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SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Finance: Balance Reporting – Part 2: Standard reports and standard API for balance reporting

Welcome to part 2 of this blog series that covers standard reports and standard API for balance reporting. To understand the different balance types please look into the first blog of this series.

Pre-delivered standard balance reports

There are multiple standard reports delivered with SAP S/4HANA Cloud covering different balance types.

App Display G/L Account Balances

This app provides a cumulative G/L Account balance for the fiscal year periods. You can use this app to check and compare the balances, and the credit and debit amounts of a ledger in a company code for each period of a fiscal year. You can restrict the data to a single general ledger account, or other selection criteria (for example, profit center). You can see the balances for the periods in the selected year, but you can click through to other periods by choosing Previous Periods.

Fig 1: App ‘Display G/L Account Balances’

App Display Line Items in General Ledger

Since the balances are calculated by the line items, you can also use a line item app to get a moving balance by using the group function.

Fig 2: App ‘Display Line Items in General Ledger’

Please note that the -120,00 EUR opening balance are missing and the app displays the 751.924,45 EUR moving balance that is also displayed in the totals of the balance column of the app ‘Display G/L Account Balance’.

App Trial Balance

This app provides a cumulative balance for various dimensions and time dimensions.

Fig 3: App ‘Trial Balance’

App Journal Entry Analyzer

This app provides a year to date balance with the option to drilldown the balance for various dimensions.

Fig 4: App ‘Journal Entry Analyzer’

Balance APIs to transfer balances into external systems

You may have the need to transfer your balances into the SAP Analytics Cloud or another external system that you use to consolidate your data. The SAP S/4 HANA Cloud therefore offers two APIs that can be explored at

Read Trial Balance

This ODATA API is based on the standard app ‘Trial Balance’. You need to provide the time frame for the selection in a date format and you need to provide the level of aggregation in a $select clause.

Fig 5: API ‘Read Trial Balance’

The following example provides G/L Account balances. If you would add ProfiCenter to the $select clause (after GLAccount) you would get the G/L Account balances split by Profit Center.

Fig 6: API ‘Read Trial Balance’ Request URL example

Read Journal Entry Items

This API provides the journal entry items via ODATA. Since you can aggregate the balance from the line items you can as well use this line item service to get a moving balance for a G/L Account.

Fig 7: API ‘Read Journal Entry Items’

Again, you need to provide the level aggregation in a $select clause. The following example provides the moving balance for the G/L Accounts of the company code 1010 for the fiscal year 2018.

Fig 8: API ‘Read Journal Entry Items’ Request URL example

Please note the balance -5.370.400,00 matches the sum of the Debit/Credit Balance of the Trial Balance API 36.320,00 – 5.406.720,00.

For more information on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, check out the following links:

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