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Implementing CRM 7.0 without BW

I want to open this blog to share my experience on having implemented SAP CRM 7.0 without BW.

Around two years ago my company started the implementation of SAP CRM and in the same time we have implemented SAP Businessobject. We did this using two different partners (suggested by SAP). We were also suggested to implement Businessobject over BW by SAP which intimated that BW is an old system who will be discountinued in the near future, ecc (more they showed how many things more you can do with BO; stuffs nornally good for selling but not much for end-users )

The technical department was against this option but..we had to accept the executive choice.

At 2 years:

1) there is no integration allowing to update Marketing attributes with BO; (very time consuming)

2) Campaing budgeting, campaign evaluation are not allowed and must be build from scratch; in particular the integration with ECC which allow to check how much a campaign is costing

3) there are lots of reports, queries ready for BW but nothing (or almost nothing) for BO

4) Licensing: we have Business suite licences (who covers BW) and we bought some licences in BO (some on user bases and some on group bases). Now it happens that you must nominate people in a group and if more than one in the group is accessing he’s not allowed to enter; Actually we have preferred to build some custom report in the customer fact-sheet (Ztable)

5) In the master guide several scenarios has BW as mandatory; we had to skip them

6) Not about crm but we just happen to install ECC 6.0 EHP5 and still there are several business functions require BW as well;

What I’d like to know is if you experienced a similar scenario! When we approach SAP with those issues we were answered that in the future they won’t consider BW anymore and that we took the right direction.. honestly I think it’ll be a very long future.

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  • Dear Mauro,

    I think you did get the wrong advise. SAP BW is as you’ve experienced an essential part for out of the box reporting in SAP CRM and I would think also for SAP ERP. As CRM 7.0 EhP1 and SAP ERP 6.0 EhP5 are the releases that will be supported until 2020 I think you should still start to implement BW. For CRM you don’t even have to install a separate BW System. You can use the CRM Interactive Reporting.

    Best regards


    • Dear Gregor,

      thanks for the insight. Of course, nobody mentionned us the 2020 end-support year! More, the final decision was up to our executives and everybody knows how easy is to sell a product showing fancy graphs, report, dashbords (BO) to people with reduced knowledge in IT. By the way I did implement CRM Interactive Reporting but it’s very limitate in scope