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Drive Innovation Virtually Powered by the SAP AppHaus Network

Working remotely has become the new normal for all of us nowadays. COVID-19 has massive consequences for our future. Even adapting to the new uncertainties takes toll, but it forces us to change and become creative. We believe: today’s futurists will always be tomorrow’s leaders. The SAP AppHaus Network virtualized some of its core offerings to not only secure business continuity on your side but to turn this forced change into an active change-maker attitude that uncovers new business opportunities.

“Sustainable Innovation needs you”. The video below has a clear message: Our now virtualized tools are ready to be levered in a typical co-innovation scenario. But: We need you to kick-off the journey. After watching the video you will learn in this article how to get access to our virtual tools and methods, that will help you uncover your existing innovation potentials.

The Need to Transform our Business

Our SAP AppHaus team’s core competency has always been to work as closely together with end users, business experts as well as IT in order to deeply understand the underlying issues of the particular business challenge. Co-Innovation with customers including end-user centered in-person workshops were “daily business” for us. This obviously changed.

The crisis forced us to us to rethink how we manage customer engagements. We thought a lot about how to support our customers in their pursuit of innovation and digital business models to become an Intelligent Enterprise. After analyzing which offerings, tools and methods are the most value-creating and can be run in the new circumstances powered by SAP’s Business Technology Platform, it’s time to announce that the SAP AppHaus Network went virtual.

From analog to virtual — the SAP AppHaus Innovation Culture Toolkit for virtual collaboration

The path towards an Intelligent Enterprise is certainly influenced by technology but according to Gartner, Capgemini, and HBR, culture is the biggest hurdle for digital transformation and innovation inside organizations.. To help companies to establish a culture open to innovation, we have designed a framework consisting of 5 interconnected key enablers of innovation culture: People, Process, Place, Leadership and Technology.

With the long-term vision to create an ecosystem of change makers beyond our company borders, we designed an Innovation Culture Toolkit that includes downloadable tools and templates to help organizations jump start their innovation journey. This toolkit was typically applied in physical contexts but can now even be exploited virtually.

The German Design Council honored the physical Innovation Culture Toolkit with two German Innovation Awards in May 2020: The German Innovation Gold award in the category of “Excellence in B2B Office Solutions” and a German Innovation Winner award in the category “Design Thinking”.

The toolkit now runs on MURAL, an online tool for virtual collaboration. The “Innovation Culture Toolkit for virtual collaboration” comprises the SAP AppHaus best practices, including methods and templates as well as SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation based on SAP’s Business Technology Platform.

Click here and find out, how you can benefit with your existing Mural account from the breadth of tools and methods to drive innovation in your company from home.

In addition to the “Innovation Culture Toolkit for virtual collaboration”, there are quite a few more virtual offerings available you can benefit from immediately. Below we have compiled an overview of virtual learnings and offerings of the larger SAP AppHaus Network.

Join the Digital Camp for Leading Innovation by SAP AppHaus & Klitschko Ventures

What Klitschko Ventures and SAP have in common is the long-term development of methodological skills on how to tackle challenges and innovate as a team. Following Klitschko’s principle of “pooling strengths, creating synergies and benefiting from each other” they jointly developed the Digital Camp for Leading Innovation, which combines SAP’s Human-Centered Approach to Innovation, backed by Business Technology Platform, and Dr. Wladimir Klitschko’s “F.A.C.E. the Challenge” which aims at tackling individual challenges with willpower.

Register here for the 4 weeks Digital Camp for Leading Innovation starting on June 22, 2020.

Ready-for-remote-innovation: Our SAP AppHaus Network Partners

Many SAP partners have adapted their service portfolios in response to COVID-19 and the new situation. SAP AppHaus Network members offer much-needed remote support with integrated interactive features to help ensure business continuity. The network of experienced design thinking coaches and business transformation experts also helps customers continue their innovation and digitalization projects to create and design future-ready work scenarios and solutions with them.

With proximity to customers and programmatic flexibility, it comes as no surprise that the SAP AppHaus Network already offers concrete help to find immediate answers to questions arising in the current new remote work environment.

