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Author's profile photo Nitin Solan

EWM – Order Based Replenishment process


The order replenishment will be used in scenarios where the system will only calculate the replenishment for materials with open warehouse request and not for other material  (like planned replenishment).

Here, the replenishment will be triggered from the source bin when the existing stock in the Pick bin (from where the delivery quantity will be picked)  is less than the quantity demanded in the delivery.



  • The material ( that needs to be replenish) must have an open warehouse request.
  • Have the fixed bin with minimum and maximum qty set.


Configuration settings:

1) Storage type setting:

Under Fixed bin storage type for picking Bin

  • Keep Replenishment level as blank → STORAGE BIN LEVEL FOR FIXED BIN
  • Keep ‘use for rough bin determination’ check box as Blank.

Path : SPRO→ EWM → Master Data → Storage type


2) Replenishment Control :

Path : SPRO→EWM→ Internal warehouse process → Replenishment control → Activate Replenishment strategies in storage type

  • Activate Replenishment Strategies for storage type
  • Check the immediate warehouse task creation indicator active.

3) Replenishment Document type and Item type:

Maintain Document/Item Categories for Replenishment Warehouse request.

Path → SPRO→EWM→ Internal warehouse process → Replenishment control → Maintain the doc/item cat for replenishment warehouse request.


4) Activate the Rough Bin Determination

Path :SPRO→EWM → Cross process setting → Warehouse task → Define warehouse process type

Activate the rough bin determination check box → During creation of warehouse request ( against outbound delivery order) the system will identify the source bin that will be used to pick the material.

Even though the rough bin do not have sufficient stock still system will display the  bin information as source storage bin for picking.

If the storage bin has the qty lessen than the demanded qty in outbound delivery that the storage bin will be set for replenishment.


Master Data:

Product Master : Maintain minimum and maximum values in storage type data

T-code : /n/SCWM/MAT1

Bin Master record → /n/SCWM/BINMAT


Process Flow:

Initial Stock status in the source bin ( from where the Pick bin will be replenished)

Stock in Pick bin ( the bin from where the delivery qty will be picked from)


Step 1: Create Sales order and Delivery to get open warehouse request.

Created sales order with 40 Pcs the current qty in storage bin ( pick bin) is 20 pcs.

Step 2 : Create Outbound delivery in ECC which will be distributed in EWM

T-code → /n/SCWM/ODR

Rough bin determination : Even the the storage bin (0B50-00-02) do not have sufficient stock still the system will determine the bin as rough bin from where the stock will be picked from.

Step 4: Execute Replenishment and select ‘Order based replenishment’

T-code → /n/SCWM/REPL


System will show the storage bin information that needs to be replenished along with the qty .

Note: Here, the system created two WT where first the stock move from source storage bin to Interim storage bin and then from Interim storage bin (IA71) to final pick bin .You can map the flow to move the stock directly from Source storage bin to final Pick storage bin ( avoid LOSC).

Step 5: Go to warehouse monitor to check the warehouse task created during replenishment.

Tocde→ /n/SCWM/MON → Document→ Warehouse task

Confirm the warehouse task to move the material to destination bin (Fixed bin) and check the stock status

In case the Bin qty is greater than the qty mention in fixed bin in that case we can first bring the pallet to Pick point and then create another HU to move the request qty to replenishment fixed bin.

Stock status:


Step 6: Now confirm the delivery qty requested, since the qty is replenished to the fixed storage bin from where the order qty needs to be picked.

Go to → /n/SCWM/MON→ Outbound → Documents → Outbound delivery order

After Confirmation of open warehouse request (ODD), the fixed bin left with total 280 pcs (original having 320 pcs)



  • Order based replenishment (OBR) is used when we have an open warehouse request and the pick bin has the quantity lesser then the qty demanded in outbound delivery.
  • OBR can be trigger either using batch job or manually.
  • Rough bin determination functionally is required to pick the source bin (even though th stock is not available/sufficient).
  • EWM checks the product master and minimum and maximum bin qty maintained , in order to execute the replenishment .


Rough Bin determination additional Link :$SCWM$DE_PLD/


Nitin Solan

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      Author's profile photo João Filipe Calinas
      João Filipe Calinas

      Hello Nitin,

      Nice post, thanks. I understand the process, but i have one question, i hope you or somebody can help me.

      Imagine a scenario where you pick full pallets of materials from one area in the warehouse, and smaller quantities from a fixed bin area in the warehouse.

      Now..if we have deliveries for low quantities, the scenarios is clear to me. But what happens if we have a delivery (open request) with quantities of some pallets + small quantities?

      In this case, my expectation is that the full pallet quantities are not considered in the quantities of needed replenishment..but if i understand correctly your description, system will also consider full pallet quantity in the quantity to replenish?

      Ex: Full pallet = 100 Pc

      Box = 10 Pc

      Quantity in the fixed bin = 25 Pc

      Case1: 2 deliveries of 20 Pc each. Its clear that replenishment needs to be done, with quantity at least = 15 Pc.

      Case2: 1 delivery of 105 Pc. Now, according to my strategy, only 5 Pieces will be removed from the fixed bin storage type. So, no replenishment is needed. But my questions is if the system considers that my open quantity is 105 Pc , instead of 5 Pc.




      Author's profile photo Juergen Pitz
      Juergen Pitz


      that's why you need the rough bin determination described in the blog. With the correct strategy settings this will show like a split on item level (it is not an item split, it is shown in the item details in the delivery) and only trigger replenishment for the storage type where it is necessary.



      Author's profile photo João Filipe Calinas
      João Filipe Calinas

      Thanks Juergen.

      Author's profile photo Jens Koyen
      Jens Koyen

      Dear Nitin Solan and the rest of our community,

      Does the order-related replenishment of the picking area also take into account ODO's for production? We have a setup with an IM-shop floor, hence triggering an EWM outbound delivery order (type DOG) to bring components from the warehouse (picking area) towards the production floor (IM PSA). These components need to be replenished from our high-rack storage.

      However, our order-related replenishment does not find these ODO's to propose a quantity to fulfil our picking area. Is this excluded from standard SAP logic or am I probably missing some setup?

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Kind regards,
      Jens Koyen