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Author's profile photo Latha B

Create HANA 2.0 Custom View in SAP Web IDE using Cloud Foundry HANA Trial account: Part 1


Part 1: Set up the Cloud Foundry Trail Account for using SAP Web IDE


With SAP Marketing Cloud you are able to import own SAP HANA Views by using the SAP Fiori App “Add Custom View”. This blog post will tell you steps you need to carry out to set up the SAP Web IDE to build the HANA Calculation Views.

There is an information that is now showing up in “Add Custom View” application in SAP Marketing Cloud that in the upcoming release HANA views would be migrated to HANA 2.0. Post that migration you can only import views that are modelling using HANA 2.0 Modeller ( ex: SAP Web IDE)

In this blog post it is explained how to set up SAP Web IDE in Cloud Foundry HANA Trail Account of SAP Cloud Platform.


Create TRIAL ACCOUNT in Cloud Foundry



Enter the HANA Trail account using URL URL:


If you have not created the trial account for Cloud Foundry you would be asked to create the trail account

Create the account and then global account, sub account, organisation and space would be created.


Click on continue post creation.

Click on service entitlement section and cross check if SAP HANA schema and HDI Containers(Trial) has been enabled for your account.



Enable Web IDE for HANA Views


Login to SAP Cloud Platform HANA trial account with the URL:


Now click on SAP Web IDE.


If you are entering for the first time then you will be asked to enable the SAP Web IDE Full Stack. where you can enable the same as in below image.



After the service is enabled when you enter SAP Web IDE you would see below screen.



In SAP Web IDE select Preferences -> Cloud Foundry and  then select the  Frankfurt API end point which starts with as the API End point and then choose Organisation and space of the trial account.


P.S: If you are located in the region which is more closer to other data centre, you would have the Cloud foundry trial account and end point accordingly. For example if its US then you need to choose US API end point accordingly.



In Extensions Switch “ON” SAP HANA Database Development Tools and SAP HANA Database explorer


Log out post Enablement and then Log in again to the SAP Web IDE.



Now the set up is ready to build the new HANA calculation views in SAP HANA 2.0.


In part 2 we will cover how to export the HANA content from SAP Marketing Cloud, build the calculation view and import back into the application using Add Custom View Application.






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      Author's profile photo Soni Subhash
      Soni Subhash

      Hey Latha,


      thanks for blog.. i am trying it in a productive tenant and not trial one.. cant see WEBIDE as service to be activated under service market place.. is there some pre-requisite for same?



      Author's profile photo Latha B
      Latha B
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Subhash,


      You can check some of the tutorials that are available in below link.






      Author's profile photo Sascha Tom Ulbrich
      Sascha Tom Ulbrich

      Hello Latha B ,

      FYI, I had to create an instance in order to be able to build the imported data (from part 2).

      Via Trial subaccount -> spaces -> dev -> SAP HANA Cloud (none was running) -> Create Instance

      Can you please add a step to create a HANA instance within trial (after Account setup, before Web IDE)?




      Author's profile photo Tobias Schneider
      Tobias Schneider

      Hi Sascha Tom Ulbrich & Latha B

      I think I also first have to build an instance for SAP HANA, because in part 2 when trying to do the build I get the error message:

      "Can not create service instance 'MKTMetadata-hdidb-SUserID-otherID': There is no database available. Ensure that you have a database available in space 'dev' within organization 'mytrialidtrial'"

      But what do I have to choose to create an instance? Which plan should I choose and which details do I have to provide?

      BR Tobias

      Author's profile photo Halley Rozario
      Halley Rozario

      Hi Tobias,

      To resolve the error that you’re facing, please follow the steps:

      1. Go to SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit. In the left-pane, choose Entitlements.
      2. Choose Configure Entitlements.
      3. In the service SAP HANA Schemas &HDI Containers, delete the plan hdi-shared.


      Note: If you continue facing the same issue, consider deleting all the plans and try again.

      1. Choose Save.
      Author's profile photo Tobias Schneider
      Tobias Schneider

      Hi Halley Rozario,

      thank you so much for your reply! Removing the hdi-shared plan worked and the build was now successful! 😀

      Kind Regards


      Author's profile photo Ilonka Schmidt
      Ilonka Schmidt

      Thanks so much for this valuable hint. I was also facing errors in the built task which were solved by removing the plan hdi-shared.


      Author's profile photo Victor Ricker
      Victor Ricker

      I did not have a Web IDE link.  I had to go into subscriptions and enable it.

      I created a hana instance.

      I can't load the data from HM.  It gives a permission error.  I tried some of the suggestions from the comments, but didn't have any luck.


      Author's profile photo Halley Rozario
      Halley Rozario

      Hi Victor,

      To resolve the error that you’re facing, please follow the steps to access the Web IDE.

      1. On the home page, In the Environments section, choose Access Neo Trial.
      2. Choose Services.
      3. Select SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and enable it.
      4. Under Take Action, choose Go to Service.

      Best Regards

      Halley Rozario

      Author's profile photo Victor Ricker
      Victor Ricker

      Thanks, but the Neo environment is going away in 2 months.  Am I missing something?



      Author's profile photo Tomasz Jaglo
      Tomasz Jaglo

      Hello Latha B

      How long this approach with modelling in trial web ide will be supported?

      Now, when creating trial account and accessing WebIDE i can see following message:

      "On November 13, 2020 the SAP Cloud Platform, Neo trial environment will be discontinued and as a result SAP Web IDE Full-Stack trial will also be discontinued."

      What will be the options from next SMC release?

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Eileen Koehler
      Eileen Koehler

      Hi Tomasz,

      please see blog post It states that you can use SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA development which is available on the SAP Cloud Platform multi-cloud trial environment. This temporary solution will be available until SAP HANA development tools are supported in SAP Business Application Studio.

      Best regards,