Below you find the latest virtual offerings of our SAP AppHaus Network partners divided into three categories: Virtual Design Thinking, online workshops and remote tools.

  • Remote Design Thinking by Bourne Digital
    Bourne Digital (Melbourne, Australia) has developed an approach to remote design thinking that enables teams to co-design digital solutions and manage the increasingly mobile and remote workforce.
    Business must adapt and thrive post COVID-19 and progress their digital journeys. Remote design thinking provides a way to accelerate and evolve through the change.Click here for more details
  • Design Thinking Meetups by Invokers
    Invokers (Copenhagen and Aarhus, Denmark) have invested heavily in online knowledge sharing and further development of their Design Thinking methodology.
    Facilitated by GOTO Copenhagen Meetups, Thomas Ove Rasmussen from Invokers and Julie Bork Nellegaard from Trifork elaborate on the business value of internal UX — and they discuss how to merge agile with design thinking. This has resulted in the following meetups.
    Why is Design Thinking (still) so important?
    What is the link between Design Thinking and the Agile Methodology?Click here to watch a recording of the meetup. Please reach out to if you’re interested in joining another online meetup on this Topic.
  • Virtual Design Thinking by NETCONOMY
    To support companies in emerging from the crisis stronger than before, NETCONOMY (Vienna, Austria) developed a concept which enables the development of a customer-centric digital strategy based on the Design Thinking methodology fully virtually. With the right experience, methods, and tools in place, NETCONOMY has conducted numerous Design Thinking workshops with customers across the globe. Always with the goal to gather structured user insights, define challenges and action steps to optimize digital business processes, to design first application prototypes, and transition to the first project phase.Click here to access the “how-to” guide for running successful remote Design Thinking workshops.
  • Remote Design Thinking Workshops by Mindset
    Mindset’s (Minneapolis, USA) Remote Design Thinking is a highly collaborative process from start to finish. Mindset uses various RDTW templates and tools to ensure engagement from remote users, and drive high impact business outcomes.Click here to see our You Tube video
  • Design Mantrai Virtual Studio by Incture
    Incture® (Bangalore, India) has developed an approach to virtual design thinking that is built for change to accelerate digital adoption for remote working scenarios. There is a scramble today to circulate the correct information and roll out products and services to deal with the crisis. These challenges bring together a blend of product design, experience design, and service design problems that are desperate for a solution, and Design Mantrai Virtual Studio workshops can help business manage the change effectively through these times.Click here to access Design Mantrai Virtual Studio.
  • Remote Design Thinking by Keytree
    Keytree at Space51 (London, UK) has been working with multiple design approaches in remote to enable clients to collaborate on digital solutions and products within the New Normal.Keytree is an experienced partner in the world of UX and Design thinking and offers a broad spectrum of design services which we have adapted to remote working. Keytree can provide anything from remote user evaluation of existing systems to customer experience mapping and an array of short training and introductory sessions to different aspects of User experience to enable customers to develop their own methods.Vanessa Donnelly and Jonathan Maher also facilitate London Meetups for Enterprise UX and will be holding one in the coming weeks on design for good in the world of Enterprise.

