
    Application name as “*MDC*” and Object type as “Application”.


  1. Once the Material BRF plus application “ZMDC_TESTING_194” (the name vary based on your Z Package) is located, Choose the function “MDC_STD_FOR_MARA_PRC



  1. Edit the above function and create a new ruleset as below:

Here, put a simple derivation -> Order Unit (BSTME) = Base Unit of Measure (MEINS).

It is important that, after the derivation you have to set BOOLEAN to ‘True’ because the standard function contains the result object as Boolean, otherwise the derivation will not work in consolidation screen


Activate the ruleset and  function.


MDC Consolidation Process – FIORI

Now we can see , how the BRF plus Derivation works inside the MDG Consolidation process from the Fiori.

  1. Create new Material Consolidation process (already the source data loaded in the consolidation source tables)


  1. Run the Standardization step with following parameters (BRF Plus)



3.The standardization process called BRF plus and order unit was derived (see the below screen prints)

Order unit was initially empty and new value was derived from base unit of measure.


Order Unit was derived from Base Unit :




  1. You can do the derivation for different fields (and different table level … like MARC) based on your customer requirements.

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      Author's profile photo Siddarthan Gnanasekaran
      Siddarthan Gnanasekaran

      Nice blog with detailed Explanation .

      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser

      Thanks for sharing!



      Author's profile photo Thyagarajan G
      Thyagarajan G

      Nice blog

      Thanks for shaing

      Author's profile photo Kavita S.
      Kavita S.

      Thanks for sharing !

      Looking forward to more such blogs on Consolidation.

      Author's profile photo Athimoolam D
      Athimoolam D


      Thanks for sharing the steps with screenshots. It is very useful...



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks for Sharing!

      Author's profile photo Ashish Negi
      Ashish Negi

      Do you know how to write BRF+ rules for best record calculation?

      Author's profile photo Nikhil Shisode
      Nikhil Shisode

      How to write cross entity Validation in this BRF+ Rules fro MDC?

      Author's profile photo Kumar P
      Kumar P

      I tried the same way as showed above to add some custom rules under Validation function in BRF for BP, but these rules are not getting triggered in validation process. Can you please let me know if any additional config. to be changed.

      Author's profile photo Kumar Sen
      Kumar Sen

      Hi Manickam,

      I have seen some standard BRFPLUS functions are available for Business Partner consolidation. Can we re-use to create our own custom BRF plus validation ruleset.



      Author's profile photo Steffen Ulmer
      Steffen Ulmer

      With SAP S/4HANA 2021 FSP01 a new version for derivations have been released. Please check this blog: