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SAP Process Integration Test Tool (PIT) – Create and Execute a Test Case

In this blog I will show you how to create and execute a test case from end-to-end using the new SAP Process Integration Test Tool (PIT) that we have shipped with SAP Process Orchestration 7.5 SP14. See also the announcement about the PIT Tool in the Process Integration Test Tool shipped with sap process orchestration blog.


I take it that you have gone through the SAP Process Integration Test Tool (PIT) – First Steps blog where I explained the basis configuration, i.e., all configuration steps to setup the PIT tool itself and the connected systems.

After the basic configuration has been done – all systems are ready and maintained on the PIT Tool – you can start with creating a test case.

Create a Test Case

The Test Cases will be created in the Test Case browser of the NWDS. The test cases are visible and usable for all developers because the data is stored on the server. Test cases can be created by users with role SAP_PIT_TEST_DEVELOPER.

In the Create New test Case wizard you have to choose the configuration objects that describe your scenario you want to test. This object has to be the same on all tested systems.

Our test case has as source a classic Configuration from a PI Dual Stack System and as target an Integrated Configuration Object (ICO) on a PO system.



You have the possibility to select the check box – Use same object as source and target – if source and target objects are the same. This is the case for instance when you run regression tests. This feature is only supported if the scenario belongs to a PO or PI-AEX system, i.e., in case of ICOs or Integration Flows. You can select only the Sources configuration or only the test case name and jump to the editor by clicking the finish button.

If you stay in the wizard – you can now Select the configuration objects for both the source and the target. In case of identical objects, you only need to select the object once.


Additional configuration objects can be added directly in the editor. There are also the possibility to mark the configuration as source and/or target. Please check if the Communication Pattern – asynchronous or synchronous is set the right way. The Is Sensitive check box is by now for information only. With the first version we have not secured personal sensitive data within the tool yet. This is planned for future shipments. Currently, you have to take care about this data by yourself.


Fetch a Test Data Set

To get the Test data from source systems stored into the PIT database, you have to add a new test data set definition. Please have in your mind that only successfully processed messages with all 3 log levels (BI, MS, AM) in Java or the logging enabled for both synchronous and asynchronous messages in Abap System can be used for the tests.

First you have to define a time frame for the message extraction.


Now you have the possibility to directly finish the wizard …


… or re-fine the selection by further restricting to selected message IDs.


Define verification steps and exemptions

Choose which parts shall be executed during verification. The default is that all steps are executed. But it is possible to deselect steps. For each step you can define exemption from comparison. That means, if you know upfront that a particular value will be always different, you can exclude it from validation.


Execute test run

To be able to execute a test run, you first have to create a run configuration. Run configurations are stored per user locally on his/her client instance. That means they are visible and usable only for this user. In the run configuration, select the test case and a test data set, then click on Apply, and finally run the job. By default, the Stop message before delivering to receiver flag is set. This way, we ensure that test data won’t be sent to the receiver.



Job Browser

All long running activities like extraction of test data, execution of a test run and verification of the result are executed as background jobs on the server.

The jobs will be executed by periodical run of the JobHandlerJob on the PIT server (JobHandlerJob can be scheduled via CTC)

The job browser shows an overview over all executed jobs. You can show a job log for a particular job or change the filter, which jobs you would like to see.


Trigger verification run

Verification can be triggered by right mouse click on the execution job and selecting “Launch verification” This run can be launched more than one time – e.g. if you need to define a new exemption after the first run.


Show verification results

To display the verification results select verification job in the job browser and trigger “Show verification results”


This will show you the verification results in the upper screen. On the overview tab, the overall number of processed messages and the number of verification errors are displayed. On the next tab, a list of all messages are displayed with the number of errors for each message. On the Error Overview tab, you see an overview of the type of errors and where they actually occurred. We distinguish here between structural errors, differences in the payload, in the header or message attachments. If you double click on either of the messages you get the difference detail of the very message displayed.

