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Product Information

SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service generally available

Beta phase completed

After a successful closed beta testing phase (see The new cloud-based Transport Management Service) we have shipped the first generally available productive version of SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service (TMS) on 22nd of November 2018.


TMS is a purely cloud-based solution for transporting development artifacts or application configuration content between SAP Cloud Platform subaccounts (respectively Cloud Foundry spaces). The sources and targets for the transportable content are modeled inside TMS as transport nodes and connected via transport routes. With these parts you can setup your transport landscape(s). These landscapes can of course be more complex than the standard three system landscape shown below. The content is attached to a transport request which is then moved along your transport routes and deployed to the corresponding target accounts.

TMS currently supports the SAP Cloud Platform Neo and Cloud Foundry environments as transport nodes (Neo subaccounts and Cloud Foundry spaces). The content can be Multi-Target Applications (MTA), SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI) packages and SAP HANA delivery units (DU), if the HANA database is hosted in SAP Cloud Platform.

Boundary Conditions

SAP Cloud Platform Transport Management service itself is running in the Cloud Foundry environment and in order to use it you need to subscribe to it from one of your own Cloud Foundry subaccounts. Currently this subaccount has to reside in the Amazon Web Service data center in Frankfurt. However, we are planning to offer the service in other data centers as well during the upcoming months. The target subaccounts for transporting can reside in any data center and cross-region transport is possible.


TMS will first be offered in a consumption-based pricing model at currently 18 EUR per used GB bandwidth of data uploaded to the service per month. This can be paid with Cloud Credits which can be used for all SAP Cloud Platform services offered in this pricing model. For further information please check

Further Information

There is extensive documentation available including a bunch of videos showing the setup of TMS step by step.


We will continue to further develop TMS, e.g. by opening TMS to new SAP Cloud Platform environments and new services within SAP Cloud Platform. At SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018 we also tested a graphical display of the transport landscape which will be rolled out in upcoming versions of TMS.

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    • Hi Murali,

      Thanks a lot! We are working on offering further pricing models – for example, we are considering to offer the service via SAP Store in a subscription model and are evaluating further options, but this is not finally clarified yet. Of course, we would update the blog, as soon as further options should become available.

      Best regards,