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Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde

SAP ChaRM My Inbox setup on SAP SolMan 7.2 SP12+

Scenario: Installing and using My Inbox Fiori app on Solution Manager 7.2 SP12+ system.


Step 01:

Install the latest patch of the below-mentioned add ons on the solution manager system

UIX01CA1 – Release 200
IW_PGW – Release 100

As of SP13, the below version of the above components are compatible.



Step 02: 


SM30 > maintain /IWPGW/V_TGW_FAC table entry


Step 03: 


SM30 > maintain /IWFND/V_COCCOL , Add entry to /IWFND/V_COCCOL table.


Step 04: Create 2 RFCs


RFC 01: Type 3 TRUSTED RFC:  LOCAL_<Client_Number> ( My client is 300, hence LOCAL_300)

Try the Remote Logon and make sure the logon is successfull. You would need to have S_RFCACL authorization object maintained to use local Trusted RFC logon.

RFC 02: Type G HTTP Connection to External Serv RFC: SM_MY_INBOX_G

Path Prefix: /sap/opu/odata/sap/AI_CRM_GW_CM_TGW_TCM_PROVIDER_SRV

Use HTTP port & Target Host (solman host) and make sure connection test is working.

Create a service user TASKGATEWAY as a copy of SOLMAN_ADMIN and maintain that user in the RFC.


Connection Test


Step 05 : 

Create 2 Local System aliases;


ZTCM_<SID>_GW — with Type 3 RFC

ZTCM_<SID>_GW2 — with Type G RFC


Step 06 : 


Tcode /n/iwfnd/maint_service > Add Service

Add the other Alias (Type 3)  for the below 5 services;


Step 07:

Activate SICF services related to fiori inbox


Step 08:



Add the Catalog & Groups ( suggested to create own Catalog as a copy of X-SAP-UI2-CATALOGPAGE:SAP_FND_BC_MANAGER_T )


I created something like below and renamed the App title;

Create a Group and assign the Catalog object


Create a PFCG role Z:SM_CHARM_MY_INBOX and assign the Catalog & Group; generate role and assign to users;


Some of the Authorization Objects I used in this role are as below;.


At this point, you would have the Fiori app available on launchpad. However this App has not been linked to the ChaRM world yet !


Step 09:

Next part is configuring the Change Request (ZMCR…) and Change Document ( ZMMJ, ZMHF…etc) tasks/actions  in the my inbox app;

For Change Request  proceed as below; maintain the workflow ID and decision keys





For Change Documents, there are 2 parts;

  1. Standard PPF actions:  Below standard PPF actions are supported out-of-box when you maintain the Action settings

a. Approve the import of urgent changes into the production system or reset the change document to the status “In Development”.
b. Approve the preliminary import of normal changes or change the status of the change documents
c. Approve or reject the critical objects in the transport requests of change documents
d. Approve the allowlist objects in the transport requests of change documents

These action definitions already have the Parameter maintained in the action settings; as long as the Partner is the ‘Current processor’ for the Approval step, then these Actions would be available in My Inbox app.


2. For Custom Actions, we need to add the Class and redefine the methods to make them available in My Inbox ( you would need a Developer Key !)


Call transaction SM30 (Call View Maintenance) and open view AIC_CRM_CM_COMTP (Task Gateway Provider Registry).

For example, I want to add ‘Set to Successfully Tested’ action in normal Change to the My inbox app;

Switch to change mode and add a new entry.

Enter task definition ID: ZAI_CRM_CM_ZCC_APPROVAL and task provider class: ZCL_AI_CRM_NC_APPR_P.

Open SM30 in view AIC_CRM_CM_COMTC (Task Gateway Provider Configuration).

In change mode, create a new entry with the following values:
Task Definition ID: in this example, ZAI_CRM_CM_ZCC_APPROVAL
Active: true
Smart UI: true (default). If you use Cloud UI, set Cloud UI to true and Smart UI to unknown.

