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Connect Client systems to the “Solution Manager”: Easier, faster and better – Via Outside Discovery with saphostctrl


Why should I configure the hostagent, secure and with Outside Discovery enabled?

Because it is easy and It only takes a little to connect correctly the satellite systems to the LMDB with all data suppliers.

And least but not last: to get better Landscape Data in your LMDB to make better Upgrades! (see further Information, at the bottom)

What do I have to do?

On SAP Host Agent folder /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/ (UNIX) or C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe\ (Windows), create some shell scripts or textfiles and run this commands:

1. Make hostagent secure

As root:

export password=secure
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/
export SECUDIR=/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sec

if [ ! -d “$SECUDIR” ]; then
mkdir /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sec
cd /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sec
/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapgenpse get_pse -p SAPSSLS.pse -noreq -x $password CN=`hostname`
/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sapgenpse seclogin -p SAPSSLS.pse -x $password -O sapadm
chmod 640 /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sec/SAPSSLS.pse

This will enable Port 1129 for hostagent

2. Configure Outside Discovery for hostagent

As root:

export fqhn=`hostname -f`
export port=50000
export user=SL_user_DS
export password=secure

/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostctrl -function ConfigureOutsideDiscovery -enable -sldhost $fqhn -sldport $port -sldusername $user -sldpassword $password

3. Connect to the SLD (Create “slddest.cfg” and “slddest.cfg.key Files)

As root:
/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sldreg -configure /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg -usekeyfile

older existing files will be renamed as backup

4. Sent Data to SLD

as root:

export sidadm=sitadm
export SID=SIT
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/

# for the hostagent
/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol -b | /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sldreg -connectfile /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg -stdin -ol dtransferdtd

# for the <SID> (ABAP)
if [ -d “$DIR” ]; then
cp /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg $DIR
cp /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg.key $DIR
su – $sidadm -c “setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe; /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol -b | /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sldreg -connectfile /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg -stdin -ol dtransferdtd”

# for the <SID> (HANA)
if [ -d “$DIR” ]; then
cp /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg $DIR
cp /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg.key $DIR
su – $sidadm -c “setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe; /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saposcol -b | /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/sldreg -connectfile /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/slddest.cfg -stdin -ol dtransferdtd”


5. Register Hana DB into the SLD

Create config.txt File


# SLD Host Name

# SLD Port

# Remote Execution ( Default: ssh; Valid values: ssh | saphostagent )

# SLD User Name

# SLD Password





now execute

As root:

export SID=SIT

/hana/shared/$SID/hdblcm/hdblcm –configfile=/tmp/hostagent/config.txt


Register SystemDB to saphostctrl Agent

as root:

export passwort=secret


/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostctrl -host name -user sidadm $passwort -dbname SYSTEMDB@SID  -dbtype hdb -dbuser SYSTEM -dbpass $passwort -function SetDatabaseProperty DBCredentials=SET -dboption User=SAPDBCTRL -dboption Password=$passwort


/usr/sap/hostctrl/exe/saphostctrl -host name -user sidadm $passwort -dbname TENANT@SID  -dbtype hdb -dbuser SYSTEM -dbpass $passwort -function SetDatabaseProperty DBCredentials=SET -dboption User=SAPDBCTRL -dboption Password=$passwort

That’s all, see the result:

Technical System Application Server ABAP

Technical System SAP Hana Database


that’s what I want !!!


Logfiles to check

under /usr/sap/hostctrl/work/




under /usr/sap/hostctrl/exe




spend a little time at the beginning will save a lot of time at the end.


Further Information:

Motivation and Basis of my work is this article – not very fresh anymore but still up to date: How to Get Reliable Landscape Data in SAP Support Portal

Thank you Wolf

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  • Hello Christoph,

    thank you for the great overview.

    Just one remark: I am not totally agree with the headline "connect satellite systems".

    The outside discovery is just a part for hosts - technical systems (ABAP and Java) are synchronized with specific data suppliers: RZ70; NWA (>AS Java 7.02) or Visual Admin (</= AS Java 7.02) directly to a LMDB (since Solman 7.2 SPS 06; see Note 2836143) or via the synchronization from a SLD instance.

    Your blog describes one necessary prerequisite (next to the SMD Agent rollout and assignment; setup EFWK; creation of scenarios...) for capabilities in the area of the Application Operations. If a customer is just looking for using ChaRM; ITSM; Process Management; Test Suite; Basis Operations like Maintenance Planner or SLM ... the outside discovery is not a functional requirement since we are using technical instances or iObjects in the iBase to manage satellite systems.

    Kind regards Tim

      • Hello Christoph,

        sorry - but I'm still struggeling with it:

        Your blog describes how to connect hosts (instead of technical systems) via SAPOSCOL into the LMDB. In the second half you describe how to fully register a SAP HANA DB.

        "Client system" is kind of confusing because "clients" (like 000; 066...) and "systems" (like technical systems) are already used differently in the SAP'S language.

        BR, Tim