2) Online Workshops

  • UX Innovation by ConvergentIS
    ConvergentIS offers a completely remote design engagement. Using their proven online collaboration tools, they will dig deep to understand end users’ requirements, develop and test prototypes designed to improve their experience, and create a solution that solves their pain points and drives business value.
    Here’s how we helped this North American transportation company revolutionize their customer portal for 19,000 customers by updating their technology platform and improving the way their customers access information.For more details on ConvergentIS’s remote UX Innovation, go to their Website.
  • Remote Workshops — Effective teamwork in times of remote work
    sovanta’s (Hamburg, Germany) proven remote workshop formats enable close collaboration, where everyone feels engaged, regardless of the location of the participants.Together with a global engineering company, sovanta created a resource planning solution from the research through the scoping phase all the way to the approved concept — fully remote. Having the right tools and methods, for every stage of the design process, made it possible to move forward quickly without leaving important contributors out. The result of the remote workshops was not only a tool that drives innovation and improves efficiency but also a great teamwork experience during a period of physical distancing.Find more details via
  • XEN UNWIRED by Extentia — a next-level online workshop format
    Extentia introduces XEN UNWIRED — an online workshop experience where organizations and users collaborate with design experts and facilitators to innovate, solve problems, and invent solutions.
    Employing (Pune, India) practices that are in line with SAP’s design thinking methodology, Extentia brings this unique workshop experience to their customers — wherever they are! The XEN UNWIRED experience builds on Extentia’s XEN LAB and XEN IN A BOX workshop practices with a proven track record.Extentia recently helped a global leader in the telecom industry, re-design their customer-facing portal — transforming it into a more intuitive and engaging product. With several remote workshops and stakeholder interviews done over Webex, along with detailed affinity mapping and customer journey done using Mural — the final result was an extremely engaging and easy-to-use portal for their customers.Click here for more information on XEN UNWIRED or contact us
  • Remote DevOps User Roundtable by Mindset
    DevOps Roundtable has been a quarterly day-long event held in the Minneapolis Apphaus that brings together a customers and other members of the SAP community for presentations, networking and breakout sessions on the topic of best practices in DevOps for SAP. Starting in Spring 2020 Mindset moved the event to a virtual event conducted via Zoom and for attendees from around the globe. The next virtual event is scheduled for September 25.It’s completely Free and registration is open HERE

3) sovanta’s remote tools for chatbots, pulse surveys, UX reviews

  • Remote Bot Sprint — Transform your business with Conversational AI
    You want to create a new channel to connect with customers and employees even during a period of physical distancing? The Bot Sprint is a bulletproof way to rapidly design, build and deploy chatbots in days instead of months — 100% remote!The Remote Bot Sprint helped a global retail organization to transform their customer experience within just one week: The company has launched a new custom automated WhatsApp chatbot to allow customers to check the quietest and most convenient times to shop at their local store in a matter of seconds. This innovative approach uses real time data and customer transaction numbers to determine which hours of the day are quietest to visit and which are busiest, allowing for customers to plan their shopping trips accordingly.Get more details on sovanta’s Remote Bot Sprint
  • UX Expert Review — Optimize your applications for a changing business environment
    sovanta helps you to get a competitive advantage by proactively reviewing your applications, software and websites. In just a few days, our certified experts identify any potential for improvement and prepare your report containing the found usability problems and recommendations for optimization.UX Expert Review helped our global customers to take action and improve business-relevant metrics including better conversion rates, better lead generation, improved user interaction, clearer information architecture, reduced need for support, greater customer satisfaction as well as improved brand perception.

„By working with sovanta and using the UX Expert Review for our Data Privacy Governance application, we were able to quickly analyze strengths and weaknesses of our system and identify concrete solutions. sovanta was the perfect partner to take the right steps to improve our user experience!“ Yvonne Sievers, Quality Program Account, SAP SE

Learn more about UX Expert Review on

  • Employee Experience — Remote work pulse survey implementation
    Major shifts and disruptions in the workplace due to COVID-19 can lead to critical gaps in the employee experience and have serious implications on employee well-being, productivity, and the long-term business, if not addressed quickly. sovanta has joined forces with Qualtrics to offer implementation services of the Qualtrics work pulse survey offering at no cost.Customers have been able to utilize this offering to gauge how employees have adapted to remote work and act in real time based on the feedback provided.Click here for more details

Get started now

You want to get your hands dirty now and become the change maker within your company? Together with your business, IT experts and end users we are able to execute virtual customer innovation projects by:

Our mission at the SAP AppHaus hasn’t changed — also in a virtual business environment we empower our customers to radically focus on people, run innovation projects and create business value to foster a sustainable future.

Get in contact with us after you reviewed the tools and methods in our “Innovation Culture Toolkit for virtual collaboration” or to book a remote workshop with your business, IT experts and end users.

Together we are unbeatable…

SAP AppHaus Network’s virtual innovation portfolio
+ SAP’s Business Technology Platform

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