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Author's profile photo Elke Doering

SAP Process Integration Test Tool (PIT) – News in SP16

In this blog, we will share with you the new functionalities of the PIT Tool in SAP NetWeaver 7.50 SP16.

Replacement Rules Enhancement

New in SP16  – now it is possible to add values manually.


This can be necessary for the classic scenarios.

Verification Exemption Wizard

While inspecting the results of a test case verification, you sometimes encounter minor deviations you would like to ignore. In this case this wizard offers a quick and convenient way to add exemptions for such deviations to the test case.

Note: This doesn’t work for Replacement Rules.


Select a difference in the Test Verification Problems view by selecting function Add Exemption.


The test case editor shows the new exemption.


Note: The test case needs to be saved to get the exemption useable.


With the action log you can see all job information that belongs together. The action log view can be opened by right clicking on a test case, test system or dataset in the test case editor.




By default, jobs are displayed grouped by test run

but they can also be grouped by dataset.


The filter works the same way as in the Job Browser.


Double clicking a test run opens an editor showing the basic information.

Double clicking an extractor job navigates to the corresponding dataset in the test case editor.

Double clicking a verification job opens the verification results editor.

and there are a lot of filter options, too

It is also possible to delete jobs (multi selection supported), remarks:

Note: Extractor jobs cannot be deleted

Note: Deleting a test run, deletes also the corresponding verification jobs

Note: If the server version is older than the client version, the “Show Action Log” menu item will appear disabled.


Synchronize of configuration objects

With SP16 can the configuration objects of test cases reloaded to synchronize it. This will be necessary if a configuration object was changed in the source or target system and those changes could be relevant for PIT – e.g. when mapping was changed, or communication channel has moved to another AE.

Test Suites

Starting with SP16 it is possible to create Test Suites by changing the Top Level Elements in the Test Case Browser.


In a test suites test case can be added. One test Case can be part of more than one test suite.


All these enhancements aim to a more productive PI test tool usage.

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      Author's profile photo Eder Torres de Souza
      Eder Torres de Souza

      Hi Elke,

      First of all, thank you for making us aware of the recent improvements in the PIT Tool by putting together such a detailed blog! After configuring the tool in our landscape and playing a bit with the new functionalities of SP16 I got the feedback from my fellow PO consultants, which I would like to share with you.

      • We could not figure out a way to start more than one Injection/Validation job per run, as they had to be individually scheduled. Is it possible to schedule the Injection/Validation of more than one Dataset per run? That sort of batch processing would come in handy specially when we think about a validation of an upgrade, in which hundreds of tests would be needed. Maybe the new Test Suite functionality could help us in this regard, but I could not find a way to do so.
      • It would be quite useful to leverage the Replacement Rules so that payload values could be substituted before being sent to the target system. In that sense we could really validate the outcome of Value Mappings and Lookups that are system-dependant, instead of simple ignoring them by means of an exemption rule.

      I am not sure if you have contact with the PIT development team, but it would be great if our feedback could be sent to them. I hope we could somehow contribute to this great tool!


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Elke Doering
      Elke Doering
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Eder,

      For the first point we have a solution developed in SP17.

      With the new Run configuration we collect all necessary data from a test case to make run possible. To execute a specific test, you need to specify unambiguously which test case is to be executed with which data set on which target system. A Test Case Run Configuration is a modelling entity that defines that information as a configuration object. It is as an executable artefact of a test case. You can have more than one run configurations per test case. You can group run configurations into a Test Suite Run Configuration which gives you the possibility to execute several run configurations at once. It is an executable artefact of a test suite. You can run the Test Case or the Test Suite Run Configuration directly - or schedule it with the new scheduler.

      The second point is on our list for further developments.

      Best Regards, Elke

      Author's profile photo Michal Krawczyk
      Michal Krawczyk

      Hi Eder Torres de Souza, 


      If you'd be interested in some more advanced SAP integration testing tools like Int4 IFTT then both of the functions you describe are handled over there for all SAP middleware tests: SAP PO, SAP CPI, SAP AIF, etc. 


      Best Regards,

      Michal Krawczyk

      Author's profile photo Narender Renwa_c
      Narender Renwa_c

      Hello Elke,

      Where do we clear the lock entries for PIT. When we make a change we get below error as attached.



      //Narender Renwa.



      Author's profile photo Elke Doering
      Elke Doering
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Narender Renwa,


      Please take a look at the note

      If this don't solve the problem - please open a ticket.

      Best Regards,