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ASUG08 – Third stage, reentry and recovery (day #3 was NOT a half day!)

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(OK Jim, get that ASUG BITI newsletter out!)

Zen moment: tree roots

7 minutes later;

floating water bottle 

photos at end for better rendering time, I hope. 

and another thing:

Meeting / trip report


I delayed releasing this blog until I could get the podcast between Dick Hirsch and I published.  That should explain my comment at the SAP mentor meeting Wednesday morning.

Subhakanth got a good start on his presentation in SAP Mobile Asset Management, then after a few minutes I had to get moving to the ASUG Systems Management community session, trying to cover for absent volunteers. At that session, about a half dozen people wandered by, which is astounding for the last day of the conference, for a session on the show floor.

One topic came up about high availability for systems monitoring, so we chatted on that topic for a while.  Matt Kangas is the person I’d recommend starting with for more details. 

Thankfully, Gina Marchese from SAP helped me out, so I could head to the meeting with SAP mentors and others.  The chat was going around the table, with responses about what the mentor program means and what we need.  Mark Finnern SAP Mentor Moments at Sapphire/ASUG’08 in Orlando.

Missing in action was Sue Keohan, who was there in spirit, in flashing blinky lights (dot com), and SAP Mentor Moments at Sapphire/ASUG’08 in Orlando. She’s also been inspired to start twittering more actively, including sharing one of her ASUG BITI photos.

After the mentor meeting, Dick Hirsch and I did a podcast recording.  Probably should have used an interview booth, as the first part was pretty quiet but background conversations started near the end. Like the Woodstock album liner notes say, errors are supposed to prove authenticity, or something. 

Then I headed down to the Data Governance Community round table session, stopping in at the Archiving and Information Lifecycle Management SUG community meeting right next door.  Probably the main takeaway from the DG session was the search for a location for their 4th (or will it be the 5th) annual face-to-face fall meeting.  This is a free event (so far) and has been growing every year.

For the DG folks, here are links to SAP SDN Master Data Management pages:


At lunch, I spotted Butch McNally, headed to a 3 hour session of the SAP/Microsoft interoperability community of interest, soon to be an ASUG SIG.  I decided my work day was done, and a nap and poolside relaxing were called for. 

After relaxing time reading and watching lizards, a final business/pleasure dinner with Juergen Kirschner, Joel Albert, and his manager (name?), at a downtown steak house.  I’ll need that address for next year’s ASUG conference as we return to Orlando.

People I met

(and have business cards to prove it, plus many LinkedIn already):

Volker Hildebrand

Recent Blog:

Sapphire’08 Update from Orlando

Tom Bissett
SAP Retail, out of Newtown Square PA

Roger Myers, Brenntag Canada Inc. (mobile)
Ashok Singh, ProSoft
Vin Mohite, Sharp Electronics Corp., speaker on ASUG ITEB webcast on XI/PI
Bhavesh Bhagat, EnCrisp
Eric Bannister, Altalink
Lori Legris, Altalink
Tim Snell, Veris
Bruce Johnson, Morse
Subhakanth Reddy L. SAP Labs India

ASUG volunteers (new folks – others I don’t need their cards

Bob Berntsen

Mobile Technologies Influence Update
Alain-Paul M. H.
Samuel C. R.
Christine G.
Roger Myers (see above)
Laurent D.
Sudhi M.
Lic. Hipolito V. G.
Scott S. P.
Laura P.
Stephen Y.
George B.
Julia Campbell (speaker)
Jozsef T.
Noreen S.
Mindy C.
James L.
Alexis M. P.

Mentors at mentor meeting
John (Harrickey?) from Canada (no card – newbie mistake)
Gail Moody-Byrd, SAP Global Marketing


CSR people (corporate social responsibility and sustability

(Marilyn supplied remaining names in blog comment)
James Farrar
Steve Rochlin
Diane Osgood (Impact)
Maggie Fox
Chris Iversen

Blogger contacts
Dennis Howlett – new SAP mentor

Shel Israel
Jon Reed – new SAP mentor


DG (Data Governance ASUG SIG)

… Alberto Culver MDM connection … name escaped me
Carol Ameling

Karen Comer – SAP point of contact
Idea came up for webcast on MDM and Business Objects.

