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EWM warehouse connected to multiple Shipping Points locations


This blog is conceptualized on topic of ” How Shipping point determination happens in EWM when Warehouse is connected to multiple goods receiving and good shipping offices.


Why we need this set up?

There can be the cases when the EWM warehouse can be connected with multiple plants and all the stock of different plants is available in 1 Warehouse as each plants will be having its own ownership of stock. Once customer order is arrived, it would required to ship the delivery from different shipping points.

In case of Inbound, goods coming from vendor can be received from multiple Goods receiving points for each plants.


Mechanism of Shipping point determination in EWM

During Inbound or outbound delivery creation in ERP, system picks the relevant shipping points based on settings of OVL2 and master data set up. The relevant shipping points assigned in ERP delivery documents is transferred to EWM system.

–> But during creating delivery document in EWM, the EWM specific shipping point determination runs which doesn’t take the outputs of the ERP shipping point determination into consideration. EWM shipping points determinations has its own separate logic.

  • EWM first reads the shipping points assigned  as Shipping office( SO) for outbound delivery and Goods receipt office as (RO) in Supply chain Unit, in case of single shipping point.



—>The standard determination logic is in the class /SCWM/CL_EI_DLV_OFFICE_DET(Fallback class) which is called in Badi /SCWM/EX_DLV_OFFICE_DET.



For determination of EWM specific shipping point, system check 2 values

  1. sc_party_role_ro(goods receipt point) for inbound delivery and expected goods receipt, 
  2. sc_party_role_so( shipping office) for outbound delivery.



If warehouse is connected to multiple shipping points, you need to create SCU manually in EWM.

Execute t code /SCMB/SCUMAIN. Use location type 1003 for shipping point and chose create. On the business attribute tab, use RO and SO.


Now, it is required to create SCU hierarchy for the above Shipping point SCU in /SCMB/SCUHIERMAIN.

Latter, you need to assign multiple goods receipt offices and shipping offices to a warehouse in the hierarachy of the supply chain unit .

 When multiple shipping points are used in EWM, it is required to use a Badi /SCWM/EX_DLV_OFFICE_DET


There is fallback class /SCWM/CL_EI_DLV_OFFICE_DET which looks into the old logic of shipping point determination from Warehouse.

But if you have activate the new logic,shipping point determination sent from ERP delivery document is transferred to EWM delivery documents,and this fallback class is ignored.

To activate the new logic, create your own implementation of the BAdi



This badi calls the class /SCWM/CL_EI_DLV_OFFICE_DETER( new logic) which looks into the shipping points sent from ERP delivery documents (IBD, PDI, EGR) instead of old logic. If this badi is not activated, system looks into old fallback class.




Hence, the topic ends here. Corrections and improvements required to make this blog more useful is welcome.


Best regards

Shailesh Mishra





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      Author's profile photo Mehmet Ozgur Unal
      Mehmet Ozgur Unal

      Hello friend ,

      Thanks for detailed analyses.


      M.Ozgur Unal

      Author's profile photo Karen Schulze
      Karen Schulze

      thanks, let's see if this works out for embedded EWM as well.

      Author's profile photo Gillian Cranston
      Gillian Cranston

      Thank you this was very useful!

      Author's profile photo Anurag Giri
      Anurag Giri

      Thank you, very useful.

      Author's profile photo Martin Harmening
      Martin Harmening

      Hello shailesh mishra,

      thanks a lot.
      Now I wanted to use these shipping points for my route determination.

      It seems to me, that only the warehouse location (partner role WH) is used, but not the Ship-from-location (SFLO). Am I missing something?


      Author's profile photo Karl Mo
      Karl Mo

      Hi Martin

      Take a look in to this SAP Note

      3251795 - Shipping Point sent from ERP not used as shipping office in EWM

      And Create a Hierarchy /SCMB/SCUHIERMAIN - Supply Chain Unit: Hierarchy Maint.

      I Create my own mapping z-table, to map multiple Shipping point to multiple Supply Chain Unit.


      Author's profile photo Martin Harmening
      Martin Harmening

      Hi Karl,

      sounds interesting. But I can't see yet, where I can use this for route determination. I do already have the hierarchy maintained and the correct SP in my ODO. But SPs are not used for the route determination. This was my main issue.
      I found another solution with using "Staging Area/Door Determination Group" in mat master data and "Staging Area" in ODOs. So I don't have to use more than one route for the (nearly) same relation.
      Why are you using a z-mapping-table? Which are the keys?
      In /SAPAPO/LOC3 there is already a mapping for ERP-SP to EWM-SP. That is sufficient for my case.