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Business Process Monitoring – Template configuration available for download

Customers are always surprised how easy it actually is to configure Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager. A common reaction is “had we known that it is so easy and with so little effort, then we would have started already earlier with Business Process Monitoring”. Now SAP went one step further in order to further speed-up the set-up process for its customers. A template solution with eight different standard ERP logistic processes is available for download on the SAP Service Marketplace. These processes have already selected Business Process Monitoring key figures configured that are just “waiting” to get activated. This blog will just briefly outline how you can come to a productive Business Process Monitoring for your core logistic processes within less than half a day.


The following eight pre-configured processes are part of the template solution:

Template Processes



We assume that your SAP Solution Manager 7.0 is implemented and basically configured. You should additionally check that all technical perquisites for Business Process Monitoring described in SAP note 521820 “Availability of Business Process Monitoring” and SAP note 784752 “BPMon in SAP Solution Manager – Prerequisites” are met. Especially all mentioned RFC connections need to be established and working, including the authorization check. Your SAP ERP backend system should have the plug-in ST-A/PI 01L* implemented, see SAP note 69455 – “Servicetools for Applications ST-A/PI (ST14, RTCCTOOL, ST12)” for further details.


Roadmap – From template download to active Business Process Monitoring:

On the SAP Service Marketplace you find a presentation Template Solution for BPMon – Detailed Description which describes step by step together with screenshots what needs to be done in order to come to a productive Business Process Monitoring. Therefore this blog will only describe the rough roadmap on how to get from the template download to an active Business Process Monitoring for your core logistic processes.

1) Go to –> Media Library –> Technical Information and download

– zip-file Template Solution for BPMon

– Presentation Template Solution for BPMon – Detailed Description for a detailed step by step setup guide.

– Presentation Business Process Monitoring – Setup Roadmap to quickly study what is needed for a Business Process Monitoring configuration

2) Create a new solution in your SAP Solution Manager and navigate into this new solution.

3) Call transaction SOLUTION_TRANSFER and upload the zip-file

4) Adjust the logical component in the Solution Directory

5) Adjust the Business Process Monitoring where needed

6) Generate and activate Business Process Monitoring

7) Done – your selected core processes are monitored with application specific key figures


Now you say that this sounds very simple. That’s what it is. So get started and within less than half a day you will monitor some of your most important processes.

Of course you will see that the template processes are very simple and just represent those process steps that are absolutely necessary for a process like e.g. Order to Cash. But now that you started, it is also very simple to adjust your business process documentation in the Solution Directory by

  • adding/deleting business processes & steps
  • adding logical components (for additional systems)
  • adding (graphical) interfaces
  • adapting the business process graphic (changing texts, colors, and arrows)


Or you add additional data collectors in the BPMon Setup Session for

  • cross-application monitors (background jobs, dialog performance, application log, short dumps, update errors, etc.)
  • interfaces (e.g. IDocs, qRFC, tRFC, XI/PI, etc.)


Frequently Asked Questions about Business Process Monitoring are answered under


The following blogs provide further details about Business Process Monitoring functionalities within the SAP Solution Manager.




Corresponding session abstracts for TechEd 2009 in Phoenix, Vienna and Bangalore:


ALM112 – Business Process Analysis & Monitoring

During this session you will learn how Business Process Analysis & Monitoring within Enterprise Support helps to optimize the return on your investment in SAP ERP software, by identifying optimization potential for your core business processes. You will learn what kind of errors/problems could be identified by analyzing customer systems. The benefits of this service are the following and should all help lowering your Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO):

  • Allows internal benchmarking of different organizational units, e.g. sales organizations or manufacturing plants
  • Learn in which organizational areas you

– Could speed-up and streamline your most critical business processes

– Could improve service levels

– Might need to train your end-users to better follow intended procedures

– Could improve your daily operations

You will also learn how the Business Process Analysis can be a good starting point for setting up Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager.


