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Configuration for sending the CAD from SAP BCM to SAP CRM

Dear all, I am writing this blog just to have an over view on the configuration of the call attached data (CAD) for sending the CAD from SAP BCM to SAP CRM

This example config probably will help you to send the data captured from the customer in the IVR.

Conisder a case where the customer is calling and the we require a value and his number as call attached data

In this example i have captured the value in the variable XXX and the A number is being displayed .

In order to pass the Call Attached data from BCM to CRM we need to do follow the below provided steps

    1. In the BCM, open the System Configurator and in the System Configurator follow the below path.

System Configurator >System Management>Channels.

           2.  In the channels >Voice Channel ,see the Extra Data Settings as given below

part 1.png

3. In the Extra Data Settings following fields we have to fill:

  1.    Extra Data Included When Allocating Calls :

Enter a comma-separated list of field names (for example CallerID, IVRInfo, Skills, Language, Class,  ExternalData) that are sent to the user interface when a call is allocated to an agent.The data may contain information collected by an IVR application and items like call GUID, skills, language, and so on. This data can be used by ClientCOM or JavaScript customizations.

  b. Extra Data Included in Outbound Calls :

          Enter a comma-separated list of field names that are sent with outbound calls, transferred calls, and consultation calls.The following fields are always automatically sent with consultation calls: FirstANumber, FirstBNumber, FirstAName, FirstBName, CALL_ID, , CallReason. The default value is (only the default fields are sent).

4. After doing the configuration in the system configurator , we have to do some configuration in the IVR also.

    In the IVR We have to do the following Configuration

          a. In the IVR configuration ,we can to pass the data that has been captured while the customer is online

          b. In order to do that , we have to define the variables and assign the value of the fields that capture the run time values of the customers  to these variables.

          c.  So define the  a variable  with no initial value .Here i have maintained variable as XXX

part 2.png

Always capture the data in the field element

5. In the “Filled Element” of the “Field Element where the customer data   is being captured, you have to define the  “assign” element 


6. In the assign element you have to define the following fields:

  1. Target Variable: In this section you have to mention the variable that you have defined above (XXX)
  2. Value Expression: In this section you have to define the field in which your employee id is being captured.In our case it was “Field Element”.


7.      For the test purpose in this example we are sending the value captured in the  Variable XXX and the “A Number” as the Call Attached Data.

  • Now, Before the Point where we the call is being transferred to the agent we have to define the variable and in that variable we have to provide above two values.
  • In this example we had defined the variable as “My Call Attached data”. In this variable we have to define the key elements that we are going to pass as CAD to the agent Screen.

Note:  Before defining the key elements, we have to check the Standard Attributes defined in the CRM system as they both have to be same. “Key Elements you have to write down where as value you will get on scrolling down”.

So, for the value in the variable XXX we have used key element as “PARTNER” in CRM  and for the calling number we are using key element as “Z_TELEPHONE”.

part 5.png

  • Now , this variable contains the two key elements that we have to pass to the agents Screen.
  • In the Transfer Element , where the call is being transferred to the agent , we will define the variable.

part 6.png

So , when the call gets transferred to the agent , the agent gets the popoup in his CRM IC screen (provided the alert part of the crm is configured to handle the key elements forwarded from SAPBCM)


Rohit Bhan

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      Former Member

      Rohit, Great work!

      Author's profile photo Gaurav Kumar
      Gaurav Kumar

      Document is really helpful... 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Nicely put 🙂

      Author's profile photo Lasse Malinen
      Lasse Malinen

      Thanks Rohit, good work!

      For additional infomation on the BCM-CRM integration topic, please see also SAP Note 1963051 - BCM 7.0 - SAP CRM 7.0 Integration Configuration and bookmark it for future reference. The new version of "SAP BCM 7 & SAP CRM 7 Configuration Guide for Integration Scenarios" was just released yesterday.



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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      The Guide is awesome .. I was about to put the crm part but the guide has explained it so well that no need to refer any thing !!!

      Thanks !! cheers 🙂


      Rohit Bhan

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      Former Member

      Nice article, Rohit! Very helpful. Good job!!!

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      Former Member

      Hi Rohit;

      We have followed all these steps, but on the CRM side, the account identification is failing. When we go to the IC trace, the BP Number that we pass from the IVR is showing. Another thing we have mapped the key elemenmts from IVR to the standard attributes defined in CRM.

      Please assist where we could possibly be going wrong.

      Much appreciated!!


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sizolwenkosi,

      The above Blog is from the BCM side passing the CAD data ( as per  the heading ), there are multiple steps from the CRM side to be done in order to show this .

      In order to identify the account based on the cad data , you  can  pass the cad data in the CRM via the standard attributes ( that you have already done ) . Then from CRM side ,  in the class which is used for the identification , you have to use the cad data ( this  is called identification by external cad).

      CRM technical person will be aware of it , how to use the external cad data for identification.

      I have one more question for you , do you want to use  the cad only for identification ,or you want to use it for alert as well .

      Please feel free to revert me

      Thanks and Regards

      Rohit Bhan

      Author's profile photo Kavindra Joshi
      Kavindra Joshi

      Hi Sizolwenkosi ,

      Go to the transaction CRM_IC_FW_PROF and check in Start up component what you configured for BUSINESS_PARTNER_IDENTIFICATIION. The standard class is CL_CRM_IC_FW_BP_SEARCH_SRV. This is used for BP identification. Debug the method handle_incoming_Cad.



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      Former Member

      Hi Rohit,

      This is indeed a good and very helpful document with each step explained in details.