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This blog explains how you could continue using your trial instance in SAP Cloud Appliance Library (SAP CAL) beyond the trial period. So if you are at the end of your trial and you consider to continue your evaluation or to extend it to a PoC or a customer demo please read the following information that would help you not to get stuck upon the trial expiration.


The Two Prerequisites

Let’s start with the legal perspective. Before you created your trial instance you accepted the Free Trial License Agreement. As this agreement is limited in both time and scope, the first prerequisite is to bring your own licenses for the SAP products that were installed in the corresponding SAP CAL solution.

Having the SAP product licenses you also have the choice to install and configure a new system landscape by yourself or to keep leveraging SAP CAL. The prerequisite for the latter is to order the SAP CAL subscription. For more information about the support entitlements and the mechanics of how this works, see the article.

To check the two prerequisites, navigate to SAP CAL, go to Solutions, select the corresponding solution and then choose Unlock. Please make sure that you login with the S-user that would bring the licenses and order the subscription. Note that both checks will always fail for a P-user.

Don’t worry if you have created the trial instance with another user. Once you unlock the solution, you can request from the SAP CAL Team to reassign the instance to your S-user via a formal support request.


The SAP Product Licenses

If you do not own the SAP product licenses, the best follow-up would be to involve your SAP sales representative. If you are not an SAP customer yet but you consider to order the licenses, visit to find the contact information for your country.

If you participate in the SAP PartnerEdge program, you may request the SAP product licenses on the SAP PartnerEdge Portal. For more information about this program visit


The SAP CAL Subscription

You can purchase the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription on the SAP Store or directly from your SAP sales representative. Please note that a discounted package is available for partners.

If you decide to order on SAP Store you can find the direct links to the SAP CAL offers in Subscription Packages or in the Unlock Solution pop-up. Note that the SAP Store option is not available in all countries.

Go to Pricing to read the Terms and Conditions for the SAP CAL subscription.

If you have not ordered on SAP Store yet, then most probably you will see the message below.

An SAP Store Buyer is a person who has been nominated and verified to buy on behalf of a company. To become an SAP Store Buyer, submit the form above or send an e-mail to Please note that the verification procedure may take days so my recommendation is to request the role early enough not to get stuck upon trial expiration.

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  1. Anil Dandi

    Hi Stanimir

    I am studying usage of SAP CAL for customers who are looking to upgrade their solution manager 7.1 systems.


    Most customers are currently using Solution Manager 7.1 for monitoring, EWA reports and generating stack XML. So a new deployment of SM 7.2 wont hurt as opposed to in-place upgrade.


    Can we use SAP CAL to deploy a pre-configured Solution Manager 7.2 system that can meet the above three functions (and perhaps explore other Solution Manager 7.2 functionalities) and unlock it? Right now I see Edu and Trial editions of Solution Manager on cal. We would want to retain Solution Manager for productive use on cloud.




    1. Stanimir Eisner Post author

      Hello Anil,

      In general there is no problem to use the SAP CAL solutions in productive scenarios. The prerequisites are to order the SAP CAL subscription and to bring the required SAP product licenses for productive use.


      What you need to keep in mind is that the SAP CAL solutions are delivered as they are. So it is not guaranteed that all functional modules that you’d need will come pre-installed and pre-configured. You have the 30 days trial period to evaluate what is in and what you’ll have to add by yourself.


      If you have solution specific questions, I’d recommend to ask them in the community separately to let the experts step in.


      Best regards,



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