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Do more with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services


I speak with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services customers every day. It’s become clear to me that too often customers don’t realize that they have access to a vast set of development features to build a wide range of mobile apps. Many of these customers purchased Mobile Services to address one particular need – like building an iOS native app or a cross platform micro app – but they have a back log of many other use cases that they need to address. Way too often, they don’t even know they already own the tools to address ALL of these use cases quickly and easily! Mobile Services has many features that address many use cases 

There is is a very good likelihood that you are thinking of other opportunities within the business that can be addressed by a mobile application, whether you want to quickly put SAP My Inbox onto mobile with Mobile Cards, or convert a Fiori app to a native Android and IOS application using Mobile Development Kit. 

In 2019 you should be looking at how to put your licenses to better use and capitalize on your investment.  Mobile Services provides your business access to multiple tools that are already available and can be put to use immediately.

I want to provide a brief insight into what some of the features Mobile Services you have access to, or if you are looking into becoming a customer what you could have access to.  I would like to educate you on how you can use your licenses and to help understand what is available so you can expand your reach to your users, take advantage of already purchased licenses and accomplish many business needs that may or may not have been thought of.

Please see below for a short description of some of these tools as well as links to various tutorials to get started.  If there are any questions on these and how they can be put to use please feel free to reach out to me.

Mobile Card Kit:

Mobile Card kit is a feature within SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services which provides our customers access to a microapp platform to publish data into a consumer grade “wallet” or “passbook” style app. It allows companies to quickly create simple, yet highly valuable quick win apps.

Start by following the tutorial:

Mobile Development Kit:

Mobile development kit is a feature in SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, it is a metadata-driven tool that allows users to customize native SAP applications, as well as rapidly create new native mobile applications for Android and iOS. Mobile development kit uses SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and the SAP Cloud Platform to enable you to customize, deploy, and manage mobile apps in the cloud.

Start by following the Learning Journey:

Native SDK Development:

SAP developers can build on two available SDKs which include the SAP Mobile Platform SDK for Android and SAP Mobile Platform SDK for iOS.

Start by following the learning Journey’s:

Mobile Backend Generator:

Quickly build a mobile enabled OData service that constitutes your mobile back-end service for mobile applications.

Start by following a tutorial:


Take a look at some the above features that you can take advantage of now and be able to quickly enable your mobile workforce.

Myself and my colleagues are looking forward to hearing from you on what you are going to accomplish in 2019 and beyond with SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services.

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      Author's profile photo Phil Cooley
      Phil Cooley

      Thanks Mark Wright - really good blog and definitely timely - I am discussing these very topics with customers now so thanks for sharing this. What would be great as an additional to this is a matrix on when each would be utilised. i.e. when would it best to use Mobile Card Kit (e.g. quick time to market, low code solution, native features) as opposed to iOS SDK etc. In my opinion, when a number of native features are required then the iOS or Android SDK's makes sense so the applications are closer to the devices.

      For 2019 - cannot wait to do more in this space. Have already a couple of clients doing SAP Mobile Cards and I am sure the SDK requests will come in thick and fast.

      Thanks for sharing this and look forward to reading more in the future!


      Kind Regards

      Phil Cooley

      Author's profile photo Mark Wright
      Mark Wright
      Blog Post Author


      As you know it's never a one size fits all.  Some of the things that come into making a decision may be that you don't have the necessary developers in house to do a native application, or you feel more comfortable using a RAD tool so you'll develop all applications using something like Mobile Development Kit.

      My colleague Michael Jess has written a blog that tries to answer what you are looking for.  This was written in June so some things like, Android native may be missing, however it does give you a great idea of what we have seen when speaking with customers.