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How to – restrict process code options in monitor more methods ?

Hi All,

In project we educate users to apply process codes for quantity adjustments of delivery from monitor, how ever user will wrong option ( instead of O001 the process code O002 ) then system triggers delivery split. i faced this issue in my project too , so here is the solution provided by SAP to restrict it.

User Parameters Provided By SAP:

  1. /SCWM/MON_AQ_ACT         –  This parameter is used for Adjust Qty Monitor More Method.
  2. /SCWM/MON_AQOD_ACT    –  This parameter is used for Adjust Qty and Create OD                                                               Monitor Method.

Here for the above 2 User Parameters the following three options available:

1  –  Adjust Qty

2  – Adjust Quantity (create new delivery in EWM for difference)

3  – Adjust Quantity (use default process code from profile)


Now let’s see one case as example.


Now go to ODO Item in Monitor.

if you observer here when i select Adjust Quantity a pop up with 3 options appear

Now Maintain Value 1 – Adjust Quantity in SU3,

Now go to ODO Item & Select Adjust Qty .

Now the pop up will not be displayed rather directly the Adjust Qty will get selected.

For more information please refer to SAP Consulting Note 1688949.

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