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Preventive measures while transporting changes to some standard extractor

Common issue faced  after   transporting changes in the extract structure in ECC.

Symptoms of the issue:

If you change an extraction structure in the Customizing Cockpit(transaction LBWE) by importing a support package or a transport or by carrying out an upgrade, if this had already been activated for update fora certain time, various errors may occur:

– The initialization of data that was created before the change


– Delta requests terminate (CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_LENG).

– The V3 update is no longer processed.

-: The update from the extraction queue (update mode “Delta

Queued”, as of PI(-A) 2002.1) is no longer processed.

-:The log terminates (CONNE_IMPORT_WRONG_COMP_TYPE).

-: REDWOOD jobs failing at ECC side by giving dump “termination occurred in the ABAP program “SAPLMCEX” in “MCEX_UPDATE_XX””.

On analyzing the dump if we found out error message —–> message x194(mcex) with sy-subrc

The only reason for the above error message is that there was data present in the outbound queue of the particular application component while transporting the changes in the extract structure.

Furthermore, in individual cases, a change to an extraction structure may

also have a negative effect on the update of another extraction structure (that belongs to the same application).

1. Reason of the above mentioned Issue :

            With the function for checking the LBWQ for structure changes (the hash

Solution), a termination is forced when the update report RMBWV3xx is run

(xx = application number i.e. 11 for orders, 04 for production) if the structure of the data in the LBWQ does not correspond to the current ABAP Dictionary version the REDWOOD jobs which used to bring delta from outbound queue to rsa7 will fails as shown below

This occurs when changes are made to extract structures of the LO

Customizing Cockpit, even though data of the ‘old’ structure was contained

in the extraction queue (LBWQ). When you change a DataSource or their extract structure, the data that is saved in the old form of the structure is no longer interpreted correctly.

The update can only run successfully if the LBWQ contains only the data of

the currently valid ABAP Dictionary version

2. Preventive measures that can be taken in order to avoid such errors :

With extract structure changes, all data containers of the relevant data

flow must be empty. Therefore, you first have to check which update method

is used for the Data Source in question and use this to determine the relevant data containers.

The set-up tables always belong to this, regardless of which update method you use. You can delete the contents of set-up tables for specific applications in transaction LBWG.

o With “Delta direct”, the delta queue (RSA7) must be empty.

o With “Delta queued”, the extraction queue (LBWQ) and delta queue

(RSA7) must be empty.

o With “unserialized V3 update”, the extraction queue (SM13) and the

delta queue (RSA7) must be empty.

To empty the delta queue, request a delta twice, one after the other. The second upload will transfer 0 data records. Only with the second upload is the data of the delta queue that is available as a delta repeat deleted. Until the structure change is implemented and is active, you must of course also ensure that there is no new data.

The emptied data containers must remain empty until all necessary steps for the structure change are completed.

When transporting changes into the production system, it is absolutely essential that all the prerequisites for a structure change are specified there.

After the data containers are emptied, no new data must be produced, that is, the end users must be locked temporarily, and automatic document processing must also be stopped (for example, IDOC processing, and so on).

3. Step by Step Instructions that has to be follow up while transporting some changes in extract structure to production

You must carry out the following steps before a change to a structure:

1. Make sure that you carry out the following steps at a time when no updates are performed, so that no data is lost. 

  1. 2. Start the update collective run directly from the Customizing Cockpit.

  1. 3. Load all the data of the relevant DataSource into the BW System.

You can then make the change. After making a change, you may no longer be able to use statistical data that was already set up. If such data still exists, you must delete it(transaction LBWG).We recommend in particular that you upload the data immediately after a setup and (after checking in BW) delete it from the setup tables. If you forget to process the update collective run before a change, theonly option is to delete the records that still exist. This means that thisdata is lost.To do this, in the case of the update method “Delta Queued” (as of PI(-A)

  1. 2002.1), navigate to the logistics queue overview (transaction

LBWQ). Select the queues for the relevant applications one afterthe other (MCEXnn, nn = number of the logistics application, seetransaction LBWE), and choose the display function. Choose thedisplay function again to list all the entries in the queue. Thenselect and delete all of the entries that had been saved before thestructure change. In case of a very large number of entries in aqueue, it may be necessary to delete the entire contents of the queue. This can be done on the initial screen of transaction LBWQ.

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