Venkat Seshadri Tanikella, Code N Config, Srini Tanikella’s brother

I mainly show LinkedIn connections made from late Thursday night through Friday above – I took the pile of business cards I collected, trawled through LinkedIn and found 28 contacts.  Of those, I had 14 folks accept within 12 hours…

People I intended to meet, and did, are in bold:

Met before… 

Brad Dillingham
Mark Finnern
Franz-Josef Fritz – saw him across the room at the speaker meeting
Dave Hubert
Tom Jung
Juergen Kirschner
Paul Loos
Butch McNally
Peter McNulty
Bill Pfelging – not attending?
Marilyn Pratt
John Walls
Minda Zetlin – not attending?

Never met before… 

Eric Domski
James Farrar
Jan Fetzer
Louenas Hamdi
Richard Hirsch
Dennis Howlett
Harald Reiter
Kristin Thome
(didn’t chat though)
Michael Wiedemann (didn’t chat though)

David Halitsky (not this time – maybe the next ASUG Maryland/Baltimore chapter meeting?) 

Twitter clips



(under 30 minutes, from Europe to Philly to Orlando) 

  • jenrobinson   @jspath55 i can hook you up with someone who does.   08:28 AM May 08, 2008
  • spath55   @jenrobinson got a success story of “enterprise integration” with Plexus? If so, I’d like to schedule a webcast   08:25 AM May 08, 2008
  • jenrobinson @jspath55 enables SAP to work quickly and collaboratively with customers to develop, eg, sophisticated enterprise integration services 08:21 AM May 08, 2008
  • jspath55 @jenrobinson in the words of my good friend Gretchen Lindquist – “What’s in it for me?” I do not care re language/tool; why should I care? 08:16 AM May 08, 2008
  • jenrobinson @jspath55 Plexus initiated by Enterprise Services group, recently used by Marketing. 08:15 AM May 08, 2008
  • jenrobinson @jspath55 RE: thread with @dahowlett: Plexus is an instance of Jive Clearspace used to support SAP co-innovation w/ customers, partners. 08:13 AM May 08, 2008
  • Dennis Howlett @jspath55 New(ish) community style environment built by the marketing wonks. Used by ecosystem. 02:10 PM May 08, 2008
  • jspath55   @dahowlett Tell me about Plexus (in 140 chars)?   07:43 AM May 08, 2008  


  • jspath55   @slmader yes I have your wikipatterns book per @ccmehil reco. @marilynpratt ‘s copy just below frame in a photo:    09:59 AM May 08, 200
  • Stewart Mader        slmader   @jspath55 Awesome that the book was there! 🙂 Do you have a copy?   09:40 PM May 07, 200 
  • jspath55   @slmader your wikipatterns book is in front of me on table in an #asug08 #sapphire08 discussion on web 2 and csr – can’t stay though 🙁   03:23 PM May 06, 2008 


  • dhague   @jspath55 I’m interested in any info you can get on blackberry+sap apps – any advance on Mobile WebDynpro -> WML rendering?   03:58 PM May 05, 2008   


(podcast with Dick Hirsch and I is still in flight…) 

  • jspath55   finished 8 minute podcast with @rhirsch – uploaded to SAPmat – over to @marilynpratt – online tomorrow.   10:37 AM May 07, 2008




Marilyn Pratt Digging Jazz 


jim and shel



jim’s workstation at bloggers corner, with leave no trace water bottle


jim and rod masny (ASUG Board of Directors chair) 



Bicycle taxi driver (Mark, AKA getabike AT and me 


Packed, nearly out the hotel door. 



Zen moment


Non-zen moment 


All of our hearts go out to Greg Capps and his family, who suffered a tragic loss Thursday May 8, 2008.

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