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SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2011 – That’s a wrap!

(Portuguese version)

I’m in the airplane flying back to home from SAP Inside Track São Leopoldo 2011 (or hashtag #sitsl for twitters). I was there together my fellows Marlo Simon and Maurício Cruz and, off course, many other interesting people from SAP and community.

We share same place with another event, SAP Tech Tour, because that we count with several “SAP notables”, like Erwin Rezelman, SAP Labs Latin America President and the Executive Board Member, Vishal Sikka, that made a video exclusively to the event.

It was my first official SAP event that I join and the final balance cannot be better. You always can gather good information from SCN links, but hear about SAP technology strategies direct from your executives was one of the most valuable experience in this year.

In the afternoon the Tech side of the event up in the stage. We have Marlo speaking about mobile applications, discussing the differences between native apps and web apps. After Marlo presentation, Ronildo Santos talk about SAP Gateway, including a very fast demonstration.

After coffee break Maurício start your presentation talking about usability in ABAP programs. You may know Maurício from your Usability in ABAP Programs about the same subject. Very good discussion and I’m sure the entire community have something to share about user usability.

The last presentation was about open source projects as a tool to help new ABAP programs gather some experience prior your first “real” project. I expend some time to explaining about our experience with ABAPDoc2 Project and what is the next steps for 2012.

Also in the afternoon in parallel with SAP Inside Track presentations, participants had a chance to participate on three training sessions related with technology themes that we meet in that morning.  It was the only negative point of the event, I really want to participate on all sessions in another day of event.

Besides that, there is nothing to complain about event organization. The event starts and finish on time and the organization was triple A!  The SAP Labs office in São Leopoldo is a wonderful build. Not because it’s very beautiful, but because it was built follow all ecological best practices. It stands as SAP’s first environmentally-friendly building in an economically emerging country. In fact, the building has been submitted for “Gold New Construction” status under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) international standards.

Another point that I can check in loco, is the the Erwin statement: “We designed the new building as an environment to inspire employees for innovation.” Yes, you fell innovation in every corning.

I brought to my home was the experience to be in contact with other members of community and the opportunity to start new network connections for the future. If you have same opportunity, don’t miss it.

See you in the next event!

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