ALM273 – Business Process Monitoring setup for a typical Order to Cash process

This hands-on workshop describes a use case for business process monitoring for a typical order to cash scenario. In this session you will use theSAP Solution Manager in order to set up the continuous alert & trend monitoring of important application specific key figures in SAP ERP. Typical examples are overdue sales orders, overdue deliveries, goods delivered not invoiced, incorrect billing print-outs. You will also learn about integrated reporting capabilities using the trend analysis SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse dashboard.

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  • Hi Volker,

    When I follow the link I do not find the file any longer?

    I found it earlier, and uploaded it to SolMan. However it seems it is for ERP4.7 only?
    It does not seem compatible with ECC6.0?

    Could that be?

    / peter

    • Hello Peter,

      nothing has changed. I just checked the zip file “Template Solution for BPMon” still exists under >> Media Library >> Technical Information.

      In the same folder you can also find the PPT “Template Solution for BPMon – Detailled Description”. In this PPT it is explained how to replace a Logical Component. This should also allow to replace the initial R/3 4.7 component with an ECC6.0 component.

      Best Regards

      • Hi Volker,

        yes I think you are right. However I get an error about leading role, and checking the how-to-document, it seems we have to maintain a productive system for this.

        However, right now I am preparing a demo in a development landscape (working for a VAR-partner, trying to push BPM to customers).

        It seems that it is not possible to ‘come around’ a production system??

        / peter

        • Well, either you put your development system temporarily in the production role of the logical component.
          Or you create a second solution with Leading Role “Development” and from within the Solution Directory of this second solution you copy the needed business processes from the Template Solution. You can then use the same logical component but this time it is pointing to your DEV system.


  • Hi I am working on a demo for BPM  using Solman 7 & ECC 6  and looking for this template

    Under Tech doc in media Library this is not available anymore .Appreciate if you could suggest where to find a template . am looking for the one under Sales -Order to Cash


    • Hi Monib,

      the template is still there but it was renamed. As we meanwhile shipped a new ST-SER release the following took place:
      – the original template described in this blog was renamed to “BPM Template Solution – ST-SER2008_2”
      – a new template with the same processes but based on ST-SER 2010_1 instead of ST-SER 2008_2 was uploaded and is called “BPM Template Solution – ST-SER2010_1”

      The content is basically the same but it is based on different code lines. So please check you ST-SER release on your SolMan system and download the right template. Ideally you start directly on ST-SER 2010_1. Some customers experienced some problems when implementing the old template and doing the SolMan upgrade later on.

      Best Regards

      • Thanks Volker for your response , we  should be good to  start directly with ST-SER 2010_1 .

        What I could understand from your blog is with this Zip file we can have access to all eight pre-configured processes.. right?

        Let me try this and will seek your kind help if anything else   ..thanks again.

        Best regards

  • Hi Volker,

    Very Useful article indeed..Thanks for sharing this.

    One question on This, When I download the template solution into solution manager, Does it have only ECC related processes or can i download ECC and CRM related processes into Solution Manager. One of our client is interested in setting up Business process monitoring for O2C for standard KPIs.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.


    • Hi Ramesh,

      you are perfectly right. The template solution contains only ERP processes as the large majority of customers still start BPMon on ERP. So far the customer demand wasn’t high enough to also create templates for CRM or SRM.

      Nevertheless you can create the processes from scratch directly within the Solution Directory, which also just takes a couple of minutes.

      Best Regards


      • Hi Volker,

        Very nice blog. I’m looking for Finance related templates. They are not in the

        “BPM Template Solution – ST-SER2010_1” . How do I get Finance template?



        • Hi Bijay,

          sorry for coming back to you that late. Indeed there is no finance content included in the templates and we also did not really update the template content lately. I guess I will write some Best Practice blog on what should be monitored with regards to finance as we already wrote such blog for Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Discrete Manufacturing, CRM Sales, STO Replenishment.

          Kind Regards


  • Hi Volker,

    I just tried to import the BPMon Template Solution into a Solman 7.1 SPS10 with the latest central note and all relevant notes related to BPMon. After import of the template with SOLUTION_TRANSFER there were not monitoring objects visible. I had to create the Monitoring objects manually and set the tresholds and selection options. Is there a newer template availiable?