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SAP NetWeaver Portal – Application Integration and Federated Portal Network, when should I use each solution?

Dear Portal Experts,


Lately, we have received plenty of questions asking for clarifications about the best way to integrate Portal content and applications from one Portal to the other. Should we use Application Integration? Should we use Federated Portal Network (FPN)? What are the main use cases for each solution?


These questions are indeed none trivial questions and the answer rely heavily on the customer specific requirements. With this blog we will cover the main use-cases and scenarios for choosing the right solution for each use case.


So, let’s start with the basics:

  • Application Integration (AI) is the preferred integration solution when integrating a specific application from a remoteproducer Portal to the central corporate Portal (consumer Portal)
  • Federated Portal Network (FPN) is the preferred integration solution when maintaining the Portal roles with its full hierarchy in a remote Portal and integrating the full role into a central corporate Portal (consumer Portal)


Bellow we will cover the typical use cases and the most common solution for each use case. Please note, this is NOT the one and only solution for each scenario. Each solution should be decided according to customer specific needs, nevertheless, these are the common solutions for the listed scenarios given that the customer has upgraded to the latest Portal version (EhPSP).



In order to enhance the Application Integration component to support all the above scenarios, SAP has done major improvements in this component in the latest versions. Please check the following Best Practice for Integrating SAP Applications into the SAP NetWeaver Portal to understand the minimum version required to run these scenarios with the most updated technology. In general, we highly recommend you to upgrade to the latest and most updated version.

Additional reading material:


One additional comment before we say goodbye (:-)), please remember the following rule: no AI to AI is allowed! Meaning, you cannot create an Application Integration (AI) iView to another Application Integration iView. Keep this is mind when planning your landscape.


Finally, if you have in mind more very common application integration scenarios, please comment bellow and we will add them to our decision matrix.


Hope you will find this article beneficial,

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      Author's profile photo Sumanth Thunga
      Sumanth Thunga

      We are using the FPN Scenario between our BI Portal and Main Portal.

      Since the Reports are running out of BI Portal and the User Created Favourites are stored in KM Component of the BI Portal (Which are displayed under Portal Favourites section of Detailed Navigation).

      We created a Remote IView of the BI Portal Favourites and added that to the Framework of consumer portal so that the links will be available and copied the BEx Web App IView from Producer to Consumer.

      This lining is working fine. But our BI Portal is keep hanging and not responsive very frequently which we are analyzing why it is happening.

      During this Unresponsive Time, the Main Portal is also hanging because of the Remote Iview in the Main Portal Framework.

      Is there a way we can use the AI for getting the KM Content of the BI Portal in to Main portal so that the system will not hang.


      Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin
      Aviad Rivlin
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Sumanth,

      Please open an OSS ticket for this issue.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Props for the summery, clears a lot of confusion.
      Author's profile photo Tobias Hofmann
      Tobias Hofmann
      exactly what I was looking for. Do you also have a similiar overview regarding the theme / branding implications, aka: where do I need to deploy the theme:
      - RRA -> theme in producer
      - AI -> theme in consumer
      - BI -> theme in X

      or for the transports?
      - RRA -> content only transported in producer
      - AI (BIO) -> content transported in consumer
      - AI (CE: consuming WDJ) -> content transported in consumer
      - AI (CE: consuming WDJ iView) -> content transported in C and P


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I wish this blog was there about a year back when we were trying to distribute the Load from our Central Portal to avoid Heapdumps due to BI iViews. But the good thing is that we have it here now on SDN for people to look at.  Personally it really helped me understand as to what is the preferred method for the different use cases.

      Thanks Again.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I miss the version considerations from this blog entry: you can forget FPN if you have an older consumer than a producer. There are a lot of problems with the themes...

      There is also an official SAP Note which states that landscapes with older consumer than producers are not supported at all. And who can always patch the corporate portal faster than the application (like BI) portals?