The verification will be done for the pipeline step only – even if you have decided to run the message thru the Receiver Adapters.





For more information – please take also a look at the SAP Help.

With this you should be able to create your own test cases in order to automate your integration scenario tests.


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      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen


      It seems like the images are missing.


      Author's profile photo Alexander Bundschuh
      Alexander Bundschuh

      Really? I can see them


      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen

      It is because the images are comming from

      Author's profile photo Raffael Herrmann
      Raffael Herrmann

      As Daniel Graversen wrote - the images coming via which is (at least my assumption) only accessible via SAP's internal network.

      Author's profile photo Alexander Bundschuh
      Alexander Bundschuh

      thanks, we haven't noticed because wiki works for us as well, will be fixed soon


      Author's profile photo Nic Teunckens
      Nic Teunckens

      Yep, no images ...
      Could you please re-post, including the images? Thanks ...

      Author's profile photo Elke Doering
      Elke Doering
      Blog Post Author

      I am sorry about the image problem - I hope they are visible now.



      Author's profile photo Raffael Herrmann
      Raffael Herrmann

      Hi Elke, images are working fine now. Thanks for the update!

      Author's profile photo Allen YM Hang Seong
      Allen YM Hang Seong

      Hi Elke,

      Thanks for sharing this useful blog.

      Wonder if there is a way to skip the verification on the sender/receiver system.

      Can see that Type STRUCTURE is not part of the Verification Steps?



      Author's profile photo Daniel Graversen
      Daniel Graversen

      Hi Allan,

      I guess that is a part of SP 15, where you can map business systems.


      Author's profile photo Francisco De Paula Pelayo Montufo
      Francisco De Paula Pelayo Montufo


      While running any of our test cases, we always have the same errors in the Verification Result, as shown in the screenshot, in the Structure Validation (Difference Detail = Receiver Business System).

      Both the executed and the received values are exactly the same.

      Did anyone face the same issue?

      Thank you very much in advance.

      Kind Regards,


      Author's profile photo Markos Daskalakis
      Markos Daskalakis

      And if I can add to this, the actual differences - on structure on field value level, are never shown.

      We have activated logging on all steps


      Author's profile photo Anna Winterholler
      Anna Winterholler

      Hi Fran,

      feel free to open a ticket for component BC-XI-PIT in case you still facing the issue. Most probably it has something to do with the fact how business systems are handled in SP14. With SP15 we added a lot of improvements in this area, so that such an error should not occur any more.


      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Gaurav Kant
      Gaurav Kant


      Facing issue in fetching a test data set. I tried for sync and async messages but getting below error screen. Please let me know if i am missing something here.



      Gaurav Kant

      Author's profile photo Andreas Job
      Andreas Job

      Hi Gaurav,


      You're probably using a version of the NWDS, which is too old. It's probably an older Support Package than the PIT server.

      You can check the NWDS versions in the NWDS -> menu Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio PI Test

      Compare it with the version on the PIT server at http://.../nwa/sysinfo -> Components Info -> Software Components -> SAP_XIPIT.

      Both, the server and the NWDS should have the same Support Package.



      Author's profile photo Gaurav Kant
      Gaurav Kant

      Thanks much Andreas !!

      I have NWDS on sp14 and PI is on SP16. I'll get a latest NWDS to remove job browser issue.

      can I use NWDS SP17 higher than the PI SP16?  Thanks !!



      Gaurav Kant

      Author's profile photo Saurabh Kumbhare
      Saurabh Kumbhare

      Hi Guys,


      I am getting an error :


      Any idea what this could be related to ?



      Saurabh Kumbhare

      Author's profile photo Elke Doering
      Elke Doering
      Blog Post Author

      Hi all,

      If you have an error on the PIT Tool - please open an incident at BC-XI-PIT. In this case we need more information about the scenario and the log files to analyze it.

      Best Regards,

      Elke Döring