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SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management now also available for subscription

As you might know, SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management is a purely cloud-based solution for transporting development artifacts or application configuration content between SAP Cloud Platform subaccounts (respectively Cloud Foundry spaces).

While the service has been generally available in a consumption-based pricing model since December 2018, we are happy to announce today that it is now also available for subscription-based customers via SAP Store:

To get more information on the new subscription option and to buy our service, please access its service details page in SAP Store.

The service is offered for the same price via both pricing models, at 18 EUR per used GB bandwidth of data uploaded to the service per month. Please be aware that we generally only charge for data uploaded to the service – single transports of uploaded contents are not charged additionally and based on the results of our beta phase and feedback of our customers, 1 GB can suffice for hundreds of transports (depending on the use case).

In both commercialization models, you can buy the service once and then subscribe to it in an arbitrary number of subaccounts, where the data uploaded to the service sums up to the respective global account.

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  • Hi Boris

    Thanks a lot for the blog.I added SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service to a subscription-based account via Control centre. I assigned a standard plan via entitlement to a subaccount. But I can't see this service in Subscriptions of my subaccount.


    Kind Regards

    Subit Benny

    • Hi Subit,

      Sorry to hear that you are facing issues in subscribing the service. SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service is available via CPEA and for subscription-based consumption via SAP Store. Do I get it right that a subscription of the service itself is in place (triggered via SAP Store)? If yes, please make sure to follow the description in Initial Setup --> Provide Access to SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management --> Assign Entitlements to Subaccounts.

      If the issue should persist, please get back to me!


  • Thanks, Boris Zarske for the timely help. In order to subscribe from the control centre

    We need two entitlements on our global account

    1. Transport Management (service) with plan standard
    2. Transport Management (alm-ts) (business app / SaaS application)


    The second one is missing in my global account.

    • Hi Subit,

      Thanks for sharing the solution for your issue here, which should also help other users of the service.

      Best regards,