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This is the sixth blog of the blog series about Remote Code Analysis in ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC).

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In case an ATC finding cannot be corrected e.g. if this finding is a false-positive result or can be accepted currently from the quality perspective, you as developer can suppress it from the ATC result list with the next run by requesting an exemption from your quality expert.

Depending on the check, exemptions can be requested for the entire object or for single findings. If you request an exemption for a single finding, this exemption will be valid as long as you don’t change the coding or the relevant context of that finding. As long as you only change coding that does not affect the finding (for example you change something in line 20 of an INCLUDE and the finding marks code in line 200), the finding will be recognized as the same and thereby also the exemption stays valid.


The prerequisites for managing exemptions are that central ATC check system is set up and configured in your system landscape: see Remote Code Analysis in ATC – Technical Setup Step by Step and that the ATC in the central check system is configured to enable exemptions (Setup ->Configure ATC in the ATC transaction):


Developer: Requesting Exemptions

To request an exemption in your local development system position the cursor on the ATC finding and choose Request Exemption from the context menu.

On the first page of the dialog you see the information about the finding you request an exemption for and you can choose the scope of the exemption. Click Next.

On the second page of the dialog enter an Approver and Reason and add the Justification. Additionally you can specify if and how you want to be notified about the status of your requested exemption (on rejection, on approval or on rejection, never).

Quality Expert: Approving or Denying Exemptions

To approve or deny your exemption, the quality expert needs to logon to the ATC central check system and use ATC Exemption Browser (ATC Administration->Exemption Browser in the transaction ATC) to display a list of exemptions.

Double-clicking an exemption will display its details. The quality expert can see the exemption category and justification provided by the requesting developer and can also check the object and change the settings for the scope of the exemption. See F1 help if you need information on these options.

After toggling the Edit mode (click Edit button) for the exemption, the quality expert can approve or deny the exemption:

Developer: View Exempted Findings

If you now run ATC again for this object, the finding will be marked as exempted and by default will no longer show up in the ATC Result Browser View. You can show exempted findings by selecting Include Exempted Findings in the view menu:

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  1. Sudipta Sarma

    Hi Olga,


    Any chances of ATC Administration->Exemption Browser for reviewing and approving/rejecting ATC exemptions to be included in Eclipse ADT in future?

    Currently NW 7.5 with ADT 2.71


  2. Yuankai Fan

    Hi Olga,

    If customer has exemptions raised and being approved/rejected locally in the development system before enabling the ATC central check, can the existing exemptions including their status be replicated to the central ATC system? If yes, what are the prerequisites to realize it?

    Thanks and best regards,


    1. Olga Dolinskaja Post author

      Hi Yuankai,

      developers request exemptions at central ATC system (ATC master system or consolidation system). Approved/rejected exemptions are stored on the ATC master system and can be propagated to the development systems. Please take a look at ATC concepts in general.

      Best regards,


      1. Yuankai Fan

        Hi Olga,

        Thanks for your input, actually my questions is, if there were existing exemptions already approved and saved in the local developer system or consolidation system, sometime later the ATC central system is setup, can those existing exemptions be seamlessly replicated from the development system or consolidation system to the ATC central system and in the same time the exemptions remains valid (assume no change in the context of exempted coding)?


        Best regards,



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