To implement the task provider class that you just created, open transaction SE24 (ABAP Class Builder).
Enter the task provider class that you just created, for example, ZCL_AI_CRM_NC_APPR_P, and select Create.
In tab Properties, declare superclass: CL_AI_CRM_CM_COM_TCM_CM_PPF_P

This generates the text that is shown in the Fiori MyInbox UI.


METHOD if_ai_crm_cm_com_tcm_provider~get_task_definition_descr.

task_definition_description = super->get_task_definition_descr( short_form ) && ‘Regular Change'(001).


Activate the Class and Method.

Now come back to Action Definition and maintain the below ( in my case I want to add Successfully Tested related action)


With the Custom action, one important point you would need to keep in mind that, the Action would be only available in the My Inbox when the Action needs to be executed by the Current Processor SDCD00004- Current Processor partner function. So you would need to perform below Current Processor assignment based on the status of the document.


In this customizing activity, you define which business partner in which source business partner function is assigned as a business partner with a specific target business partner function.

The target business partner function should be the Current Processor (SDCD0004). The source Partner Function could be any of the already available Partner Functions in the document. For my example, since I want Tester should have the My Inbox feature available for the status ‘To Be Tested’; I would map Source Partner Function as SMCD0002 and Target as SDCD0004 for status E0004 ( To Be Tested)


Hope this helps!

Vivek Hegde


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      Author's profile photo Thomas Winkler
      Thomas Winkler

      Hi Vivek - thanks for this valuable tip!

      Cheers Thomas

      Author's profile photo Warlei de Lima Figueiredo
      Warlei de Lima Figueiredo

      Hi Vivek,

      Great blog!

      So, with this procedure, when the user approves, the change documments will change some phase automatically?

      I am looking for some approval procedure when approving that grid tab when someone or more than one member in SMCR will approve the new escope and creating New change documents, urgent change or standard change.


      Best Regards,


      Author's profile photo Vivek Hegde
      Vivek Hegde
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Warlei,


      Yes, let's say if you use the Inbox feature for Action SMCR_RELEASE_FOR_DEVELOPMENT  action, then this action would be available in the My Inbox, when this action gets executed via My Inbox, it would set the SMCR status as 'Being Implemented' and the relevant actions that get executed would be carried out ( for example generating SMMJ, SMHF..etc) from the Scope assignment block of the SMCR. Basically, you could use it to execute any CRM PPF actions as long as it does not have a Pop-Up or some extra clicks after performing an action. You would need to follow the redefine method IF_AI_CRM_CM_COM_TCM_PROVIDER~GET_TASK_DEFINITION_DESCR procedure( just like I used Succesfully Tested action example).




      Author's profile photo Nacho Gil
      Nacho Gil

      Hello Vivek.
      Very detailed post. Thanks a lot. I have a question and maybe you know how to help me.

      I configured MyInbox on my Solution Manager and we receive the request but only the "current processor " of the document can see the document in MyInbox.

      In our case this is just used for approval, so the logic is that Change Manager assigned / Approver, receives this.

      It is possible to change by default the Partner Function who will receive the request ??? For example from "Current Processor" to "Change Manager"

      NOTE: Preferably without modify class/method: CL_AI_CRM_CM_COM_TCM_CM_PPF_P > IF_AI_CRM_CM_COM_TCM_PROVIDER~GET_TASKS


      Do you have any ideas?

      Thanks in advance

      Best regards

      Author's profile photo Olivia Zhang
      Olivia Zhang

      Hi Vivek

      Great blog~~

      I have one question on the My Inbox app with ChaRM Approval on language. If customer tries to access this app with other language other than English, they observe that all field names are still English but other button descrptions are update in corresponding language. Do you know how to solve this problem? Thanks a lot in advance.


      Best regads




      Author's profile photo Hafiz Nasir
      Hafiz Nasir

      Dear I am facing issue


      Author's profile photo Hafiz Nasir
      Hafiz Nasir

      Dear I am facing issue i have S-User Customer ID