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Has Leonardo IoT been updated recently? How to find out!

Dear fellow users of the Leonardo IoT apis, you sometimes might be waiting for a bug fix in the “next release” or you might be waiting for a key improvement to your favourite api. In the past we had communicated such updates in a special Jam group but this group is not updated anymore. So how do you know what is going on?

We release an update to Leonardo IoT about every 2 weeks but sometimes we postpone or skip a update. So¬† for you to know when an update has happened the easiest way to find out is to check our documentation release notes (aka “What’s New”). They are always updated right after the software update on the same day.

Below image shows an example of the page at

2002a means the current release is the one that was aimed at the Year 2020 (20), February (02) and first half of February (a). The fact, that you see it at the top of the list, means it’s out and your are using it already.

So when you check tommorow (please make sure you use “latest” in the URL or explicitly pull the drop down down) and you see that 2002b is available in the documentation, then you know our blue/green deployment has happened. You can expect the (smaller) bug fixes planned for this update are in and you can check if the new apis or other improvements are relevant for you.

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      Author's profile photo Marcus Conrad Behrens
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      ... use e.g. to get notified of a change.