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Employee Central – SAP ERP HCM prepackaged Integration: Setting Up Replication of General Attributes (Infotype 1222) for Custom MDF Object (Sub Departments)

This Blog Post describes how to replicate the general attributes object for organizational unit to a table infotype in SAP ERM HCM.


Customer requirement : Custom MDF should have the attributes associated with it. These attributes are used in ERP for determining the terminals where they work.

Solution in EC : Create a custom MDF object (Sub department) in EC and create a General attributes custom object by associating it as a composite child object to the sub department object.

Replication to ERP : Replicate general attribute associated with Sub department in EC to General Attribute Maint (1222) infotype of the organization unit in the SAP ERP HCM system. General attribute and maintenance is a table infotype. That is, it consists of table listing  of every attribute.


This is a standard approach and these kind of scenarios can be handled by proper mapping. We will avoid Badis/Z tables by adopting this approach.

You leverage the prepackaged Integration “Employee Central to ERP Generic Object (AddOn PA_SE_IN) to replicate the Org data to SAP ERP HCM infotypes.

  • The following field is required for the General attributes for the organizational unitobject in this example:

General Attributes Name & General Attribute Code

Defines the name of the general attribute in the organizational unit

  • In Customizing for Personnel Management -> choose Integration with SuccessFactors Employee CentralBusiness Integration Builder to make the settings


  • Go to Organizational Data IntegrationDefine Additional Employee Central Entities for Organizational Data, create the custom Employee Central entity 01_OM_GATT, and make the following settings for it:

       Entity Name in EC: Enter cust_GeneralAttributes

       EC Org. Obj. Type: Select SD (Sub Department – the object type of the parent object)

       Communication Channel: Select Web Service Transfer

       Dependent Entity: Select 01_OM_SUB(Custom Employee Central Entity for the sub             department)

       Leave the other fields empty

  • Go to Basic Setting – Import Metadata from Employee Central – Import Metadata for Web Service Based Data Transfer from Employee Central.
  • Import Metadata of sub department and General attruibutes for Sub Department.

  • Go to Organizational Data IntegrationDefine Field Mapping for Organizational Data, where you’ve already created a template group  SUB DEPARTMENT that contains the ERP_WS_OM_SUB_DEP transformation template for the  Sub department object
  • Within this template group, you now create another transformation template, ERP_WS_OM_GATT, and select the 01_OM_GATT Employee Centralentity for it. A field mapping for ERP_WS_OM_SUB_DEP is already in place. You define the following primary mapping for the ERP_WS_OM_GATT template:

Employee Central Field Mapping Mode Infotype Subtype Infotype Field
General Attributes Name Infotype Mapping 1222 0002 ATTRIB


In our example, we replicated a sub department (custom object mapped to organization unit in ERP) from Employee Central for which General Attributes were maintained.

General Attribute Name General Attribute Code

To Summarize

This Blog Post would help to understand the replication of table infotype from EC to SAP ERP HCM.

Hoping that this Blog Post will add some knowledge to your understanding around this topic.
Feel free to provide feedback / improvement and share your learning’s in the comments section.

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      Author's profile photo Naga Swathi T J
      Naga Swathi T J

      Good One Manoj!!!

      Expecting 2 more blogs based on your project exposure 🙂

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      Govind Setia

      Good one Manoj !!!

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      Klaus Sokol

      Customers will appreciate this additional information for custom MDF objects 🙂

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      Suresh Babu Ravella

      Very Nice document.

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      Document looks simple, understandable and good 🙂

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      Rithika Hegde

      The document gives a clear and easy understanding of the topic.

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      Arpan Routh

      Very nicely explained.Thanks Manoj!!

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      Srivatsa K

      Nice one !!Informative

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      Jwala Malyadri Garimella

      very nice updated  information and good to know about 1222 infotype